Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle: Beginners Guide and Tips

Blast puzzle pieces to survive in the Witch's Castle!

Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle is the newest puzzle addition to the Cookie Run saga by the popular, Devsisters Corporation. It has amazing tap-to-blast adventure levels that help you make your way out of the enchanting Castle. The evil witch sets traps everywhere and dangers lurk around in all corners. Thus, the game urges you to team up with unique Cookies and discover the secrets buried deep in the Witch’s Castle. In this Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle Beginners Guide and Tips piece, I’ll guide you through the basics of the game with some brownie tips waiting at the end for you. 

Gameplay Overview

Cookie Run Witch’s Castle is an epic adventure where you get to unveil the hidden areas. The story follows GingerBrave as he escapes from the oven only to end up in a castle belonging to a not-so-kind witch. Your goal is to help him in quests while navigating through the witch’s castle. I strongly recommend you take the help of your Cookie friends’ unique skills for a more easy win.

Image via Devsisters

The game has a tap-to-blast gameplay very similar to the old-school Candy Crush’s gameplay. The gameplay is pretty easy to grab as I’m sure everyone has played Candy Crush once in their lifetime. You just have to tap more than one puzzle piece of the same color to pop them up.

If you tap more than four pieces, it forms boosters. Various types of boosters help you achieve the particular level’s task swiftly. Once you reach the set target of that level, you successfully finish and gain bonuses. 

Image via Devsisters

As you keep on completing the puzzles, you gain Stars. These Stars are keys to unlock a specific portion of an area. Once you unlock all the portions, the game declares you to discover a new secret area in the Witch’s Castle. You can later decorate these areas according to your preferences. In this manner, I progressed through the main storyline of the game. So, follow the basic gameplay, gain bonuses, and you’re good to go. 

Main Story

The main story of Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle follows GingerBrave, a freshly baked cookie as he escapes from the oven. Thereafter, he lands in a witch’s doom aka her castle navigating its way through dangers and puzzle pieces.

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You can view the chapters from the bookshelf of this section. Every book has a chapter which in turn has certain parts. The next chapter unlocks when you reach the end of the episode. 


The Cookies section holds the collection of all the cookies present in Witch’s Castle. They are divided into tiers with Epic, Rare, and Common designations. When you collect enough souldrops of a particular cookie you can unlock them.

Image via Devsisters

If they are already available by gacha, these soul drops can improve their skills. Every cookie has a unique skill that they use to help you blast the puzzle more easily. To know about their story and skills, you should tap on Info on the bottom right.


You can Gacha roll to obtain cookies, residents, decors, and other gifts via this section. All you have to do is roll a dice and fill up the gauges depending on what result you get. If you get two of the same sides, the gauge increases by double the regular amount. Three of the same results give you an option to gain the reward immediately.

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You also have an option of a seasonal gacha roll until the Witchberry Season. The process to pull items is the same as in basic gacha. However, after playing the game for hours, I can say that gaining the Cookie roll is not a piece of cake. You will though, get it after several rolls. 


The collection has a stack of diverse elements in the game such as Cookies, Residents, Decor, and Albums. To unlock a card of any criteria I just mentioned, you should first collect the items via a few sources like Gacha, Story, or Mole Shipping.

Image via Devsisters

Once you collect them, the section will store the card in its righteous place. You must tap on the card to earn points for your collection. The points level up your collection and get items useful in clearing out puzzles.


Decor is the customization section where you can make changes to the areas you’ve unlocked in the castle. The section stores all the usable furniture and decorative piece cards for you.

Witch's Castle Beginners Guide
Image via Devsisters

You have options of all sorts including Wallpaper, Flooring, Wall, Ceiling, and Floor decors. Just drag and drop the decors at your wishful place in the room and you’re done. You can even adjust the size of the room and swap their positions.

Mole Shipping

The Mole Shipping section has a mole the game assigns to deliver packages to the respective Cookie room. This is an interesting feature where you have to complete the set missions to reach the stipulated milestone. After filling the gauge, you can send packages.

Cookie Run Witch's Castle Mole Shipping
Image via Devsisters

The mole asks you to choose a Cookie you wish to deliver the decor. Thereafter, the mole successfully delivers the package to the recipient Cookie’s room. You can use the decors to make the rooms special and comfortable.

Witchberry Season Pass

The Witchberry Season Pass is a gateway to more rewards and bonuses in the Witch’s Castle. The free pass provides gifts without any cost. But the premium pass can only give you rewards when you unlock it by purchasing it in real time.

Cookie Run Witch's Castle Witchberry season pass
Image via Devsisters

When you finish a puzzle, it contributes to the upgradation in the stage. As you complete a stage, you level up the season pass and receive rewards like season coins, boosters, crystals, and other items. 

Complete the Main Story

The main storyline works in a chapter format. When you complete all parts of a chapter, the next one unlocks. My advice to you is to blast the puzzle pieces and pass as many levels as you can. The more levels you pass, the more chapters you clear, and the castle starts to look like your own. You’ll be able to unlock more areas and style them. 

Gain Collection Points

Collection Points help you get items and other rewards useful in popping the puzzle pieces in the level. You can gain them via the gacha roll, main storyline, and mole shipping. Once you collect cards of any criteria, it gives you points for collecting them. The points increase the collection levels and after certain points, you unlock a reward for that level. 

Pull Gacha Elements

The gacha elements in the Witch’s Castle include cookies, residents, decor, and other bonus presents. The cookies’ skills are useful for solving the puzzles while the decor and resident cards add to the collection points. The more elements you pull through gacha, the more valuable resources will be at your submission once you utilize them properly.

Level up the Season Pass

The Witchberry Season Pass is another source to fill your pockets with a variety of in-game resources and materials. You clear a level, it adds to the development in the stage. As soon as you have sufficient stage points, the season pass levels up. The upgrade of the pass gets you bonuses like season coins, crystals, boosters, puzzle hammers, arrows, and more. 

Place Decors in Rooms

The Decors add to the scenic beauty of rooms in the castle. But that’s not the only thing the decor pieces can provide. When you place a decorative item, say, a flower vase, in any favorable position, it gives you gems. These gems are usable if you’re facing a shortage of resources liable for gacha pull. So, my advice to you is to place as many decor pieces in the castle to eventually gain more.

Final Thoughts

Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle is an interesting puzzle game that comes with a new story and something worth discovering. All the game asks you is to follow in GingerBrave’s footsteps and find out the dark secrets of the evil witch ruling the Witch’s Castle. The game has pretty graphics with comprehensive gameplay and an intriguing story. It even enables you to collect Cookies with unique powers and decorative pieces to style the castle in your own way. Therefore, immerse yourself into the world of Cookies with a tint of darkness to conquer this time.

What are your thoughts about the Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle Beginners Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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