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Diablo Immortal: The complete Wizard Class Guide and Tips

Tips to master the Wizard Class with ease!

Diablo Immortal comes with a variety of classes to choose from right before you start playing the game. If you are one of those who likes to create magic and cast spells decimating a large number of enemies in a fraction of a second without even getting closer to the enemy, then Wizard class is the right class for you to choose among the lot.

Wizards are the one who prefers long-ranged attacks and unlike the Demon Hunters, they prefer to get a little close to the enemy to cast their elemental magic spells to cause damage to the enemies. In this guide, we will understand the strengths and weaknesses of a Wizard and also learn about their best skills.

Introducing the Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal


Wizard focuses on high damage ranged attacks by casting magic spells and is famous for its AoE damage. The class possesses great crowd control abilities and also uses different levels of skill synergies to deal a fairly high amount of damage to a good number of enemies from a distance.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Like the Demon Hunter class, the Wizard also focuses on dealing damage to its enemies from a specific distance. The class also possesses great mobility skills and movement speed and provides great support to other players while in a group.


Wizards possess the lowest starting health among any character class in Diablo Immortal. Unlike the other classes, it genuinely lacks closed ranged fights. Its gameplay generally revolves around long skill cooldowns, relies heavily on special ranged attacks and skill combos, and requires good positioning. So you need to be focused and cautious while you are playing as a Wizard in Diablo Immortal.

Understanding the PvE skills of the Wizard Class

Diablo Immortal offers a variety of skills to the Wizard class, out of which, we recommend you to choose these seven skills to play as a Wizard.

1. Magic Missile

This skill allows you to launch a missile of magic energy dealing damage to your enemies. The skill unlocks at Level 1

2. Scorch

This skill allows you to launch a flaming sphere that deals damage to the enemies for more than 6 seconds. This skill also unlocks at Level 1.

3. Arcane Wind

This skill allows you to blow a flurry of wind in a specific direction towards the enemies dealing damage and 50% increased damage on burning enemies. This skill also unlocks at Level 1.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

4. Lighting Nova

Toss ten balls of lightning hit up to 6 targets, dealing a fair amount of damage, and returning back to the new location. The skill unlocks at level 3.

5. Teleport

This skill allows you to teleport to the desired location. Maximum 3 charges at a time. The skill unlocks at Level 15.

6. Black Hole

This skill allows you to fabricate a black hole that pulls in all the nearby enemies dealing damage for over 3 seconds. The skill unlocks at level 41.

7. Slow Time

This skill allows you to slow down all the enemies’ attacks and movements for 6.5 seconds and also slow the movements of enemy projectiles by 80%. The skill unlocks at level 50.

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