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Diablo Immortal: The complete Demon Hunter Class Guide and Tips

Tips to master the Demon Hunter Class with ease!

Diablo Immortal players already know that the game offers the players to choose from six different classes and play along with their favorite class. In this guide, we are gonna talk about the Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter class which is most famous for its vengeance and long-ranged fighting dealing a good amount of damage in a short time. If someone excels in shooting and has a sharp aim then he can approach this class without any doubt.

Introducing the Demon Hunter Class in Diablo Immortal


Being a long-ranged fighter class, Demon Hunters are the best in shooting down enemies from a considerable long-range dealing a whole lot of damage to their enemies in a short period. Make sure you move constantly around the area to ensure that you keep hitting targets as much as you can without taking damage. With the best set of gears and legendary items, you can make your demon hunter more powerful and get to see massive development in all as a character.

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With the best skillsets available for the class you can see great outcomes dealing with the highest explosive single damage skill. The Demon Hunter also can set traps by planting sentries all over to keep the monsters at bay and dealing damage from a distance. You can also set knife traps that become invisible once set and explodes when it’s touched by an enemy.


There is something good and something bad in every class you choose and the same goes for the Demon Hunters. Playing as Demon Hunters is pretty tough. You need to keep focus and constantly change your positioning and movements as a little bit of positioning error can let you feel devastated as you end up missing a target. Also, the demon hunters are very weak in terms of their health and may end up taking more damage if you can’t concentrate on your movements.

Understanding the PvE skills of the Demon Hunter Class

There are numerous skills that you can choose from The Demon Hunter class, but we recommend you to choose these 6 best skills if you are playing as a Demon Hunter in Diablo Immortal.

1. Crossbow Shot

Shooting Multiple arrows in a specific direction toward your enemies. The skill allows you to deal damage at a slightly slower speed giving you the room to dodge your character from approaching attacks. The skill unlocks at Level 1.

2. Knife Trap

Set trap charges all along the area to register a considerable amount of damage to your enemies. The trap becomes invisible once set and explodes when it’s touched by the enemies. The skill unlocks at Level 20.

3. Sentry

By using Sentry you can place turrets that will help you to attack all the nearby enemies. As the turrets constantly keep damaging your enemies, the enemies will go after them and you will also get the time and space for healing or shooting more arrows from a distance. The skill unlocks at level 28.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

4. Rain of Vengeance

This skill allows you to launch a volley of arrows into the air so that it can go over a distance to finally fall on your targeted enemies for over 4 seconds. The skill unlocks at Level 3 and is famous for its broad area effect. 

5. Daring Swing

The skill allows you to swing to a nearby location using a rope dealing a good amount of damage to your enemies as you pass by and making you invulnerable. The skill unlocks at level 15.

6. Escape

The skill allows you to throw a blade at your targeted enemies which reduces their movement by 60% for 4 seconds and helps you to escape before you fall into the enemy’s hands. The skill unlocks at level 44.

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