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Dislyte Beginners Guide and Tips

Fight alongside heroes with godlike powers in this visually stunning world!

Dislyte is an RPG genre game developed by Lilith Games. This game has visuals and animations that really spoil your eyes, and has a very pleasant back sound to hear, especially when you use a headset or the like that can make you feel the sensation. This game is a little different from other RPG games, which are usually set in a forest or kingdom, but this game brings a new impression, namely in a technologically advanced city. In this Dislyte beginners guide, we will give you a brief guide and also the tips and tricks for you to play this game.

This game has the main storyline, to find a friend named Sieg from the main character named Brynn because he was kidnapped by an organization while returning from a music concert. To save his best friend, he must join a Union of espers, even fighting monsters and espers who are deviant or evil.

Introducing the Basics of Dislyte


Image via Lilith Games

This Story feature will take you to the main mission of this game, which is to save Sieg. This story has 12 chapters available, so you are required to complete each chapter. Usually, each chapter will be divided into 8 stages, so you have to complete all of them to reach the boss. As the name implies, this story feature will contain the story of Brynn’s journey with the Union Esper to find Sieg, so it’s quite interesting to finish, because the goal is clear, and we can enjoy it from the storyline.


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When you do a mission or quest, then you need an esper that is a character who will fight enemies. You will bring 5 espers to fight, from the squad there will be a captain who leads, and if the captain has captain ability, then the squad he brings will get statistics according to the captains. Each Esper has different skills and uniqueness, such as elemental or role, and has its own grade whether the esper is 3★, 4★, or 5★.

Dislyte Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Dislyte Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Understanding the Elemental classes

If you’re playing this game, it’s quite important to observe the elementals of each of your espers and enemies. There are 4 elements in this game that you must know, there are shimmer, wind, flow, and inferno.

Elemental classes
Image via Lilith Games

Like other RPG games, Dislyte has a triangular cycle, where Inferno beats Wind, Wind beats Flow, and Flow beats Inferno. For Shimmer elements, it has neither strength nor weakness against other elements, because this Shimmer is neutral to all elements. Therefore you have to pay attention to the elements of the enemy, if there are weaknesses in your squad, it is recommended to replace them, so that each of your attacks has high damage.

If you fight an enemy who has a weakness from your esper, then you can receive a critical chance of 15%, if that fails, you can have a 50% chance of triggering an elemental boon (+ 30% damage). But if your esper is a weakness from the enemy, then your esper will have a +50% chance to miss (-25% damage).

2. Master the skills of each Esper

To be able to win missions like chapters easily, then you have to learn the skills of each esper, because this game is very complex, and there are quite a lot of different skills and have their own uniqueness.

skills of each Esper
Image via Lilith Games

We take the example of the skill from esper mona, this Moonshot skill can do 130% damage, if you eliminate the enemy with this skill, then you will get an additional turn to attack. From here we can conclude, that if your enemy is dying from his HP bar (Health Point), it is highly recommended to use this skill so that if the enemy dies, you will get an additional turn which is very efficient in saving other second skills, so don’t waste skills in vain.

However, if the battle has just started, it means that the enemy is still in large numbers, therefore it is very suitable to use the Hunter’s Mark or Lunar Hail skill because these skills have attacks that can attack a large number of enemies at once. That way you mean to use skills efficiently.

3. Setting up the Relic

This relic is an attribute that can increase your stats to the maximum. This relic has 6 parts that you can fill, which are divided into 2 parts, there are relics set and 2 sets. There are 2 types of managing this relic, the first one we call a hybrid, that is, if your esper has strength in DEF, but has weakness in ATK stats, then you can pair it with a relic that has ATK stats, that way your esper has good stats. the balance between DEF and ATK.

Image via Lilith Games

The second is to increase the main strength of the esper, for example, if your esper’s stats are stronger at ATK, then you can pair it with a relic that has ATK stats as well, so you have an esper with a very strong ATK type.

This relic also has a different number of attributes, if you have a relic with a flawless grade, then there are 4 secondary attributes, if superior there are 3 secondary attributes, if elite there are 2 secondary attributes, and if fine there is 1 secondary attribute. If you increase it by a multiple of 3 like +3/+6/+9 and so on, it will get or increase the secondary attribute randomly.

4. Levelling up the Espers

To efficiently level up your espers, you can do this by completing the main story, because every time you complete a chapter, you will definitely get useful exp to level up your esper, because each increase, it adds to the statistics of each esper, because the enemy is getting harder to beat, therefore you need an esper with a high level to complete the high chapters.

Esper level up
Image via Lilith Games

In addition, if you have several advanced experiments type spirits, then you can advance to increase espers, because this method is quite effective because it can increase your espers quickly, especially when you have advanced experiments that have stars above 3.

Final Thoughts

This game is perfect for those of you who really want an RPG game with different visuals and sensations. In addition, this game can be played with only one hand because this game is played in portrait, so you can play it anywhere and anytime. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Dislyte Beginners Guide for tips.


That’s it from this Dislyte beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Dislyte beginners guide useful. 

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