Dream League Soccer 2020 Beginners Guide and Tips

Dream League Soccer 2020 or DLS 20 is one of the standout mobile football games. It is the latest installment from First Touch Games, the company that produced titles like Score Hero in the past. Having the FIFPro License DLS, therefore, boasts over 3500 real licensed players from the footballing globe. Here in this Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide, we will provide you with all the tips to kickstart your DLS journey in the best possible way.

Dream League Soccer 2020: Overview

DLS 20 requires only 500 MB space on your phone, therefore it works smoothly on both flagship and lower-end devices.  In Dream League Soccer 2020 you play the role of your team manager by building your Dream Team, with your favorite players. You can build and upgrade your own team stadium, unlock formations, build medical and training facilities around it.

For legacy players who have been playing DLS, the basics of the game are similar to its previous versions. It’s a better and modern-day remake of the classic Dream League Soccer 2019. New features like agents and scouts are in-game along with updated player data. There are new in-game currencies Gems that allow you to upgrade your team faster.

If you are new to this adventure, you can easily grasp the controls by playing the first few matches. Remember your Dream Team won’t be an overnight success but requires a long grind. Lest assured, we have all your worries covered in this Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide.

Getting Started

Start your journey by completing the basic formalities of choosing your manager and captain. Choosing your manager doesn’t reflect your journey as you can easily customize him later.

While choosing your captain, going for an attacker is usually the go-to way for a strong, high scoring team. You need goals to win matches and fast-paced forwards help a lot as you progress through the tournaments.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide
Dream League soccer 2020

From here you will be directed to a match to learn the basic controls of the game. You can choose to skip and sit this out if you are already familiar with them. The controls are pretty simple with the three buttons A, B and C on the bottom right-hand side of your screen assisting in your actions.

On completing the tutorial (or if you choose to skip it regardless), you will be awarded with 1500 coins and 75 gems.

Career Mode

Focus primarily on the career mode as you start your progress in the game. From across the world, all the top teams compete in eight divisions of the Global Dream League. You’ll find elite clubs and their players as you climb divisions on your way to glory. You will start as a mediocre team in the Academy division with low rated players in your squad. As you play more matches and earn coins you will be slowly progressing towards your goal of the Dream Team.

Gameplay in Dream League Soccer 2020

Every time you finish a game you can watch a 30-second ad in turn for bonus coins. Never forget to watch the adverts as you do require a stack of coins in the long run.

Upgrade your Stadium and Facilities

Always start out by maxing out your stadium. With the number of coins you begin with, spend most of it upgrading your stadium for at least two divisions ahead of yours. Then upgrade your medical facility using gems.

Upgrade your Stadium for every division

The medical centre will lower the price you have to play to heal a player and lower the probability of getting them injured. Once upgrading your medic focus next on upgrading the commercials. The total Stadium plus Commercial being upgraded will bump up your coins per game as you win by a lot! So just focus on upgrading your stadium and other facilities first before heading to buying new players. Never hesitate to upgrade your facilities in Dream League Soccer.

Upgrading the Training Centre unlocks formations and lower the costs of your coaches while upgrading your accommodation lets you increase your squad size. Since these are not a must-have, we suggest you begin with Stadium, Medici and Commercials.

Don’t Skip on Objectives

Gems are very valuable in-game and there are not a lot of ways to obtain them. One of the easy ways to obtain gems is by just doing the objectives set at the beginning of each division. The objectives are in the Statistics section, and they initially start with easy objectives like Finishing 8th in the Division and Scoring 15 goals. Although they seem easy they get more competitive as you climb divisions and upgrade your team.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide
Objectives for each season

Some of the objectives involve scoring goals or assists with a certain amount of players so if you switch your starting eleven a lot, it might get difficult to grab fifteen assists with one of your players. So focus, don’t neglect them and try to complete them to guarantee your gems.

Coaches, Agents and Scouts

Introducing this year, Coaches will train your players based on their development potential. You can buy coaches with gems, with each coach costing more as their rarity increases. Since coaches train players randomly so don’t use coaches unless you have the players you want in your dream team. Also on releasing players from your team, they are not sold for coins but rather get converted to technical or fitness coaches.

As we move on to transfers, there are new introductions, Agents and Scouts. Agents sign specific types of players for your team, with the cost of the player included in the agent fee, ie you can buy the players just with coins. Scouts, on the other hand, find players at a discounted price with also offering the chance at finding elite players.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide
Transfer Market

You get with a free scout and agent as you begin your journey. If you are in a lower division, all the players you are gonna be able to buy are going to be low rated. So in order to buy your favorite player, you have to use a legendary scout or agent to find them and then only you can purchase them. Gone are the days when you could simply wait for Ronaldo or Messi to show up in the Transfers and buy them with all your coins.

Online Matches

Starting from this year, Dream League Soccer is a totally online game with no offline gameplay. From your positions in the Online Leaderboard, you are awarded gems. Since the leaderboard resets every week and you are ranked according to your current/ most recent form it is always advisable to play during the weekend.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide
Online Leaderboard

the Leaderboard works in a way such that you are placed with the players who finished their two matches at the same time as you. So to get the most value with the least grinding in-game, we suggest you wait for the weekend, to begin your grind.

Resource Management – How to earn more Coins and Gems in Dream League Soccer 2020


Coins are easy to come compared to gems. You can earn coins (mostly) from playing the career mode. Once you reach 10 to 15 matches (in some cases 20) matches in the starting division, you’ll get a green watch video pop up on your top left. On watching the advert, it rewards you with bonus coins.

Use the coins in upgrading your stadium. A maxed-out stadium and commercials give high match rewards for every home game. Also, don’t forget to watch the ads as you complete every game. You can also earn coins easily from events.

The Two resources in-game, spend them wisely


Gems are the latest in-game currency. Unlike coins, they are much harder to come. You can earn gems from career mode matches and by completing the objectives. You can also earn a whopping 100 gems if you finish on top of the weekly online leaderboard. It requires skill and is a bit of grind but is doable.

Be cautious, don’t spend your gems on unnecessary things such as kits and badges. Gems are valuable and if you want to progress further in-game easily, spend them only on things that prove worth. Spend the 75 gems that you begin with on upgrading facilities. Don’t spend gems on coaches or in the market initially as they are not really very necessary

Dream League Soccer 2020: Tips and Tricks

After playing the game for the past month, here is our bonus guide for beginners to quickly assemble their Dream team in Dream League Soccer 2020.

  • As stated earlier always start with upgrading your stadium and medic. Then gradually upgrade your facilities.
  • Watch the ads for bonus coins regularly. After watching an ad, you may quit and restart the game to rewatch it again for extra coins. By doing this you can earn more than 1000 coins per day.
  • Build your squad by signing players from the scout for 240 coins. Start slowly and as you progress with divisions, you will have your Dream Team ready.
  • Remember if you don’t buy the lower-rated players from the market at first, the elites will never appear. You have to grind your way and there is no shortcut to this.
  • Gems are really hard to come by, so do not spend them on market, kits or badge or anything fancy.
  • Don’t ever buy Agents using gems, unless they are Legendary Agents. There is no point in buying rare or common agents using gems that reward low rated players.
  • Don’t spend your gems on coaches. You can get coaches by releasing your low rated players. Even on releasing your high rated players as you progress it rewards you with legendary coaches.
  • Grind the online matches only on weekends for maximum rewards with minimal efforts.
  • Start using your coaches to train your squad only when you have your desired set of players. There is no point in training low rated players if you are dissatisfied with them.
  • When you have injured players in your starting 11, play with your reserves for a few matches so the cost of healing the injured players becomes less with every match.
  • Have around 1000 coins in hand for online events, usually, they end up rewarding handsomely.
  • NEVER skip the adjectives.
  • Don’t try to Hack or mod this game. YOU CAN’T.
Don’t spend gems on coaches when you can have them by releasing players


First Touch Games have made the progression in Dream League Soccer 2020 slow, and now it really takes a hard-fought grind to collect legendary players. With the whole game being online now you cannot play the game without an internet connection. As we know the actual DLS fanbase was of players who loved the game for its offline value as the career mode never required any internet connection.

Making the game online was a necessary evil. You can now no longer use unfair hacks or exterior apps and build your Dream Team overnight with unlimited coins. But that’s the beauty of it. Now you can have your journey through the Career mode and not just jump to the end with all the good players. You want to slowly move up in your team rating until you finally get your maxed out Dream Team without any shortcuts.

Being a huge fan of mobile football games and someone who has been playing Dream League Soccer since its early inception days, DLS 20 is a quite refreshing change from its predecessors. With this Dream League Soccer 2020 guide, we hope you get to enjoy the true essence of the game without using any unfair techniques. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. As you climb divisions at your own pace, you will get the real fun of making your true Dream Team. Formations don’t matter much, choose an attacking formation of your choice or enjoy the free-flow gameplay!

We hope that you will find this Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates.

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Wow this really helped me out👏

Buzy Dee

I am already very good player I have beaten almost all the allstared players and the allstars I started last month and I have 16 different gold (1st) medals but this article taught stuff I never knew thanks a lot

Sreejit De

We are glad to hear that you find this article useful, Buzy. Hope you find the other guides as useful! Cheers 😀


Hello, I am Playing this game from almost it’s release time! Now i am at Division 1, with most of the all Legends Players!

But when i play LIVE, i see, i am slower then others! where My Team’s lowest players rate is 91. Maximum 97 right now!

but still i feel opponent run faster.
Dose Gamepad speed up the playing experience ? because i am not using it . . .

How can i play more fast ? My internet connection is 4G .


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