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Cookie Run: Kingdom Springtime Bingo Event Guide and Tips

Complete the missions easily with this guide!

A new event has been introduced to Cookie Run: Kingdom. The Springtime Bingo event in CRK lasts for 28 days and ends at 10:59 am on March 30, 2022 (GMT +9:00). This event is a little more complex than previous events. Here is a Cookie Run Kingdom: Springtime Bingo Event guide on what to do for this event!

The event consists of collecting Blossom Stamps, which you can get from completing the Springtime Missions. These are a total of nine repeatable missions you can complete in a day.

How to collect the Blossom Stamps

The full list of missions are:

  • Complete any World Exploration Stage 10 times = 10 Blossom Stamps
  • Send 2 Balloon Expeditions = 10 Blossom Stamps
  • Play in the Kingdom Arena 10 times = 20 Blossom Stamps
  • Produce something 50 times = 20 Blossom Stamps
  • Clear Tower of Sweet Chaos battles 3 times = 20 Blossom Stamps
  • Complete Today’s Bounties 3 times = 20 Blossom Stamps
  • Fulfill 20 wishes from the Tree of Wishes = 30 Blossom Stamps
  • Receive rewards from the Bear Jelly Train 3 times = 30 Blossom Stamps
  • Complete all Springtime Event missions = 40 Blossom Stamps
springtime-bingo-event cookie run kingdom
Image via Devsisters

All of these missions are relatively easy to complete, and even new players shouldn’t have any problem completing them. Remember to do your Bear Jelly Train orders at the start of reset, since they arrive every six hours or so; if they arrive after the daily missions reset then it will be a waste. Other tips to finish these quickly are to do the ballons in the shortest time, produce the easiest materials and goods, and constantly refresh the Tree of Wishes if it gives you difficult items.

Note that the missions can only be claimed once per day, and the maximum amount of Blossom Stamps you can claim daily is 200. The missions reset every 24 hours.

Springtime Bingo Cards

The event consists of 20 bingo mission cards. They have certain requirements for each. Some cards require you to fill out rows of stamps, while some require you to form a certain shape (examples are: a snowflake, a musical note, and a heart).

springtime bingo cards
Image via Devsisters

Placing a stamp on the card costs 10 Blossom Stamps while moving an already existing stamp only costs 5. Your goal is to follow the pattern on each card while using as few Blossom Stamps as possible. A good strategy is to count the number of tiles needed for a certain card, place that amount, and then use your remaining Blossom Stamps to move the ones that aren’t in the proper shape.

Note that there is 20 mission cards total, and a lot of the cards require you to complete previous cards to unlock them. Finishing a card resets your game board, so you’ll have to place new stamps when you move on to the next mission.

Once you finish all 20 cards, you’ll receive 3,000 crystals for completing the event. You’ll also have the option to reset the event and try any of the card missions again in any order you want, receiving their rewards a second time.

Springtime Bingo event rewards

Aside from the 3,000 crystal completion reward, there are also individual rewards that can be claimed from each mission card. There are numerous options, but the highlights include Crystals, Cookie Cutters, Topping Pieces, Rainbow Cubes, and Lights of Resolution!

springtime bingo event reward
Image via Devsisters

The Lights of Resolution are the currencies used for Dark Cacao’s Nether Gacha and are hard to get in the game outside of Dark Cacao Missions. The Lights can be claimed from the “Find the Clover” mission card, which requires you to finish 7 missions before you can unlock it.

cookie run kingdom event reward
Image via Devsisters

Counting event resets, a total of 400 Lights of Resolution can be received from this event.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this Cookie Run Kingdom: Springtime Bingo event guide useful.

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