Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips

Managers, are you up for the challenge?

The much-awaited CricketStrategy Game, Cricket Manager Pro 2022 has finally launched globally. From the house of Wicket Gaming, it is a free-to-play Strategy Game that challenges users to start their own Cricket franchise and build it from scratch. In this Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of this newly released Cricket Manager Game and share some valuable tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

Introducing the basics of Cricket Manager Pro 2022

Users need to play a dual role in Cricket Manager Pro 2022 by being both the Manager and the Coach of their side, at the same time:

The Manager

As the name suggests, you need to create and manage a Cricket Club from the very beginning and take your franchise to new heights by gradually building on the assets. The game has a tricky but interesting area known as Arena, that puts your managerial skills to test.

You need to regulate your Club finances here and create a world-class cricket venue by setting up and upgrading various facilities at your home venue. These include Stadium Capacity, Upgraded Training Centers, Health-Care Facilities, and many more. These facilities would in turn generate revenue for your Franchise. You can even sign scouts and Premium Players from the Transfer Market to strengthen your squad, customize your club’s jersey and logo and take a host of other operational decisions.

The Coach

Additionally, you also need to play the role of a coach by designing new drills and making your players go through rigorous training sessions so that they level up. You also need to Select the Playing 11, Batting order, and Field set-up and take toss decisions(i.e., what to do on winning the toss) before every game. It’s all about choosing the right strategy and the right team. Besides that, you need to ensure that your players are in good Physical Condition, get enough rest before you field them, and go out there with high morale.

coach Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide
Image via Wicket Gaming

Every game that you play is a T20 game. There are essentially Two game modes, namely, League Games and Cup Games. We will discuss them in detail but first, let us know about the various resources that the game has to offer and their utility.

Understanding in-game resources

In-Game CurrencyUtilityHow to earn them
Gold barsBasic in-game currency. Can be used to purchase every other in-game resource, jerseys, emblems, and players.1. Completing Quests
2. Daily Login Rewards
3. Winning League and Cup Matches
4. Can be purchased from Shop
CashSecondary in-game Currency. Mainly used in two sections. The Arena Section for setting up/upgrading various facilities.The Transfer Section for signing new Players.1. Completing Quests
2. Daily Login Rewards
3. Winning League and Cup Matches
4. Can be exchanged with Gold bars from Shop
HealthSpecial in-game booster that enhances the overall physical health of your squad so that they are match-ready.1. Completing Quests
2. Daily Login Rewards
3. Winning League and Cup Matches
4. Can be exchanged with Gold bars from Shop.
RestSpecial in-game booster that ensures that your players get adequate rest before going out for the match.1. Completing Quests
2. Daily Login Rewards
3. Winning League and Cup Matches
4. Can be exchanged with Gold bars from Shop
MoraleSpecial in-game booster that boosts the morale of your squad so that they are match-ready.1. Completing Quests
2. Daily Login Rewards
3. Winning League and Cup Matches
4. Can be exchanged with Gold bars from Shop

Mastering the game modes

As stated earlier, there are two Game Modes on offer in the game. Let us know about them in detail in our Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide.

The League

The League is the main competition in the game. In the League, you compete against 13 other Managers online. Each League is 28 days long. There’s one T20 League Match per day which means you have to play 28 games in each League.

The league
Image via Wicket Gaming

Your promotion to the next League gets decided based on your position in the League Table. Only the top 8 teams from the League Table will be eligible for Promotion. The top 8 would additionally be eligible for in-game Cash and Goldbarrewards depending on their position. League Match goes live at around 1:30 p.m. U.T.C every day.

The Cup

Unlike the League, you can play any number of Cup Games each day. It is a special time-governed game mode that earns you loads of in-game resources. The Cup Event leaderboard refreshes each day. There are three Cup Events that are currently available in the Game, namely, Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, and Gold Cup. You can take part in any of these Cups.

The cup Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide
Image via Wicket Gaming

The Metal names depict the Tier Difficulty i.e., in Gold Cup, you will be matched against Managers who are at higher ranks in the Leaderboard. Each Cup Match victory would earn you 2 points irrespective of the Tier. A loss would account for a 1-point deduction. Besides earning you other in-game Boosters for winning games, the Cup Games earn you Gold bars for topping the Leaderboard.

Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here’s a bonus section in our Beginners Guide from us so that all users get channelized in the right direction and have a hassle-free and smooth run with Cricket Manager Pro 2022. What follows next are some useful Tips and Tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Avoid skipping the Tutorial

Once you download the game and log in for the first time, the game takes you through a tutorial. This might be an unpopular opinion but, do not skip the Tutorial. This is because completing each area of the tutorial rewards you with loads of in-game resources including Gold bars, Cash, Health Packs, Rest Packs, and Morale Packs.

Fret not if you did not complete the tutorial. You can still claim all these rewards by heading to Quests and navigating to the Extra tab. You will find all the objectives that you need to complete as part of the Tutorial. Tap on Go beside each objective and act as per the tutorial instruction to claim the rewards. The tutorial objectives are pretty simple and straightforward like performing training on your players, playing a Bronze Cup Game, etc.

Remember, if you have not completed the tutorial, you can only claim the rewards by accessing the objectives from the Extra section. Checking out all the objectives listed and then completing them on your own without the help of the Tutorial won’t fetch you these freebies. 

2. Do not miss out on the Quest challenges

When you log in each day, the first thing that you should look to do is complete the Daily Quest Challenges set for you. The best part is that these Challenges don’t refresh daily. You need to essentially fulfil the same objectives each day.

For checking out the Daily Quests, one must head to Quests from the in-game home screen and navigate to the Daily section. You will find that there are Weekly and Monthly tabs as well under Quests. Besides getting you loads of in-game resources, Quest Challenges earn you the most valuable Experience Points that help you level up. Look to complete all of them before the deadline so as not to miss out on the freebies. Simplifying things for you, the following 5 objectives need to be completed every month:

quest challenges
Image via Wicket Gaming
  • Perform 2 pieces of training Each Day.
  • Play 5 Cup Matches each Day.
  • Compete in at least two different cups daily.
  • Win at least 20 Matches every week/100 matches every month. 
  • Score at least 1000 runs every week/5000 runs every month.

If you complete these 5 Challenges on a monthly basis, the remaining challenges will get completed on their own. Make sure to claim the rewards from the Quests section once you earn them.

3. Keep Upgrading the stadium and other facilities of your club

As the Manager of his club, one must look to constantly upgrade the Club Facilities whenever possible. To do so one must,

  • Navigate to the Arena section and tap on the desired segment that he wants to build or upgrade.
  • He then needs to tap on the Upgrade option from the dialogue box that pops up.

Upgrading a Club asset requires spending of in-game Cash that would be also required to sign players from the Live Transfer Market. Hence, as a beginner, one should look to invest only in 3 areas, namely, Stadium, Training Centre and HealthCare. Upgrading the stadium increases its sitting capacity and hence more fans would turn up thereby increasing the revenue of the Club. Secondly, upgrading the Training Centre would increase the efficiency of your players by 2% with each upgrade.

Stadium and Other Facilities of your Club Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide
Image via Wicket Gaming

Last but not the least, each up-gradation in the Healthcare Facility provides a certain number of Health Care Packs for free every 5 days. Hence as a beginner, we would suggest you invest only in these 3 areas. Do not shy about spending your Cash for investing in these 3 assets. You can even exchange your Gold bars for Cash from the Shop if you want.

4. Train your team every day

Another in-game section that one must look to capitalize on is Player Training. You must perform at least one Quick and one Advanced Training per day. While Quick Training makes your players perform auto-selected Drills, Advanced Training lets you select the Drills manually and also which players should undergo them.

Team everyday
Image via Wicket Gaming

You can tap and drop a maximum of 4 Drills in each turn across three areas, Batting, Fielding, and Physical and Mental Conditional. Be wise with your choice of Drills. Like, if you have chosen a Bowler, there is no use feeding him with Batting Drills. It won’t upgrade or add to his overall game performance.

5. Stay attentive in the Live Transfer Market

To build a strong franchise, it is important that you stay active in the Live Transfer Market, so as to pave way for stronger players on your side. The players are available for purchase in the market refresh after every 14 hours. Sign players depending upon your squad.

For instance, if you figure out that you have a weak middle order, go for players that have AR (All-Rounder) as their role. Additionally, keep an eye on the number of stars beside that player. The higher the number of stars, the more value he would add to your side.

Live Transfer Market Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide
Image via Wicket Gaming

The Transfer Market also has an MVP (Most Valuable Players) Section that showcases 3 Elite/MVP players for purchase every 14 Hours. Signing players require both Goldbar and Cash investment and you would run out of these currencies at one point in time if you do not use them wisely. Hence, we suggest you not go for the MVPs initially. You will get decent enough guys in the Players section. Once you have collected enough resources, go for the Elite/MVP players.

6. Make sure to set your Tactics before going for a game

During a Live Game, you won’t be allowed to change anything, not even the batting order, bowling line-up, and field setting. Hence, you must set your Tactics before going for a much. To do so, you must Head to the Team section. You will find 5 tabs under the Team section.

  • To select your playing XI, go to the Lineup tab. Just drag the player that you wish to go with, from the Bench, and drop him in the position of the player that you wish to replace. Similarly, for field placements, you can just drag and drop the fielder in the desired position.
Image via Wicket Gaming
  • For changing the Batting Order and Bowling Line-up navigate to the respective tabs and tap on the player. A number order would pop up on your screen. Just tap on the desired number.
  • The Tactics section basically translates how you approach the game. Since it is a T20 game, we would suggest the following settings:
  • Keep the toss decision as Bat first(70% of the games in Cricket Manager Pro 2022 can be won batting first).
    • Set the batting mentality as Offensive.
    • Set the Bowling Mentality as Defensive(You just need to stop runs and not go for wickets).
    • Let the Fielding Mentality be Normal.

7. Keep an eye on your team’s preparation level

Preparation Level Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners Guide
Image via Wicket Gaming

You will find a Prep Level section on the right of your in-game home screen. You must mandatorily visit this section before going for a match. If your players do not get adequate rest and are not high on morale and Health, your Team would perform disastrously in the match. Hence make sure to feed them the required Booster Packs (Rest, Morale, and Health) before every match that you play.

8. Other Miscellaneous tips

  1. Do not miss out on the Daily Login Rewards.
  2. Watch ads to earn bonus rewards from the Shop section.
  3. Make sure to participate in The League Match every day.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a bonus tip for all. If you observe carefully in the first few games, the outcome of the toss is a head 4 out of 5 times. Hence, even though coin toss has a 50% probability in real life, the probability of getting Heads is 80% in Cricket Manager Pro 2022. So, look to select Heads during the coin toss. If you face any difficulties in your journey, you can always fall back on this Cricket Manager Pro 2022 Beginners guide for quick assistance.     

That’s it from this Cricket Manager Pro 2022 beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Cricket Manager Pro 2022 beginners guide useful. 

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