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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: 5 Best Teams you can have

Best combinations to get a headstart!

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is having very easy to pick gameplay mechanics with not much complexity to access all gameplay features. With over 100 exciting Disney and Pixar’s characters, the game offers a unique experience with battles, character abilities, and spells. Though the game has easy to pick gameplay, there are times a player with higher overall power gets defeated by a team with lower power. This happens due to the perfect team synergy the other team has.

Just having strong characters isn’t going to help in every battle in the game and this is one of the major factors that makes Disney Sorcerer’s Arena an exciting game to hang on to. To make things easier for players, here is the list of top 5 best teams in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. However, if you are starting new, we would suggest you go through our beginners’ guide first.

5. Lion King Team

Disney Arena best team
Rafiki, Simba, Scar

The Lion King team has been very popular, especially in the club conquest, where opponents getting annoyed with the skills of Simba. The team can be paired with some of the wild characters like Merida and Sher Khan.

If you don’t have the complete frozen team, then pair some of the characters like Anna, Kristoff with this Lion King team. As Scar skills can create Hyenas that assist him, the gameplay can direct into lot assist and ignoring the attacks. This will get the opponent annoyed like hell.

The team can also have Mordu with them to charge up the defense but the uniqueness still would be the synergy between Scar and Rafiki. Many players use Simba as a tank due to his self-healing abilities and taunt skills. But with his leadership skill, he is a very good character to have.

With this team, take Bucket of Soldiers spell and then watch how fun it is to play. The opponent wouldn’t notice what hit him.

4. The Incredibles Team

Disney sorcerer's arena best teams
ElastiGirl, Mr. Incredible, Jack Jack, Dash, Violet

The most popular and crazy family in Disney, unsurprisingly, is one of the best teams of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. They have a lot of synergies together, maybe they all being part of a family. Mr. Incredible will auto tank if any of the characters go below certain health levels making him one of the best tanks when he is with his family.

Dash is undoubtedly a strong character in the game with annoying offensive skills. He would be the gem of the team Incredibles.

Violet provides the extra defense with shields, stealth, and invulnerable skills of her. But she can be replaced with any strong offensive characters like Zurg. Frozone is also a good choice in place of Violet but he is a bit slow on the offensive side. In place of Violet, an offensive player of the top tier can be used.

3. Trio of Onward Team

Ian, The Manticore, Barley

This team, unfortunately, didn’t receive the limelight of the players may be due to the less popularity of the characters and the movie but this team has the potential to beat a strong team, especially in the club conquest where players need a lot of attacks.

The factor making Onward character a strong team is that they can be paired with a lot of characters with synergy, for example, paired them with Downtown Characters or with Mythical characters.

If Mythical synergy is to be obtained, then pair the trio with Merlin and another strong S class character like Dash or Zurg and the result is an overpowered mythical team. Would highly recommend trying the team synergy with different spells before ignoring this team due to the unpopularity of the movie.

Ian has crazy damage dealing skills with Barley supporting him. Manticore helps with speed meter apart from tanking and damaging skills.

2. Kingdom Realm Team

Disney arena
Shan Yu, Aladdin, Genie, Jasmine, Jafar

The Kingdom team or most popularly known as the Aladdin team is one of the best teams in the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. This team can beat any of the good, even the best team in Sorcerer’s Arena. With Genie, Aladdin and Jasmine as the core characters, add Shan Yu and Jafar for good results.

When using Jafar, it brings in the extra Aladdin synergy to the team, but the player can replace Jafar with Mulan, Sorcerer Mickey, etc. Anna can also be replaced with Jafar as she is one of the best support characters in the game.

The Aladdin characters are the most fun to play team and recently got little buffed, increasing the excitement among the players. Genie is the most crucial character of this team, bringing in the power to the whole team while Aladdin and Jasmine bring the perfect synergy with each other. Shan Yu would be providing massive damage to the opponent team.

Also considering the fact that there are a lot of characters that are available in the Kingdoms faction of Disney that hasn’t been introduced in DSA, but when introduced would bring more synergy and power to the kingdom team in the future.

1. Frozen Team

Disney arena best team
Sven, Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, Olaf

Frozen Team is the absolute best team in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena right now. DSA has introduced the Frozen team recently and what great synergy they have. It is no doubt that the frozen team is the new overpowered team in the game. Elsa is super strong and is one of the best characters in the game now. She can just wipe out the entire opponent with just one hit. With support from Anna and the too good Kristoff, Frozen team has been annoying all other powerful teams in the game.

Olaf can be substituted by any of the offensive characters such as Hades or Zurg but when substituted with Dash, the team is just unbeatable. But have all other characters and trying substituting Olaf only. Kristoff would be the heart of the team by annoying the opponent with assist skills, whereas Elsa would be doing the heavy damage.

There is hardly any team that can counter the current frozen team and this has been a trending topic in the DSA community, “how to defeat the frozen team”.

Bonus Tip

Farm for the Kingdom team as it can be easily be formed and powered up with time. The Kingdom team does have the potential to beat the frozen team if played well. The frozen team being the newest and the strongest would take time to get unless bought by in-game purchases. The rest of the team is strong enough to be used and tried in club conquest, dungeon, PvP, or event special battles.

What are your opinions about the best teams at Disney Sorcerer’s Arena? Do let us know in the comments below!

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