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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Rarities Guide and Tips

Collect and maximise your Rarities!

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series. This game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. There are three Cookie Run: Kingdom rarities in the game, namely Aurora Bricks, Aurora Pillars, and Aurora Compasses. They can be confusing or hard to find for new players, so here’s a guide on where you can get them!

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Rarities are necessary for building a lot of landmarks and production buildings in the game. Additionally, even if you bought buildings that didn’t need rarities to build at first, leveling them up would need rarities in the future. Expanding your kingdom (clearing tiles) will also need rarities, along with items from the Smithy, such as Robust Axes, Tempered Pickaxes, Candy Saws, and Diggy Shovels.

How to get Rarities in Cookie Run: Kingdom

1. The Tree of Wishes

The Tree of Wishes has three daily rewards. You can achieve the first rarity through 10 wishes, the second at 25 wishes, and the third at 45 wishes.

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Note that each wish gives you coins and kingdom EXP, which aren’t as important as the daily rewards. Sometimes there will be a burning time event that gives you a 5x multiplier on the daily rewards, in effect giving you:

  • 5 Aurora Pillars on the first reward
  • 5 Aurora Bricks and 5 Aurora Compasses on the second reward
  • 5 Aurora Pillars, 5 Aurora Bricks, 5 Aurora Compasses on the third reward

Be sure to make wishes during this timeframe.

2. The Bear Jelly Train

Trains are another place where you can trade your goods. You’ll receive the rewards for the goods you send after 6 hours or more, which is the train’s main difference from the Tree of Wishes; the Tree rewards you instantly. Still, the trains make up for it by giving you significantly better rewards, since the more time-consuming your goods are to make, then the better the rewards the trains would provide you.

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The main rewards you would get from them are Rarities, Gems, Treasure Tickets, and Coins. Unfortunately, trains don’t have a refresh function, so a good strategy is to prioritize trains and then do wishes after. Don’t be afraid to refresh your wishes if you get difficult or time-consuming items.

3. Seaside Market

Seaside Market
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You can buy rarities in the market with other rarities. While this doesn’t sound like much, it’s pretty helpful because your rarities can be a bit unbalanced depending on what you have been building recently. The Tree always gives out Aurora Pillars on the first daily reward, so if you have only been aiming for one daily reward a day, then your inventory is going to be skewed towards Aurora Pillars. You can trade those for other rarities you’re lacking in. You can refresh the market every few hours.

4. Landmarks

Cookie Run Kingdom Landmarks
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Another place you can get rarities is from the Vanilla Sanatorium and Raspberry Chateau landmarks. These give you a random landmark every day. However, these aren’t landmarks you should be rushing to build; they’re mostly for late-game players who already have the other useful landmarks in the game. They cost 5,000 gems each.

5. Other miscellaneous ways to obtain Rarities

Here are all the remaining ways you can get cookie run kingdom rarities in the game currently:

As you progress in the game, you should end up having a lot of rarities. They’re only a big necessity as you start in the game, but after building and leveling up all the necessary buildings, you wouldn’t be using them a lot anymore. It’s not recommended to buy packs in the game just for them.

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