Dead by Daylight Mobile survivor Tier List: Who are the best and how to play with them

There are mainly two types of character in the action-based survival game Dead by Daylight Mobile, the survivors and the killers. With 18 different survivors in the game, it can be hard to figure out who you should play. In out Dead by Daylight Mobile survivor tier list, we’re going to tell you the pros and cons of each character, ranking them from best to worst so you know who you should be playing. We will also go into how you should be playing each character, and what playstyle you should be using for each of them. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Survivor Tier List

Strong (S)Bill, Claudette, Laurie
Good (A)Meg, Dwight, Nancy, Kate, Jake, Jane, Tapp
Average (B)Feng, Nea, Adam, Ashley, David, Steve
Below Average (C)Ace, Jeff

Overview of each survivor in Dead by Daylight Mobile

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of each character in our survivor tier list and how to use them to win matches in Dead by Daylight Mobile. We’ll divide the characters as per their tiers in the tier list.

S Tier – Strong

Three survivors belong to the ‘S’ tier in our Dead by Daylight Mobile survivor tier list, William ‘Bill’ Overbeck, Claudette Morel & Laurie Strode.

William ‘Bill’ Overbeck

Overbeck’s survival-based exclusive perks are perfect for any situation. The goal in every Dead by Daylight game is to survive and escape the trials. With Overbeck’s exclusive perks, it becomes much easier to do this.

Perk Discussion

Left Behind, one of Overbeck’s perks, allows him to see the hatches aura when you’re nearby it if you’re the last one alive. This perk comes in handy when all of your teammates have been hooked and sacrificed. 

Dead by Daylight Mobile Bill

Borrowed Time allows you to unhook a fellow survivor without the worry of being immediately downed again. After unhooking a survivor in the killer’s radius, any damage taken will apply the Deep Wound effect. This means a survivor will have a few extra seconds to escape to safety and heal themselves before dying.

Unbreakable allows Overbeck to fully recover from being downed once per game. This can be very useful in many different situations. If you are downed, but other survivors can distract the killer, then you can use that time to recover yourself and get to safety.

If you are on the verge of losing, try playing Overbeck, and his exclusive perks might just be enough to get you that win.

Claudette Morel

Claudette Morel’s speciality is healing and supporting her fellow survivors. She is very useful for when somebody is injured, or for just buying time so your teammates can repair generators and escape. Not only can she boost her team’s survivability, but she also has perks that can help herself without needing others.

Perk Discussion
Claudette Morel DBDM

Botany Knowledge allows Morel to have 11-33% more healing speed and item efficiency. This is very useful if you need to get a quick heal off and may be the deciding factor for if you live or are hooked by the killer. That extra hit may be all it takes to save your life and win the game.

Empathy allows her to see any injured allies’ aura from 64-128 meters away. It can be hard for injured survivors to find their teammates to help them get healed. Claudette’s Empathy perk allows her to easily see any injured survivors and go to their rescue.

Self-care makes it that much harder for the killer to finally kill Claudette. It allows her to heal herself without a medkit but at 50% the normal healing rate. This is very good because she doesn’t need a teammate to help her heal. She can do it all by herself, even without the need for a medkit.

If you are a team-player and enjoy helping your allies, play Claudette.

Laurie Strode

In contrast to Claudette, Laurie Strode relies on herself completely. She doesn’t need other survivor’s help when she’s in the trials. Her exclusive perks only help her, and can even sometimes be upgraded when other survivors are sacrificed.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Laurie

Laurie’s Soul Survivor perk makes it so the killer can’t see your aura with a range up to 24 meters for each sacrificed survivor. This is good if 2 or 3 other survivors have been sacrificed, as it upgrades this perk. The killer will have a hard time finding you if you have this equipped.

With Object of Obsession, if you look in the killer’s direction, you’ll see each other’s aura within a range of up to 72 meters. If you need to know where the killer is to make a decision, this can be a very useful perk. However, beware as the killer can see your aura too!

Decisive Strike allows you to attempt a skill check the next time a killer grabs you after being unhooked. If you manage to get a good skill check, you’ll break out of the killer’s grasp and stun them for 5 seconds. Some could argue that Decisive Strike is one of the best perks in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Play Laurie Strode if you’re a lone wolf, and don’t find yourself playing cooperatively with other players much.

A Tier – Good

Seven survivors belong to the ‘A’ tier in our Dead by Daylight Mobile survivor tier list. Let’s discuss their pros and cons.

Meg Thomas

Meg Thomas has exceptional athleticism, and that makes her a viable choice for many situations. Whether that’s running from generator to generator to quickly repair and escape the trials, or running as fast as you can away from the killer, Thomas’ stamina and speed is very useful throughout the game.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Meg Thomas

Adrenaline allows her to run 150% faster for up to 5 seconds and allows her to heal herself when the exit gates are opened. This helps if you need a quick getaway, allowing you to sprint to the exit while outrunning the killer.

Quick & Quiet allows Thomas to be completely silent, lowering her audio and noise detection by 100% when hiding in closets or quick vaulting.This is useful when running away from the killer and you need a quick hiding spot.

Sprint Burst allows Thomas to run 150% faster for up to 3 seconds. Like Adrenaline, this is useful in case you need a quick getaway from the killer. This will also compliment the Quick & Quiet perk, by running to a closet and quickly getting in.

If your stealth skills aren’t up to par yet and you frequently find yourself in intense chases with the killer, then Meg Thomas is a good choice.

Dwight Fairfield

Dwight Fairfield has the best leadership skills of all the survivors. When other survivors are near Dwight, their perks can be improved. This shows just how important cooperation is when playing as Dwight.

Perk Discussion
Dwight Fairfield DBDM

Dwight’s Bond perk allows him to see his allies’ auras up to 36 meters away. This is crucial, as for Dwight’s other perks to work best, he must be near his allies. His perks directly complement each other. Prove Thyself allows all nearby survivors to get a repair speed buff of 15% per survivor. If you are working on a generator with 3 other survivors, this can be a huge 45% repair speed buff for all other survivors. With this, survivors can repair generators much faster.

Dwight also obtains the Leader perk, which allows any nearby survivors to perform almost every action (healing, unhooking, etc.) up to 25% faster. This is great if Dwight is sticking with his teammates, which he always should be. Dwight’s perks force him to stay with others.

You should be playing Dwight if you are frequently playing with and nearby other survivors.

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler is impressively observant and can help herself when she needs to. She has many abilities that can help in times of need. The killer will have a hard time sacrificing Nancy.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Nancy Wheeler

Better Together allows all survivors to see the aura of the generator Nancy is working on for up to 10 seconds. This can be useful if any other survivor is looking for an objective. This also increases teamwork and cooperation.

Nancy Wheeler’s Fixated perk lets her see her own scratch marks, as well as move 20% faster when she is not injured. This means she can see the trail that is normally only exclusive to the killer. This lets her plan her moves carefully and know exactly what the killer knows about her location.

Nancy also has Inner Strength, which allows her to hide in a locker for a minimum of 8 seconds and heal one health state. This means that she can heal herself without anyone’s help. This makes her survivability that much better due to her independence.

If you’re naturally observant and can take in a lot of information, you may be able to utilize Nancy Wheeler and use her to your best ability.

Kate Denson

Kate Denson is a fighting soul, constantly learning about her surroundings. Denson doesn’t give up, and won’t let it be easy for the killer to grab a hold of her. Denson can make the killer’s job very irritating sometimes.

Perk Discussion
Kate Denson DBDM

If you perform a quick vault or sprint out of a locker, Dance With Me will activate. This makes your scratch marks invisible, allowing you to sprint for up to 3 seconds without leaving a trace. This is very useful if the killer’s on your trail and you come across a vault.

Windows of Opportunity, another one of Kate’s perks, directly compliments her first perk. You will be able to see pallets and vaults if you are within 20 meters of them. If the killer is chasing you, use this perk to find a quick vault near you.

Her Boil Over perk strengthens her struggle effects by up to 75%. This can make it extremely difficult for the killer to move the way they want to. Paired with removing the killer’s hook aura, you have a great chance to wiggle out of the killer’s grasp.

If you want to specialize in escaping and out-thinking the killer, choose Kate Denson.

Jane Romero

Jane Romero has many skills. From healing, to repairing, to escaping the killer, Jane is adept at everything. However, she doesn’t really have a specialty in just one skillset.

Perk Discussion
Jane Romero DBDM

Solidarity lets Jane heal another survivor while injured, and heal herself at up to 50% of the healing rate. This can potentially save a lot of much-needed time. For this perk, teamwork and cooperation are key.

Jane’s Poised perk removes her scratch marks for up to 10 seconds after she’s repaired a generator. This allows her to sprint for a full 10 seconds without giving away her location. You can cover a lot of ground with that 10 seconds.

Head On, arguably her most popular perk, allows her to stun the killer for 3 seconds by leaving a locker if the killer is nearby. However, she must already be in the locker for 3 seconds. This can be great if the killer knows you’re in the locker and coming straight toward you.

If you want a big variety of skill sets in the trials, Jane Romero is your best choice.

Detective Tapp

Detective Tapp has experience in survivability. He knows how to complete the objectives quickly and efficiently. With his perks, you’ll have no trouble finding generators and easily escaping the trials.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Detective Tapp

Tapp crawls up to 50% faster with Tenacity. Not only that, but he also recovers in the process. This means you can be recovering while escaping the killer, increasing your chances of escape.

He also has Detective’s Hunch, allowing you to see auras of all totems, chests, and generators within up to 64 meters of you. This only activates after you have finished repairing a generator. However, it can be very useful for speedrunning the generators and quickly escaping the trials.

You can upgrade Detective Tapp’s perks with Stake Out, a perk that gives you tokens every 15 seconds you’re in the killer’s terror radius. These tokens will upgrade your previous perks, making your survivability much better. For example, you could increase your Detective’s Hunch perk radius from 32 meters to 64 if you get enough tokens.

B Tier – Average

Six survivors make it to the ‘B’ tier in our Dead by Daylight Mobile survivor tier list. Let’s talk about them now.

Feng Min

Feng Min is one of the most sneaky and stealthy survivors in Dead by Daylight Mobile. She can easily hide from the killer with her ability to be super quiet, even when she makes mistakes. She is also adept at running away from the killer, and being quite fast when her life is in danger.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Feng Min

Feng Min has Technician, a perk that reduces generator noises by 8 meters. If you fail a skill check while repairing a generator, there is also up to a 50% chance that the explosion will be prevented and not reveal your location to the killer. This is useful if you find yourself working on the objective and repairing generators most of the game.

Lithe will allow Feng to do a quick vault and gain 150% speed for up to 3 seconds. If you’re in an intense chase with the killer and happen to find a place to vault, this perk can be extremely useful. Finding that vault and activating Lithe may just be the deciding factor if you live or are sacrificed.

If the killer breaks a pallet or damages a generator, Alert will allow Feng to see the killer’s aura for up to 5 seconds. This allows Feng to know where the killer is whenever they do one of these actions. Knowing the killer’s location in Dead by Daylight gives a great advantage to the survivors.

If you like to work on objectives and stay hidden more than distracting the killer for your teammates, Feng Min is a good choice.

Nea Karlsson

Nea Karlsson’s perks take the best of both worlds. She specializes in not only being stealthy but also escaping the killer. She can be perfect for many different situations.

Perk Discussion
Nea Karlsson DBDM

Nea has Balanced Landing, a perk that lets her fall and make no noise, as well as move 150% faster for up to 3 seconds after falling. Nea also staggers 75% less than other survivors. This perk is only useful for certain maps with many height points.

Nea also has Urban Evasion, making her crouch speed up to 100% faster. Survivors in Dead by Daylight usually only need to crouch when they’re hiding from the killer, so this perk has to be a very specific situation. However, it also doubles your crouching speed, making those situations much easier.

Nea also has Streetwise, allowing her and her nearby allies to have up to 25% reduced item consumption. This can help in many different ways, such as having a longer-lasting toolkit, medkit, or flashlight. You never know when you may need extra time with a tool.

If you want to have a little bit of everything in your perks, play Nea Karlsson.

Adam Francis

Adam Francis is more of a support survivor, specializing in distracting the killer and helping out his teammates. However, don’t let that fool you. A diversion may be all you need to repair the generators and escape the trials.

Perk Discussion
Adam Francis DBDM

Adam’s Diversion allows him to throw a pebble and distract the killer, as long as he is in the killer’s terror radius for 45 seconds without getting chased. This is great if one of your allies is being chased. You can throw the pebble and act as a distraction.

If you rescue a survivor from the hook, Deliverance will activate. This means your next escape attempt on the hook will be 100% successful. This means you won’t need another survivor to help rescue you from the hook.

Autodidact allows Adam to start the trial with a -25% progression penalty when you fail a skill check for healing others. You’ll also get a 15% bonus if you successfully do a skill check. This is great for any situation.

If you don’t mind being the distraction, and possibly the sacrifice, play Adam Francis.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is all about recovery and staying alive. Whether it’s another survivor or himself, it’ll be tough for the killer to finally get somebody on the hook. He is good for being independent and being in a group.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Ashley Williams

Ashley’s Flip-flop perk allows him to convert 50% of his recovery into his wiggle progression. This makes it twice as easy to escape the killer’s grasp. The killer will have a hard time sacrificing you if you manage to recover halfway.

Buckle Up allows Ashley to see his fellow survivor’s recovery progress from up to 48 meters away. If the killer is distracted, you can easily get a heal off on a downed teammate. Healing a downed teammate can be the difference between winning and losing the trials.

When Ashley’s Mettle of Man is activated, you’ll ignore the final hit if you would’ve been put into the dying state. However, this is countered because the killer, when up to 16 meters away, will be able to see your aura once you’ve healed. This perk can be a blessing, but can also sometimes be a curse.

If you find yourself frequently in the dying state, playing Ashley Williams may be the way to go.

David King

David King is the toughest survivor in Dead by Daylight Mobile, and nothing is more important to him than his friends. Not only can his perks benefit you in-game, but you can also get a boost in bloodpoints. This can allow you to buy more items and possibly more perks.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile David King

David’s We’re Gonna Live Forever perk gives him a 25% boost in bloodpoints every time he rescues an ally from the hooks. You can get up to a 100% boost. Imagine how many items you can buy with that many bloodpoints!

His signature ability, Dead Hard, grants him the ability to dash forward while injured to avoid damage. This can give David a second chance. The longer he’s alive, the longer the killer is distracted.

No Mither removes David King’s blood spills, even if he’s injured. His grunts will also be reduced by up to 50%, becoming much more sneaky when injured. It also allows him to fully recover from the dying state.

If you’re a somewhat reckless player in Dead by Daylight, David King is probably your best bet.

Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington, the playboy from popular web-series Stranger Things, is the saviour of the survivors, getting his allies out of trouble during their times of need. He directly benefits from helping out others. Without other survivors by your side, Steve may not be all that useful.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Steve Harrington

Steve activates Babysitter when he unhooks a survivor, leaving no scratch marks or blood trails for up to 8 seconds. However, the killer will be able to see your aura for 4 seconds. Four seconds may seem short, but depending on how far away the killer is, it could be devastating.

For Camaraderie, if you’re on the hook with another survivor within 16 meters of you, the struggle phase timer will pause for up to 34 seconds. That’s a long time, and can give you a huge difference between when you are finally sacrificed. That time could be all it takes for another ally to unhook you.

Steve also has Second Wind, which activates after you have fully healed a survivor. The next time you are unhooked, you will be automatically healed after a minimum of 30 seconds. This can be good, but 30 seconds can be a very long time in Dead by Daylight.

If you frequently find yourself breaking your teammates out of trouble, play Steve Harrington to make it easier.

C Tier – Below Average

Two survivors belong to the lowest ‘C’ tier in our Dead by Daylight Mobile survivor tier list, Ace Visconti & Jeff Johansen.

Ace Visconti

Ace Visconti purely specializes in being lucky. This can make for some great games, but you won’t always get so lucky. Don’t count on his perks to help your survivability too much.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Ace Visconti

Ace is Open-handed, increasing you and your allies’ aura ranges by up to 8 meters. This allows you to see chests from much further. This can pair with Ace’s other perks to make him even luckier.

Up the Ante increases all survivors’ luck by up to 3%. This can help you escape from the hatch yourself, as well as escape bear traps. That 3% doesn’t always make a big difference though, so there may be other perks that would better suit this space.

The Ace in the Hole perk allows him a guaranteed very rare or lower item when opening chests. You also have up to 50% to get a second uncommon or lower item. Like all of Ace’s other perks, there’s a chance you get lucky and get a useful item. Don’t be sure that you’ll get a useful item, though.

If you like taking risks, then try playing Ace.

Jeff Johansen

Jeff Johansen can make the killer’s job a little more difficult. With perks that are directly activated from being hooked or unhooked, he can easily punish the killer. This can make the trials very irritating for the killer.

Perk Discussion
Dead by Daylight Mobile Jeff Johansen

Jeff’s Breakdown perk will break the hook you were saved off of, and the killer’s aura will be revealed to you for up to 6 seconds. This perk might be good sometimes, but chances are the killer won’t need to use that hook again, and there are many others around the map considering nobody used an offering. Being able to see the killer’s aura can be nice, though.

After interacting with another survivor (healing or unhooking them), Aftercare will activate and you will be able to see each other’s auras. This promotes teamwork and cooperation. Being independent and having this perk just isn’t recommended.

Distortion, arguably Jeff’s most useful perk, makes your aura and scratch marks vanish for up to 10 seconds when the killer sees your aura. This can give you an easy giveaway from the killer.

Play Jeff if you want to make the killer’s job a little harder.

That’s it from our Dead by Daylight Mobile survivor tier list for now. Hope you enjoy playing with the survivors in the game as now you know all the perks and when to play whom. Good luck!

Did you find our Dead by Daylight Mobile survivor tier list helpful? If you agree or disagree with our rankings, let us know in the comment section below! 

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