Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter Beginners Guide and Tips

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Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter is an action shooting game developed by Reliance Entertainment Studios UK PVT LTD. It is one of the recent launches from the developers and continues with the storyline of the Drone Shadow Strike game series. The previous games like Drone: Shadow strike, Drone: Shadow strike 3, and Drone 2 free Assault are all gifted to the fans from this very developer. The game follows up with two storylines simultaneously where the player has to fight against zombies and military forces with the help of weapons installed into the Drone. Thus, let us look out through a detailed Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter beginners guide for the players and help them to enjoy this new bud into the world.

Gameplay Overview

Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter is a simple POV shooting game with easy-to-go control mechanics. The game mechanics are very easy to understand for amateurs and thus it’s easy to catch up faster. The main motto of the game is to take the advantage of the air strike and fight against the Military Forces and Zombies in two different game modes to collect in-game currencies and points that will help the players to upgrade the Drone and the components at the same time.

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This helps the players to knock down the enemies easily and proceed further into the game. The game comes up with very limited features, these features are one of the most important ones and thus help the players to go through it. Players can easily upgrade the components such as guns, missiles, and bombs just before starting the game and defeat the enemies from heaven.

Introducing the Basics of Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter

Game modes

The game offers two game modes for the players, Zombie and Military. In the Military mode, players only have a view from the sky through the drone. Whereas in Zombie Mode, there is a character present on the ground fighting with his gun against the Zombies and players have to provide him with the best set of backup from above. Let us discuss the modes in further detail.

Military mode

In the Military Mode, players now only have the access to the Mission and Event options. Other options such as Daily mission and PVP are not available now for the players but they are guaranteed to come up with access in the future soon. In this mode, the main target of the players is to focus on the enemy troop and fight for their military army to come up with peace in their nation. The Missions are divided into several sectors through which the storyline goes on.

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Players get several types of weapons installed in their Drones such as Cannon, Missiles, Rockets, and Bombs. As a beginner, these are the sets of weapons players will be provided with, furthermore, two weapons will unlock as the players proceed further into the storyline.

Zombie mode

The Zombie Mode also comes up with similar options, Missions, Daily Missions, Events, and PVP. In this mode, players only have access to Events and Missions, for now, the other two options are promised to come to live in future updates. In this mode, the players as usual only have access to the drone strikes. But with a twist, players have to fight against the Zombies rather than Military troops.

Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

The mode is also segregated into several sectors which compiles the whole story altogether. The Zombie mode features a character present on the streets with his guns fighting against the Zombies. Players have to defeat the zombies from above and provide the best support to the character fighting underneath.


The game comes up with the three most valuable Currencies namely; Gold, Cash, and Zombie Coin. Let us know about the currencies so that we can help beginners to know about their actual purposes.

  • Gold: Gold is the most premium currency compared to the ones present in the game and thus players receive them in a very minimal amount. Players can use them to buy Cash, Energy, and Zombie coins. Players can even use this currency to upgrade their weapons.
  • Cash: Cash is the most easily accessible currency in the game. Players can easily win them by completing missions with three stars and having a huge stack of Cash in their account. Usually, cash helps the players upgrade the weapons present in the Drone.
  • Zombie Cash: Zombie Cash is only earned by completing the missions from the Zombie mode. Players can only use this Cash in upgrading the components and the weapons of the drone in Zombie mode. These are also easily accessible and thus players can earn a lot by completing the missions with three stars.


The shop is the section where players can opt for purchasing essential currencies when they are in need. Players can also go for buying Energy, energy is the resource that is to be used by the players to play a mission. There are a limited number of Energies provided to the players after a certain time limit. The energy costs 30 Golds in the shop.

Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

Players can also go for some in-app purchases with real-time transactions. Players can buy Gold with these features for their use. This is not that much worth it, but at the end of the day it is the choice of the player, so there is no harm to it.

Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter:

1. Complete the Sectors for both game modes

As a beginner, players must complete the Sectors to go through the storyline and earn great rewards. These will help the players to cover up the following storyline and proceed further into the game to unlock more features.

2. Upgrade the Drone and Weapons

Players will earn a lot of Cash and Zombie Cash by playing through the Sectors. They must use these currencies to upgrade their weapons such as Missiles, Rockets, Bombs, Guns, and Drones so that they can easily beat up the tough enemies present out there. If not upgraded the components on time, players cannot even proceed further into the game and might face a defeat in the mission.

Drone 5 Elite Zombie
Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

3. Try to win Three Stars in every mission

Players must try to win Three stars while playing the missions. As it will come up with some extra rewards for the players. The game rewards a fixed amount of Currency for clearing the round and comes up with an additional set of rewards for collecting each star. To gain stars, players have to complete three assigned tasks to win Three stars from that mission. So, follow up on the tasks assigned and earn great rewards.

4. Follow up on the Tasks assigned

Players must check through the tasks assigned before playing. As completing the tasks will help them earn rewards in the form of Gold, Cash, and Zombie Cash. Players can use these currencies to upgrade the components which are required to defeat the enemies.

5. Using the Energy wisely

Players are always provided with a limited number of Energies. These Energies get restored after a certain time limit. The Energies helps the players to play missions with their help of them. So, players must try to win the rounds with more stars so that they can get a huge amount of Gold, Cash, and Zombie Cash and use the Energies wisely.

Final Thoughts

Drone 5: Elite Zombie Strike is an amazing game developed from the side of Reliance Entertainment Studios UK PVT LTD. As mentioned earlier, the game follows up with some of the previously developed games from the same developers. The game works through the mode of the Internet and thus unfair means of play are not easily undertaken by the players. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter Beginners Guide! Did you find our Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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