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Echoes of Mana: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Get the best characters with easy rerolling methods!

Echoes of Mana is a new RPG game adding to the lineup of nostalgic Mana series, published by SQUARE ENIX Co. Ltd. The game features the classic system of movement and battle not unknown to previous Mana games, coupled with newer game modes and a dedicated capability for co-op. A wide range of known characters from other Mana games will be available for you to ally yourself with, along with their unique kits and abilities, which makes the need for great characters at the start very important. Here is our Echoes of Mana reroll guide to help you get good characters from the start.

How to reroll efficiently in Echoes of Mana

The game has a Tutorial Summon, where players can reroll as long as they want. Keep rerolling for your preferred 3-star characters from the pool and once you get the character you wanted, confirm it and continue. This method removes all the extra steps usually required for rerolling, but the game is quite generous and gives a lot of early pulls so aim for at least three or more powerful characters when you reroll.

Echoes of mana reroll android
Image via Square Enix

Echoes of Mana reroll guide for Android Devices

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Start the game and hit confirm on all the upcoming prompts.
  • Play through the tutorial, it can take a while until it finishes. So skip most of the story content after you have seen it at least once.
  • Claim the premium currency that you will use to roll in the banners from Gift-box, mission and quest rewards, or any other place you can find.
  • Roll on the banner that has the character you want, if you get the character that you wanted then bind the account, if it was a failure to reroll then continue.
  • The game has a very easy way for account reset, simply navigate to the game menu and from their return to the title, here you will see an option User Support on the bottom-right of the screen. Tap on it and there should be an option Delete User Data, from here reset your account and continue rerolling.

Echoes of Mana reroll guide for iOS devices

You can Reroll using the same method as Android. But if that doesn’t work then the only viable option to reset an account is to reinstall the game every time after a failed reroll.

How to reroll on an Emulator in Echoes of Mana

Emulators are always the best tools for rerolling, you can use BlueStacks, LD player, Memu, or any other emulator. All the modern emulators have all the necessary features to make the rerolling process very smooth and easy. If you get stuck at any point, read the official documentation or do a simple web search. Any queries should be easily available on the web. To start with rerolling on Emulators, follow these steps-

  • Install the game on any one instance, preferably on a 64-bit instance installation. 64-bit provides better performance and stability for most modern games.
  • Don’t open the game after installation, first make clones of it. The number of clones that you can make depends on the computer’s specifications.
  • Start the reroll process on the cloned instances, and after a bad reroll delete the cloned instance and make clones again from the main instance.
  • Once you get the perfect account with desired characters, bind it to Google from Transfer Link.

How to bind a game account in Echoes of Mana

Echoes of mana bind account
Image via Square Enix

Navigate to the game’s settings menu, which can be accessed from the right side of the main lobby. There will be an Email Registration option that will take you to Square Enix’s official site to make an account and link the game with it.

What are your thoughts on our Echoes of Mana reroll guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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