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Devil Hunter: Eternal War Beginner’s Guide and Tips

A lot of games are being introduced and updated in 2020, some of them are instantly liked by the players and are having high hits in the Apps Market. According to interests, there have been major changes and ideas initiated by the developers to reach out to what type of games players would like to play on mobile. One of the games that were recently released was Devil Hunter: Eternal War. Before starting to play this game, we have decided to share some important tips and walkthroughs for beginners, in our article Devil Hunter: Eternal War Beginner’s Guide and Tips. If you have not read our other game guides on our website, please make sure to give it a read.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA Overview

Devil Hunter: Eternal War is an action RPG (Role-Playing Game) developed by CQ Gaming. The game had a pre-release beta and was globally released on Play Store and App Store on 30th March 2020. The game had a pre-registration before its official release and had around 2 Million players registering for it. Currently, it stands at 100K+ downloads on Play Store.

Beginning with the game

While you enter the game, the server will be given to you, where there are options for you to select them according to your wish. They are in the format SEA-33, where SEA expands to South East Asia. It is because of the developers, who are from Asia and thus the name goes according to their location.

After selecting the server, you will be introduced to four heroes in the game. Each hero has his/her own powers and Talent Skills initially. Out of the four heroes, you will have to select one hero of your preferred type. You can change/customize your hero after you advance in the game. You can have four different character slots.

Talent Skills

These are exclusive to a particular hero of a particular type, wherein the beginning every hero will have two Talent Skills. Upon using a Talent Skill, it will activate for a limited duration and differs for every hero and skill.

Knowing your Heroes in Devil Hunter: Eternal War

There are four heroes you can opt from. They all are of different types and have different abilities and Talents Skills.

Martial Saint

Type:  Melee

The Martial Saint is good at attracting monsters and absorbing damage.

Talent Skills: Thick Armor (DEF – 10%) and Strong Body (HP – 10%)

Taoist Master

Type: AOE (Area Of Effect)

The Taoist Master owning frost spells is the AOE of the team. She deals damage to multiple enemies in a selected area.

Talent Skills: Frozen Spell (HIT Rate – 8%) and Spirit (ATK – 8%)

Arcane Luminary

Type: Burst

A very offensive hero deals with burst damage. He can deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.

Talent Skills: Spirit Gulp (Critical DMG – 25%) and Hellfire (ATK – 10%)

Winged Illusionist

Type: Agility

 An aerial hero who concentrates on continuous output. She has a great range and deals with efficient firepower.

Talent Skills: Soul Crusher (Penetration – 10%) and Mighty Strike (ATK – 10%)

Storyline Mode

Once you select your hero and proceed, you will get into the story mode of Devil Hunter: Eternal War. While you go through, you will face enemies, clear out them and proceed. You will even face a Roc-Eating Giant Gorilla in the beginning, so make sure you get away from it. The 3D graphics in the cut-scenes are quite engaging and are visually excellent.

Quests and Chapters in Devil Hunter: Eternal War

Once you are done with the initial cutscene in the game, you will get to explore the game options. In the Quest menu, you can click to see what is your next Quest in the game. In the same Quest menu, you can see the Main Chapter as well as the current mission that has to be completed. By clicking the Main Chapter section on your top right of the screen, you will get to explore three main chapters, where each gets unlocked after following a particular sequence. The three divided chapters are:

Primitiveness Chapter

Chapters in Devil Hunter: Eternal War
First four Primitiveness chapters out of thirteen

All Beings Chapter

Chapters in Devil Hunter: Eternal War
First four All Beings chapters out of nine

Mounts and Seas Chapter

Chapters in Devil Hunter: Eternal War
First four Mounts and Seas chapters out of five

Each of these has its own quests, which will boost your hero level once completed. By clicking on the current quest, you can auto path to the next quest destination. After the completion of each chapter, you will face a challenge. Winning the challenge will grant you a Battle Reward, exclusive to the particular chapter and is permanently available.

Battles and in-game items

Devil Hunter: Eternal War
In-game view


Control Keymap

Battling an opponent is during quests or teaming up online. You can access all the controls on the left of your screen. You have options of using a maximum of four Talent Skills and a type attack move. The enemies can be easily eliminated by having better equipment and Power Level. Power Level boost is done after equipping better items for your character. PL is indicated on the top left near your character bar and will increase whenever your character gets a good item upgrade.

Character Customization

Character in Devil Hunter: Eternal War

To customize your character, click on the character bar. You will find options that display your Character Info, Stat, Title and Costume. These are any time available for customization. and has enough features to make your character look attractive.


A hero will have two types of Partners in Devil Hunter: Eternal War, Mount, and Pet. A Mount is a spirit animal where the hero goes riding on. A Pet is a spirit character whom you can deploy in a match and will provide damage assist. Both Mount and Pets will have their Skills and Windsouls, which will boost their stats. You can call a Mount by a two-finger swipe upwards.


Cloak in Devil Hunter: Eternal War
Cloak won as a reward

The Treasure contains all the items that you obtain from completing quests and chapters. Using treasure items can make your hero obtain massive skills and unlock powerful passive skills. These treasures are of two types: Celestial Wings and Cloak. These will have boosts and skills too, make sure to upgrade them after obtaining.

Celestial Wings in Treasure


Shows the pathway of the game map. Includes Autoplay feature to help re-path.


Autoplay helps you to complete daily quests, in automation mode. Works in Battle mode and in pathing as well.


The Guild system in Devil Hunter: Eternal War is similar to that of a Crew/Clan system. Joining a Guild is beneficial for you to earn more rewards via the Guild Quests. Completing Guild Quests will increase the Guild Level. Submenus like Warehouse, Event, Guild War are present. Claim Daily Benefits from the Guild to get new items.

Tips and Tricks for Devil Hunter: Eternal War

  • Character customization is very essential, update his items to increase your character’s Power Level.
  • Upgrade your Treasure items and check whether they are having new skills unlocked.
  • Play time-limited events, which refresh daily. You will get a lot of XP and items.
  • Collect Primitive Treasure (from Chapters) to awake more powerful skills.
  • Use the Autoplay feature when you have to equip other items and collect treasures during battles.
  • Unlock the Morph at Level 180 by playing World Boss and Event. It is an advanced and powerful Celestial Wing form.
  • Play Guild Quests to increase Guild Level. It has benefits of increased Guild Skill, Guild, and Warehouse capacity.  
  • If the game has performance issues and also has heating issues on your device, lower graphics quality or hide the special effects in the settings.

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