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Dragonheir: Silent Gods: Tips to level up faster in the game

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, a game by SGRA Studio and published by Nuverse, offers an expansive open-world RPG experience in a mysterious multiverse. In this captivating game, your adventure involves uncovering secrets, completing challenging quests, and facing a powerful dragon that dominates different dimensions. To excel in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, focus on the main quest while also exploring the fascinating world. This Dragonheir: Silent Gods: Tips to Level up Faster guide will show you how to make the most of your journey and strengthen your hero’s abilities in this fantastical realm.

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How to level up faster in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

1. Focus on Daily Commissions

Focus on daily commissions to earn a significant amount of Adventure Rank experience points every day. Daily commissions are the key to rapid progression in Dragonheir: Silent Gods. By completing these daily tasks, you not only earn a substantial amount of Adventure Rank (AR) experience points but also open doors to a world of benefits. Your Adventure Rank acts as your overall level, determining your access to various game features and content.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Daily Commissions
Image via Nuverse

Daily commissions offer a consistent way to increase your AR, ensuring that you’re always prepared for new adventures. These tasks are designed to be quick and manageable, making them a convenient choice for players to rank up quickly. Moreover, as your AR rises, you gain access to new story quests, challenging dungeons, and high-level areas.

2. Utilize Elemental Advantages

Pair your heroes with the right elemental affinities to gain an edge in battles. In Dragonheir: Silent Gods, heroes have different elements like Fire or Ice, and these elements matter in fights. Some places boost specific elements, so using heroes with matching elements can make your team stronger.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Elemental Advantage
Image via Nuverse

Think about which heroes to bring based on the battle location and the enemies you’ll face. It’s all about using elements smartly to increase your team’s chances of winning tough battles.

3. Optimize the Stamina Usage

Utilize your stamina wisely in Adenthia’s dungeons to tackle challenges and earn valuable rewards such as EXP Potions, Elemental Crystals, and equipment. Ensure you don’t let excess stamina go to waste.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Stamina
Image via Nuverse

For a competitive edge, consider investing in Stamina Bread to boost your stamina and outpace other players in Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

4. Prioritize Ranking up your Heroes

Prioritize ranking up your heroes to three stars. This not only unlocks artifact equipment slots but also significantly boosts their overall power.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Ranking Up Heroes
Image via Nuverse

Once your heroes reach three stars, you can equip artifacts to further enhance their abilities and tailor their strengths to your preferred playstyle. It’s a crucial step toward making your heroes formidable in Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

5. Farm on Frost Domain

Concentrate on farming stage two of the Ice Cave for Ice and Poison resources. Doing so will enable you to efficiently enhance your heroes’ abilities and strengthen them. This stage is manageable even with lower-ranked heroes, and it provides an ideal spot for steady progression.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Frost Domain
Image via Nuverse

If your hero is at rank 2 and under level 50 with all eight-plus gear, you can easily farm the Ice Cave repeatedly to make substantial progress.

6. Take Advantage of Free Resources

Don’t overlook the free resources at your disposal. Artifacts, which can significantly enhance your heroes’ power, can be obtained through in-game activities and quests. Duplicate heroes might seem redundant, but merging or using them for upgrades can provide a substantial boost to your team’s capabilities. Keep a keen eye out for these free resources and incorporate them strategically to accelerate your hero progression and gain an advantage in the game.

Final Thoughts

If you want to level up quickly in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, consistency is your best ally. Make it a habit to complete daily quests, commissions, and adventure mode tasks regularly. These activities provide valuable experience points that accumulate over time, boosting your Adventure Rank steadily. By staying committed to daily tasks, you’ll ensure a consistent flow of experience gains, ultimately propelling your hero’s growth and advancing through the game’s content faster.

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