Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle Cookies Tier List for March 2024

Enter into the world of puzzles with special Cookies!

Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle is an epic puzzle game the developers of the Cookie Run universe, Devsisters offer. The mystery of the Witch’s Castle comes to light when a freshly baked cookie, GingerBrave, comes to life. You should assist him in this intriguing mission and give shelter to the residents he meets along the way. Powerful Cookies with diverse skills will make puzzle-solving even simpler. It is vital to utilize the most useful cookie friends in the game. Therefore, I’m going to give you a thorough Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle Cookies tier list so that amateurs can select the best ones with ease. 

The Cookies have unique skills that help you to pop the jellies using different techniques of their own. The most powerful ones will surely take very little time to clear the level for you. So, let’s get into knowing their skill values. The Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle categorizes the Cookies in the game into four major tiers: S, A, and B. 

Strong (S)Witchberry Cookie, Marble Danish Cookie, Sachertorte Cookie, Rosemary Cookie,
Radish Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie,
Cocoa Cookie, Cheesecake Cookie,
Werewolf Cookie, Vampire Cookie,
Onion Cookie, Avocado Cookie,
Sparkling Cookie, Blackberry Cookie,
Mint Choco Cookie
Good (A)Devil Cookie, Adventurer Cookie,
Cherry Cookie, Zombie Cookie,
Alchemist Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie,
Angel Cookie
Average (B)Wizard Cookie, Strawberry Cookie,
GingerBright Cookie, GingerBrave Cookie

Best Cookies in Witch’s Castle

Witchberry is an exclusive cookie you can rely on to clear higher levels in chapters forthcoming. She is known as a prankster and represents herself as the mascot of the Witch’s Castle. In my opinion, she is probably related to the dark witches in this Cookie Run game. 

Cookie Run Witch's Castle Witchberry Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Talking about her appearance, she has a pale face with lackluster blue eyes and white eyelashes. She has darker cheeks, a face somewhat resembling a cat, and lilac hair with curly pigtails. She wields a carved spoon instead of a broom that helps her to fly. 

Marble Danish Cookie is another top-tier cookie baked by Witch Alex you can use while popping numerous jellies. This cookie helps you fight the boss feline with his bold, confident, and unwavering attitude. In situations requiring quick thinking, he is the one you should go to for support. 

Image via Devsisters

You can perceive this cookie as a little headstrong but he’s a trustworthy ally and friend. One can undoubtedly depend on him when it comes down to surviving through the dangers of the witch’s castle. 

Sachertorte Cookie is a rich chocolatey cookie by the Witch Eno. She has a sharp precision when targeting the puzzles and other boss opponents. She’s disreputable for her devious intellect and glamour. 

Cookie Run Witch's Castle Sachertorte Cookie
Image via Devsisters

She has the power to command the Apricot Jam Syndicate to make their move with just a whisper and wave of her hand. Once you befriend her, she’ll be one of your reliable allies and save you from the shenanigans of the Apricot Jam Syndicate enemies. 

Final Thoughts

Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle is a puzzle-based adventure game with simple gameplay mechanics. The game has attractive graphics with a spooky touch and an extensive collection of cookies, residents, and decors. Your primary target is to cross levels by solving puzzles. Now, the adorable Cookies are of great help in this matter. Each one carries unique skills and a backstory that’s sure to win hearts. So, employ the top-notch cookies in your journey to uncover the mystery of Witch’s Castle.

Do you find our Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle Cookie Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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