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Diablo Immortal: The complete Crusader Class Guide and Tips

Tips to master the Crusader Class with ease!

Many of the Diablo Immortal fans have already noticed and are quite aware of the fact that the game offers you to choose from six classes in total. Whatever character you desire to be, you can choose from the six while you are about to start the game. For those of the few who want to have a character possessing good close-quarter melee combat in Diablo Immortal, Crusader is the right class for you to choose from the lot.

The Crusader is regarded as one of the best classes when it comes to closed combat with relevant skills and armors. It not only possesses the ability to register a sufficient amount of damage but also excels in handling defenses from its enemies, which unfortunately the Barbarian class lacks. All over, The Crusader class provides the best-balanced power between offensive and defensive. 

Introducing the Crusader Class in Diablo Immortal


Like the Barbarians, the Crusaders are also the mighty ones who can deal a good amount of damage to their enemies adding to extensive defensive qualities. They are magnificent when it comes to crowd control abilities and for their AoE damage.

Adding to these, they help exceptionally in adding extra buffs while you are playing in a group. They are also one of the fastest-moving classes with great crowd control abilities. With the right set of legendary gems and equipment, you can make your Crusader from a Warrior to a Demon Demolisher. 

Diablo Immortal Crusader Class
Image via Blizzard Entertainment


Although Crusaders are regarded as the most powerful among the many classes, they still have some weaknesses. One of the main weaknesses that the class possesses is long skill cooldowns after dealing a certain amount of damage to the enemy by using a particular skill set. It also registers low damage against the bosses and fails to rely on its skills due to weak primary attacks.

Understanding the PvE Skills of the Crusader Class

Diablo Immortal offers a variety of skills to the Crusader class, out of which, we recommend you to choose these six skills if you play as a Crusader.

1. Punch

This is one of the most standard and primary skills of the class offering a 30% block buff for two seconds to its enemies. The skill unlocks at level 1 and falls under the two primary skills of a Crusader.

2. Spinning Shield

Toss your spinning shield back and forth to your enemy inflicting a considerable amount of damage. You can deal up to 3 charges at a time and in addition, you can pull back your enemy closer registering extra damage. Players can only be affected by this spinning shield once in 3 seconds. This skill also unlocks at level 1

3. Falling Sword

Falling Sword is the ability to drop a sword from above to the desired location inflicting damage to its enemies. The skill unlocks at level 8 dealing a massive amount of damage to its enemies for more than six seconds in a small area of effect. The skill takes 10 seconds to cool down after dealing damage.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Class
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

4. Draw and Quarter

With this skill you will see your Crusader hop onto a warhorse eliminating any movement impairing effects and increasing your movement speed by 65%, replacing your primary attack with a strike. The skill will also help you to bind up 8 nearby enemies using the holy chain at once and drag them as your ride inflicting considerable damage.

5. Sacred Fire

The Sacred fire is famous for dealing with higher damage hits and turning your normal attack into an area of effect attack sweeping the area in front of you. The skill falls under the primary skillset and unlocks at level 34

6. Consecration

Consecration is also an area of effect attack that creates a widespread zone dealing damage to its enemies for more than six seconds. The skill unlocks at level 20.

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