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Dragonheir: Silent Gods Hero Tier List for May 2024

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Dragonheir: Silent Gods, a game by SGRA Studio and published by Nuverse, offers an expansive open-world RPG experience in a mysterious multiverse. In this captivating game, your adventure involves uncovering secrets, completing challenging quests, and facing a powerful dragon that dominates different dimensions. Our Dragonheir: Silent Gods Hero Tier List offers insights into strong hero choices for each type and specialization in the game.

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Dragonheir: Silent Gods Hero Tier List for May 2024: Best Heroes Ranked

To make things simpler, we’ve sorted the characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This classification helps players easily grasp each hero’s potential and build a strong team for their adventure.

Strong (S)Garrika, Errich, Flora, Khrysos, Felicity, Huldork, Rhash, Journ, CasparIvellios, Grishnaar, Garett, Nastjenka, Tamar, Tharivol, Sutha, Bionphray, ZeffiVoresh, Aladiah, Theodemer, Eurion, Hvitar, Vinyara, Lossenia, Lucien, Auster, Felosia, Trolgar, Hochadir, ElecebreLothair, Jathalea, Vicana, Durango, Ergander, Talwer, Oggok, Reytah, TwitchGillian, Philto, Lorentheel, Huberg, Acilia, Alton, Thelendor, Mithrasea, Donella, SagomirScharlach, Gaiolere, Utior, Torrin, Ripekas, Lelwanis, Irzillas, Berengar, Premtsa, Ghul’ende
Good (A)Horrus, Brody, Dane, Alfie, Follie, Fihrah, Tonalnan, Caraman, Isolde, Adolphus, LIkoShagrol, Schaltar, Lydia, Iola, Thurnus, Naguk, Ihuicatl, Nimbus, Volthug, Nathaniel, ShookDorkuraz, Vidimir, Soveliss, Lethander, Gardrus, Rowena, Dallbam, Rava, Pargu, Olgan, ElvisHorace, Eches, Corrin, Frurbath, Sifris, Shink, Gareth, Garian, Vicuc, TheodoreHegio, Martina, Garius, Kamari, Clovis, Nessa, Tathlyn, Alvis, Gitouna, Catherine, Duling, GruumZadok, Questa, Thia, Isitarian, Joyce, Zhar’loth, Irma, Estella, Gladros, Deverick
Average (B)Nedda, Livia, Thea, Bronwyn, Dubok, Zadie, Gloin, YamyraVani, Enna, Irina, Immeral, Grover, Dora, Fizzle, Gerana, Yagnatz, Haug, Altair, Sallyanne, Dillon, Sailla, TauricenForbrit, Usha, Wilt, Rephe, Gusni, Gulal, Loris, Zethos, Vojeh, Hector, UrzogLorarii, Dench, Eli, Jijel, Sigrid, Heksandra, Noteera, Altin, Letalis,Vethak, Vekuzz, DollaadWellby, Awstin, Mulier, Arlow, Broll, Evania, Caledo, Quarion, Keyleth, Berrik, Dain, Cato, MeridethKorth, Meggan, Tioh, Adrie, Scarell, Eleuia, Fitz, Vasska, Uloar, Edgar, Olaf

After dedicating time to playing and researching the game, we’ve created a tier list that categorizes characters by their rarity and in-game characteristics. This list is designed to assist new players in choosing the best heroes for their team as they begin their journey.

Best Meta Heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods for May 2024

Best Support Type – Donella (Radiance)

Donella (Radiance) is a top support hero in DragonHeir: Silent Gods, offering a mix of support and crowd-control abilities. Her aura boosts allies’ Accuracy, ensuring they hit more accurately. Her passive skill has a good chance of preventing enemy healing while dealing damage.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Donella
Image via Nuverse

Her battle skill can stun enemies for 3 seconds, adding control to the fight. Donella’s ultimate skill deals damage and weakens enemies by reducing their Accuracy and Attack for 10 seconds. Overall, she’s a versatile support hero that improves your team’s performance.

Best Defense Type – Lucien (Ice)

Lucien (Ice) is the standout choice for the best Defense Type hero in DragonHeir: Silent Gods. His supremacy in this role is attributed to a well-rounded skill set that offers both protection and disruption to the enemy team. His aura boosts allies’ HP in the Grand Gladiator Arena, enhancing team survivability.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Lucien
Image via Nuverse

Lucien’s passive skill grants Control Immunity through shields, safeguarding allies from crowd control effects and Ultimate Energy reduction. Furthermore, his battle skill inflicts Frozen, incapacitating foes, while his ultimate skill imposes a Recharging Speed Penalty, hindering enemy skill usage. With this versatile toolkit, Lucien excels at fortifying your team’s defenses and thwarting adversaries, making him an invaluable asset in various game modes.

Best Rally Type – Thelendor (Radiance)

Thelendor (Radiance) is the top Rally Type hero in DragonHeir: Silent Gods for several compelling reasons. His aura significantly boosts allies’ Attack in dungeon battles, enhancing their damage output. Thelendor’s passive skill lets him bypass a portion of the enemy’s Defense when using a spell that consumes Rally, making him a formidable damage dealer against tough foes.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Thelendor
Image via Nuverse

Furthermore, his battle skill can grant Rally, bolstering his team’s capabilities. His ultimate skill, the moonlight rain, deals devastating Radiant Damage and, when he has Rally active, reduces the skill’s cooldown, enabling frequent and powerful strikes.

In essence, Thelendor excels as the premier Rally Type hero, providing Attack boosts, defense penetration, Rally support, and potent area-of-effect damage to elevate any dungeon-running team.

Best Frost Type – Lossenia (Ice)

Lossenia (Ice) stands out as the premier Frost Type hero in DragonHeir: Silent Gods, thanks to her exceptional crowd control capabilities and damage-dealing potential. With her basic attacks and passive skill having a high chance to inflict Frost, she can effectively slow and weaken enemies.

Her unique ability to mark an ally, allowing them to deal with Cold Damage and apply Frost to nearby foes, bolsters team crowd control and damage output.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Lossenia
Image via Nuverse

Furthermore, her devastating ultimate, summoning an ice dragon vortex, disrupts enemy formations and freezes multiple adversaries, greatly benefiting the team. Lossenia’s Attack-boosting aura enhances the entire team’s damage potential, making her an invaluable asset across various game modes, solidifying her status as the top choice for Frost Type heroes

Best Summon Type – Premtsa (Necrosis)

Premtsa (Necrosis) is revered as the top-tier Summon Type hero in DragonHeir: Silent Gods, and for excellent reasons. Her remarkable abilities significantly boost the Attack of all allies in dungeon battles, granting a substantial advantage. Her passive skill adds a strategic element to battles by inflicting Derivative Necrotic Damage when friendly undead summoners fall, disrupting the enemy’s ranks.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Premtsa
Image via Nuverse

Premtsa’s battle skill unleashes spirits that not only attack foes but also generate additional spirits, providing consistent damage and crowd control. Her ultimate skill, a torrent of souls, deals devastating Necrotic Damage to all enemies and empowers undead-summoned units to trigger Tireless Devotion for AoE Damage without perishing. In essence, Premtsa’s multifaceted toolkit makes her an indispensable asset for any team striving for success in DragonHeir: Silent Gods, particularly in dungeon battles.

Best Wild Type – Caspar (Fire)

Caspar (Fire) is the preeminent Wild Type hero in DragonHeir: Silent Gods, known for his exceptional synergy with allies who excel in Wild checks. His aura boosts allies’ Attack in battles, providing a substantial offensive advantage.

Caspar’s unique “Absurd Charade” passive skill grants him stacks upon successful ally Wild checks, enhancing his abilities for an extended duration. His “Wild Shoot” Battle Skill unleashes a flurry of flying daggers dealing Fire Damage, with increased effectiveness tied to his Absurd Charade stacks, bypassing the target’s Defense.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Caspar
Image via Nuverse

Furthermore, his Ultimate Skill continues to shoot Flying Daggers upon ally Wild checks, making him a lethal force when paired with the right team. Caspar’s ability to maximize Wild checks and deliver potent Fire Damage solidifies his position as the premier Wild Type hero, a valuable addition to any DragonHeir roster.

Best Dauntless Type – Sutha (Lightning)

Sutha (Lightning) in DragonHeir: Silent Gods stands out as the ultimate Dauntless Type hero, offering a combination of strengths that make him the top pick for this role. His aura enhances allies’ Attack Speed by a significant margin in dungeon battles, greatly improving the team’s combat efficiency.

Sutha’s Passive Skill is a game-changer, creating a phantom that follows up with an attack when he lands a critical hit, effectively doubling his damage output. His Battle Skill delivers a double-hit slash with an increased critical hit chance, further amplifying his damage potential.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Sutha
Image via Nuverse

His Ultimate Skill consists of a five-hit Lightning Damage combo that not only deals substantial damage but also prevents enemies from being resurrected upon defeat, providing a strategic advantage in battles. With exceptional damage, critical hit synergy, and resurrection denial, Sutha undeniably earns the top spot as the Dauntless Type hero, a crucial asset for any DragonHeir team.

Best Poison Type – Lothair (Poison)

Lothair (Poison) stands out as the premier Poison Type hero in DragonHeir: Silent Gods, thanks to his unique skill set tailored for inflicting and capitalizing on poison effects. His aura significantly enhances allies’ Enlightenment in all battles, providing a substantial team advantage.

Lothair’s Passive Skill reinforces his poison theme by dealing additional Derivative Poison Damage to poisoned targets.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Lothair
Image via Nuverse

His Battle Skill specifically targets low HP enemies, delivering Poison Damage and applying a long-lasting Poisoned status, efficiently spreading the poison’s deadly effects. His Ultimate Skill further amplifies his poison capabilities, unleashing Poison Damage on a range of enemies and following up with Tornado Slashes that continue to spread the deadly poison. With these poison-centric abilities, Lothair undeniably claims the top spot among Poison Type heroes in DragonHeir.

Final Thoughts

The tier list is a helpful guide for identifying the top-performing heroes in DragonHeir: Silent Gods. These heroes come with unique abilities crucial for success in various game modes. However, keep in mind that the game’s meta can change, so it’s important to stay updated and be flexible in your hero choices. While the tier list is a useful resource, adaptability and strategic thinking are essential for mastering the game’s challenges.

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