Dream Score Tactics Guide: All Tactics Explained

Get your Tactics straight!

Tactics are always essential to any football-manager simulation game. Although Dream Score doesn’t appear as an authentic manager game, it still possesses one of the key features many manager sims have, tactic management. This tactics guide will go through all the tactics in Dream Score and what they actually mean in the game.

What are the Tactical Presets that you can use in Dream Score?

The game has already set out some presets which you can use initially. You can’t modify the individual elements but the tactics have already been built, which means you can trust them. Here is what each of those tactics actually do, and the ways in which you can get the most out of them through team selection.


Dream Score Tactics Guide
Dream Score Tactics Guide
  • Best formations – For this, you will need a very balanced formation, since a lot of players will be pressing hard and moving out of position. Any formation with a 4 at the back should be fine.
  • Best players – You’ll need fast players and high-stamina holders for this. Also, it would be useful to have a few players with the Captaincy skill, in order to raise the level of the entire team.

Wing Counter

Dream Score Tactics guide
  • Best formations – For this, you’ll need formations with good positioning on attacking wingers. As well as good wingers, you also need a strong midfield. Most of the 4-at-the-back formations are great for this, such as the 4-3-3 variants, and the 4-2-3-1 variants.
  • Best Players – Since the focus is quite heavily on the wing-play, the “Whipped Cross” and the “Cut in” skills are great. Also, your midfielders would benefit from having the “Long pass” skill as well.


Dream Score Tactics Guide
  • Best formations – This formation focuses on quick passing, which works best closer together, Therefore, it’s a good idea to play in a formation with a congested midfield, such as a 4-2-2-2 Centre, 4-1-2-1-2, 4-2-3-1 Narrow, or a 4-3-1-2
  • Best Players – A large focus is on the quick passing of midfielders, so the “Tiki Taka” skill and the “Killer Pass” skill are all great for this. As for the forwards, you’ll want them to stay in the box and constantly be moving around looking for space, so the best skill for this is the “Fox in the box”.

Cross from byline

  • Best formations – This is simply a tactic based heavily on crossing, mainly on the byline. Therefore, to get the players out to the far widths, you need wide formations. Some good ones are the 3-3-1-3, 3-4-3, 4-1-3-2 Wingers United and the 4-3-3 Wing.
  • Best players – Of course, you need good wide players. Some good skills to have for these players are “Whipped Cross” and “Byline crosses”. Also, you’ll need good target man strikers in the box to be on the end of these passes. Therefore, the “Mighty header” skill will be very useful.

Long ball

Dream Score Tactics guide
  • Best formations – This tactic builds on the basis of a strong, pressure-absorbing defense, and a fast counter-attack. Therefore the best formations are the ones with a 5 at the back. Another good one is the basic 4-4-2, which is always reliable.
  • Best players – Since you’ll be playing many far passes, you’ll need midfielders with the “Long pass” and the “Lob pass” skill. It may also be useful to have some good target man strikers in the box to get on the end of the long balls, some good skills for them are “Mighty header” and “Volley”


This is a very basic and simple tactic, not too offensive, not too defensive. If you don’t seem to get along with any of the tactics above, this can be a perfect tactic for you. Also, if you are a new player just starting out and you just want to get to grips with the game first, this tactic is also a great choice for you. Any formation and any players would work here.

The Settings Explained

Each of these tactics presets are just pre-made saves of settings> You can make your own settings once you reach the required level to unlock the Custom Tactics section. Here is an explanation of what each of those settings actually means.


These determine the distance on the passes your player play. A high value means that your players will aim to spread the ball as far as possible. A lower value means that your players will aim to come short and play in much more tight spaces


This is all about how your players shift from defending to attacking once possession is won back. A low value means that the players will take their time and move the ball slowly but more carefully. A higher value means that players will aim to charge forward as fast as possible in an attempt to catch the opposing team off-guard


These are the areas in which your team will attack from. You can either choose a more central approach or a wider approach. You can also choose the desired sides from which you wish to attack, left, right, or both. Choosing just one side will allow you to get the most out of the players on that side, but it may make you more predictable for the other team.

Defensive Aggressiveness

This is all about how strong your team defends. A high value causes your players to be much more ruthless and reckless when defending. This means they may be giving away more fouls, but the chance of winning the ball back. A low value causes your players to play much safer, which gives away fewer fouls, but the chance of reclaiming possession is lower.


This relates to how strict or loose your players are whilst defending. A higher value can pull players out of position, but it will apply much more pressure on the opposition. A lower value promotes discipline, but it also means that your players can get easily caught out since the opposition will have more time to think.

Individual settings

These settings are all based on the positioning of individual players. For each role, you can choose how you want that player to position themselves on the pitch. This is all up to you, based on the skills of the players and how well supported they are.

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