Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide and Tips

Learn how to Survive and Thrive

Doomsday: Last Survivors is a strategy title brought to you by IGG.COM. This game throws you into a wasteland crawling with zombies and all sorts of dangers. If you’re stepping into the world of Doomsday: Last Survivors for the first time, our Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide is here to help you navigate this apocalyptic landscape with assurance.

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Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Develop your Shelter

Establishing your Shelter is your first crucial task in Doomsday: Last Survivors. When I first began my journey, I realized quickly that the survival of my Shelter depended on smart construction choices. Starting with military and economy buildings for training troops, resource facilities to sustain my community, and defenses to ward off threats.

Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide, Doomsday: Last Survivors
Image via IGG.COM

Gathering resources like food, wood, and gems is crucial for building and upgrading your shelter. This is your haven from the zombie onslaught. Always prioritize developing your shelter because it’s your only refuge from the zombies. Upgrading your constructions boosts their effectiveness, making your shelter even safer. Plus, as you construct more buildings, you’ll need more space. Leveling up the Headquarters lets you expand your shelter’s land area, ensuring you have room for everything you need to survive.

Complete Chapter Missions

In Doomsday: Last Survivors, chapter missions are your key to progress. As a beginner, completing these tasks is vital as they unlock new chapters and features. You’ll find these missions conveniently listed on the left side of your screen. By finishing them, you’ll earn valuable resources like food, wood, and gems, essential for everything in the game.

Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide, Doomsday: Last Survivors
Image via IGG.COM

Don’t overlook these missions, or you’ll find yourself stuck and unable to advance to the next chapter. Remember, completing missions opens up more options and lets you move forward in the game. Keep in mind that these missions cover all aspects of the game, not just camp expansion and development.

Recruit Heroes

Recruiting heroes in Doomsday: Last Survivors is crucial for your journey’s success. Visit the Police Station, your hero recruitment hub, where you’ll encounter two options: Advanced Search and Normal Search. I’ve found that heroes come in varying grades of rarity, with higher grades being stronger but harder to recruit and upgrade.

Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide, Doomsday: Last Survivors
Image via IGG.COM

In Advanced Search, you can obtain elite and legendary heroes using special recruitment tickets, with occasional free opportunities. On the other hand, Normal Search rewards you with various items like speed-ups, EXP bundles, and hero badges, with five free chances provided by the game.

Upgrade Heroes

In Doomsday: Last Survivors, upgrading heroes is essential for strengthening your team and overcoming challenges. After recruiting heroes from the Police Station, focused on making them stronger. Heroes start at a base level and can be upgraded to higher star grades using Hero Badges. Each star grade unlocks new abilities and increases the hero’s stats.

Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide, Doomsday: Last Survivors
Image via IGG.COM

As they level up, heroes earn Talent Points that you can spend on different abilities in their Talent Tree, tailoring them to your team’s strategy. I recommend using Battle Manuals for instant experience boosts. And keep an eye out for Hero Relics, which can unlock new skills or upgrade existing ones.

Join Alliance

In Doomsday: Last Survivors, alliances are crucial for survival in the post-apocalyptic world. When you start, you’re shielded briefly, but soon that protection fades. Without an alliance, every neighbor could be a threat. So, finding a good one is key. Look for active groups led by engaged leaders.

Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide, Doomsday: Last Survivors
Image via IGG.COM

Being part of an alliance means helping with building and research, reinforcements during attacks, and access to special alliance features. Taking part in alliance activities, like rallies and campaigns, strengthens bonds and boosts survival odds. I also found that moving your base closer to allies adds safety and makes collaboration easier.

Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Always keep your Shelter busy

Make sure your shelter is always bustling with activity by constantly upgrading, training troops, and researching new technologies. Don’t let any downtime go to waste, keeping your shelter active boosts your efficiency and keeps you competitive.

2. Use Speedups wisely

Don’t hesitate to use speedups early on to accelerate building upgrades and research, helping you progress faster and unlock mid-tier benefits sooner. This way, you’ll breeze through the early stages and unlock mid-tier benefits faster.

3. Complete both main and side missions

Don’t forget to tackle both main and side missions. These missions are treasure troves of valuable resources that you won’t want to miss out on. By completing them regularly, you’ll ensure a steady supply of resources to fuel your progress.

4. Participate in Events

Don’t miss out on events, they’re your chance to score special rewards. These events come with time-limited tasks and missions that offer unique prizes for your shelter. Keep an eye out for new events to tackle fresh challenges and snag those exclusive rewards.

5. Join an Alliance

Align yourself with a top alliance to get protection and support from seasoned players. Flying solo leaves you vulnerable to attacks, but being part of a strong alliance offers vital defense and strategic perks. Plus, it’s a great way to learn from experienced players and grow stronger together.

Final Thoughts

In Doomsday: Last Survivors, your survival hinges on smart choices. By upgrading your shelter, recruiting heroes, and joining forces with allies, you’ll navigate the apocalypse with confidence. Every action shapes your path to dominance in this post-apocalyptic world. So, gather your allies, fortify your defenses, and strive to be the last survivor standing.

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