Cricket League Beginners Guide, Tips, and Strategies

Start your very own cricket Saga with Cricket League

What’s up cricket freaks? Thinking of starting your mobile cricketing journey? Here’s an opportunity for you to do so with a bang. Developed by Miniclip, Cricket League is the ideal and obvious choice for you if you are a beginner in this vast world of mobile cricket games. Here are our Cricket League beginners guide to help you along the way.

Cricket League Basics

1. Travel all over the world and play at some of the famous stadiums

Cricket League stadiums
Cricket League Stadiums

Starting with Mumbai as the default stadium, Cricket Leagues brings you the opportunity to play at some of the iconic stadiums around the world: Karachi, Adelaide, Dubai Johannesburg, Dhaka, Melbourne, and last but not the least, the Home of Cricket, London. Each stadium unlocks at different levels. Compete with online users and defeat them to rise the ranks and unlock new stadiums in turn.

2. Understanding the in-game Currencies

The game rewards everyone with some gems and 2000 in-game coins as a jump start. You can use these gems to buy new player cards and build your dream team. Coins are required to upgrade an existing card to a new level that would improve its in-game performance. A small number of coins are also required as a pass to enter an online match.

Cricket League Currencies

The rewards earned after winning a match are double the number of coins spent to enter the same. Coins to be spent in entering a game increases with each new stadium that you unlock and play at. It is a bargain actually, as the game guarantees you double the number of coins in return if you manage to defeat your opponent.

In addition to that, you win exciting Player Packs based on your performance that unlocks after a certain period. There are 3 kinds of Packs:

Pack NameGuaranteed Rewards
Basic Pack3 Common Player Cards(either new players or an upgrade to the existing player cards)+ In-game coins
Deluxe Pack11 Player Cards (either new players or an upgrade to the existing player cards) with a chance to find Rare and Epic Cards that would help boost your squad+ 3 Common Balls+ In-game coins and gems.
Elite Pack11 Common Player Cards(either new players or an upgrade to the existing player cards)+A Guaranteed Rare or Epic card(either new players or an upgrade to an existing card) to help you boost your squad+ Common Balls+ In-game coins and gems

3. Daily Login Rewards and Deals

Cricket League rewards
Cricket League rewards

Login at intervals of an hour and get 100 free coins each time. Get an additional 600 coins, 5 gems, and a Basic Player Pack at a 12-hour interval by watching in-game ads. It does not end here. Get new player cards and Special Player Packs each day in the Daily Deals section. They can be purchased by spending In-game gems. So, save your gems and use them wisely to take your team to new heights in the leader board.

4. Play Quick 2 Over Games

Experience the joy of real-time multiplayer by participating in quick 2 over games (1 over batting and 1 over bowling) with players all around the world. Thrash your opponent and win In-game coins and Player Packs based on your performance. Each game completes within 3-5 minutes on average. It comes with pretty simple and easy-to-learn batting and bowling controls.

5. Play with Friends

A feature that is going to be added in the upcoming updates. Get a chance to play with your relatives and friends in your Facebook Friend list by simply connecting to your Facebook account.

Improvise on your Batting technique

Since games are short and quick, you need to adjust your batsman real soon. The first and foremost tip is to see where the bowler is looking to pitch the ball. Accordingly, swipe in that direction to move your batsman in the range of the ball to make a shot.

When the bowler is ready with his run-up, drag the bat backward with full force and hold that position until the ball hits the pitch. As soon as a pitched-up delivery hits the floor, release your bat and swipe in the direction you want to hit that delivery.


 If the bowler pitches the delivery at a Yorker length you need to make your shot a tad earlier or else your stumps would go flying. To deal with those Yorkers make the shot just before the ball hits the ground. By doing so you can convert those deliveries into full tosses and make them sail over the fielders.  

The fate of each delivery depends on your timing and placement. A timing bar on the left of your screens would analyze the quality of your shots and provide you with an impression after each delivery. The 3 colors on the timing bar resemble the following:

  • Upper Red: Too Early
  • Yellow Region: OK
  • Green Region: Good Timing
  • Blue region: Perfect Timing
  • Lower Red: Too Late
batting timing bar
Batting timing bar

The challenge however lies in the fact that the game allows multiple bowlers (maximum 3) to bowl in a single over a game. When a pace bowler bowls at you, the ball comes real quick, so you need to make your shot early in contrast to a medium pacer or a spinner. Your opponent might bowl the first two deliveries with a pacer and the next two with a spinner. As a result, you would get less time for adjusting and in the process might end up making a mishit.

So, to avoid that, you have to be prepared and adjust yourself according to the bowler real quick. Remember it is a 1 over the game, so you have to score a handful of runs and also save your wicket since the game allows you only 1 wicket. if you find any hassle whatsoever in the game, you can always fall back to this Cricket League beginners guide for help. Don’t worry, like always we have got you.

Bowl the perfect delivery

Alternately after every two games, you would be bowling first/batting first. The latter scenario is a bit favorable since you know the total you have to defend and just go on hitting the right areas. Play with Awesome Deliveries like Doosra, Off-Spin, Flippers, Out Swingers, and In-Swingers. You can play up to 3 bowlers in a given game.

We would suggest you choose one of each kind, a pacer or a swing bowler (if you have one in the team), a medium pacer, and a spin option. This trio could come in handy since if one of them is thrashed by the opponent, the other two can bowl out the remaining deliveries. This would check the flow of runs to some extent since it would take the batsman at least a delivery to read the new bowler.

Cricket League bowling
Cricket League bowling

Your success in the bowling department is also dependent on the ball type. The game offers some special balls with enhanced performance like pitching and timing to make things hard for your opponent batsman. You can either purchase them with cash or get a few of those balls for free in the Elite and Deluxe Player Packs which are rewarded to you if you end up on the winning side in a one-sided encounter.

Select the bowler you want to bowl with by tapping on the bowler’s face shown on the left-hand side of your screen and choosing from the drop-down menu. After that select the end you want to bowl from (Round the Wicket/Over the Wicket). Choose the ball you want to bowl with by tapping on the ball icon and choosing from the drop-down menu. Special balls guarantee enhanced performance.


Next up, choose the kind of delivery you want to bowl (Out Swing/In Swing/Off Break/Flipper) if your bowler has some special ones in his bag apart from the regular ones. Bowling Flippers is a really good option as the ball tends to stay low and makes it difficult for the batsman to hit. Pitch the ball by gently sliding the white marker on the pitch and tap on it when you are satisfied with the line and length.

Vary it after each delivery thereby allowing the batsman less time to adjust. The quality of the delivery i.e. the amount of turn/pace in it is again decided by a quality bar. A slider moves up and down the bar. You need to stop that slider by tapping on it while it is crossing the non-red zones. Stopping it at the red zones results in a no-ball so avoid that.

ball position
Ball position

The blue zone indicates the ideal pace in the case of a fast bowler and maximum turn if you are bowling with a spinner. Not saying that you have to ideally hit those deliveries in the blue zones. Varying the pace/turn is a really good option in a limited-overs game. Just avoid the red zones as losing a game will lead to draining out of In-game coins.

Avoid the extra runs

  • Avoiding bowling no balls as it gifts the batsman an extra delivery. If you bowl three no balls in a game your opponent is declared as winner without further continuation of play.
  • Same goes for wide deliveries. You bowl 3 wides and you are out of the contest.
  • There would be an action timer on the top left corner of your screens. The bowling action needs to be completed within that time frame, failing which a Time Out warning is generated. If you fail to do so, the second time in a single game, you are out of the contest and your opponent is declared winner.

Ever faced disconnection issues in online games? It hurts right? Especially when you are in a winning position and boom, out of nowhere you lose the game. Cricket League offers you a Super Smooth Gaming Experience even on 2G/3G Network. That’s it, all the basic tips covered, if you find any hassle whatsoever in the game, you can always fall back to this Cricket League Beginners Guide for help. Don’t worry, like always we have got you!

That’s all for today’s Cricket League beginners guide. Did you find our Cricket League beginners guide helpful? 

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Thanks For The Tips It Helped A Lot To Improve In The Game | Thank You So Much ☺️☺️☺️


Hi there,
How do i buy elite/epic batsman with my gems?


Hi, how do I upgrade James ( the leg spinner)?
I almost never get an upgrade when I open those packs (basic, deluxe etc). James can currently bowl leg spin only. I see players bowling offspin and straighter deliveries with James.

Tony s

Thx for this only just started playing, but how do you change the batsman pls?


🤷‍♂️why the hell did I get demoted to rookie after finishing top of my pro league in league cricket genuine wins not cheating !!

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