Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle Collection Level Guide and Tips

Earn points to upgrade your collection and get booster bundles!

Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle is a puzzle-based game from the renowned Cookie Run developers, Devsisters Corporation. The entire castle has traces of dangers laid out by the witches. While your progress depends on your skills, there are other factors or rather say boosters, that dictate your victory. A vital source of these handy boosters is by increasing your collection level. Thus, I’ve presented this thorough Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle Collection Level guide to level up your collection and earn valuable goodies.

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Collection Level Basics

The Cookie Run Witch’s Castle follows tap-to-blast gameplay for solving puzzle blocks. You finish levels, gain stars, clear out the area, and discover rooms leading to the highest window. From what I’ve discovered after giving the game a fair time, the initial levels will be easy.

However, after you’ve defeated the witch’s evil cat, the difficulty will significantly increase. So, it’s best to have plenty of boosters like rockets, hammers, arrows, Rubix, and more that make your task a cakewalk. 

Image via Devsisters

The game has a special feature, called Collection, that crucially contributes to giving the players a handful of boosters. All you need to do is acquire various items through the necessary in-game activities like gacha, main story, and more.

Then, you should tap on the card to collect points. The points will finally add up to your collection and it’ll upgrade the Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle collection level. There will be a certain milestone or target point you need to achieve to get the rewards.

Image via Devsisters

The section has five different types of cards you can collect:

  • Cookies – Cookies are the supporters whose skills you require throughout the adventure.
  • Residents – Residents are tiny denizens GingerBrave meets and rescues along his way. 
  • Decors – Decors in the Witch’s Castle are fancy pieces you can use to decorate the castle in your way. The decors also yield currencies like crystals and coins when you use them for showcasing. 
  • Album – Here, you can collect the special scenes you encounter while moving ahead in the main story. 
  • Curios – Curios have the cards for Cookies’ favorites and exclusive story items you can collect to level up your collection. 

In this Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle collection level guide, I’ll provide you with some definite ways to collect cards swiftly. These include a few of the vital in-game activities you need to carry out in Witch’s Castle. So, keep up with me as I explain each one in detail.

Main Story

The main story of Witch’s Castle has chapters as per every book starting from Oven Awakes. The chapters further have some episodes you need to cross to unveil dark and abandoned rooms in the castle.

Image via Devsisters

The main story episodes are a great way to upgrade your collection. Many special scenes from the episodes you encounter are the cards you can collect easily in the Album type. You can also get story items through this way. 


Gacha is the summon section in the Witch’s Castle where you can pull various elements with a dice roll. The elements include Gift boxes, Cookies, Decors, Residents, and Treasure chests.

Cookie Run Witch's Castle Gacha section
Image via Devsisters

You need to fill the gauges as per the result when you roll the dice and accordingly get rewards. When you get a Cookie, decor, or resident from the gacha pull, it serves you with respective collection points. These points add to your set target and help in getting boosters. 

Mole Shipping

In this feature, the game assigns a mole to deliver the package to a particular receiver. This is another way to earn collection points through decor cards. To get decor pieces, you should complete missions and fill the gauge to send packages.

Image via Devsisters

The feature asks you to choose a Cookie to deliver the piece. The decor package arrives at the recipient Cookie’s room and you acquire the respective points for the card. Also, make sure to choose the right Cookie to whom you’ve assigned a room.

Final Thoughts

Witch’s Castle is yet another fascinating Cookie Run game with tap-to-blast gameplay. You must help the Cookies adventure through the spooky witch castle to eventually get past it. The game has an intriguing pull over the Cookie Run freaks when solving mysteries. In this freshly baked story of GingerBrave, you should blast blocks with strategy and unique cookie skills. Hence, follow this in-depth piece to collect cards, gain points, and upgrade your collection level. This will get you powerful boosters that will surely help you go a long way in the castle.

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