eFootball 2024: A complete Co-op mode Guide with Tips

A detailed guide for the mode!

The version 2.6.0 update that went live on the 8th of June, 2023, for mobile and console arrived with the Co-op Beta Test for the previous edition, and since then has been one of the go-to game modes for the players in KONAMI’s eFootball 2024. The recent version 3.2.0 Season 3 update arrived with the PvP event, so, the players are gearing to test their partnerships with real-time opponents and learn more to understand the basics. For this exact reason, we have come up with this co-op guide for eFootball 2024 with some tips in between as well.

How to play Co-op in eFootball 2024

Co-op is a popular feature in the PES series of titles where the players will be able to play matches with multiple friends. Most commonly, the 3v3 Co-op matches are frequent, however, you can also participate with only one player on each side as well.

Co-op gameplay
Image via KONAMI

In eFootball 2024 mobile, there is a similarity with the console version as well, so you don’t see many differences.

Playing Co-op with Friends/AI

Here are the steps to follow for matchmaking:

  • Once you log in to your game, go to the Match option.
  • In the Match mode, go to the Friend Match option. You get to see two Co-op match options.
  • You can play with two options, either by creating a Co-op Match Room or by joining an existing room.
  • The room code should be shared among other friends to join the game. A total of six players can be added to the team. If you form a group of 3, depending on the Home/Away side, the rest of the slots will be filled by AI.

Playing Co-op with real-time players

Real-time PvP Co-op match mode is also present, where you can compete with other random teams in PvP matches. Follow the steps in order to participate in the PvP Co-op events.

eFootball 2024 co-op pvp
Image via KONAMI
  • Once you log in to your game, go to the Match option.
  • Look for the Event PvP option and click on it.
  • If there’s an active Co-op event, you will find it in the same menu, for example, Teamplay Fun.
  • You can play with two options, either by creating a Co-op Match Room or by joining an existing room.
  • A maximum of three can be allowed in a Co-op team. You will be matched with the rest of the players worldwide playing the same event.

Instructions to follow in Co-op

A minimum of two players is needed to begin a Co-op match in both instances. You can alter the Match Settings only in the case of a Friend Match. When playing matches with a team size of three players in the Friend Match mode, the other team will always be AI-controlled opponents if all the players are on one side.

The AI determines the composition of teams, including both your squad and the other team. It selectively filters out players from each squad and then creates a balanced team by selecting the best combination of players for the starting XI, along with substitutes.

Co-op team selection
Image via KONAMI

Players may notice a designated “leader” in each game in Co-op matches. This leader has a unique role that allows them to change the starting lineup and substitutes at any time throughout the game. The leader possesses the authority to make lineup changes, the remaining players do not have this capability.

eFootball 2024 provides an option before the start of the match. Players can choose to opt in and be considered for the leader position, or they can simply participate as regular players. You can that you are the manager of the team, if you opt to, and hence have the ability to turn the game in your favor.

Player analysis and achievements

One more integral factor that has been noticed in the co-op mode is a detailed player analysis. It will track the attributes of the individual player and also rate them accordingly. Along with Goals, Assists, and Number of Passes, there are some interesting in-depth stats to take note of, that will help the player analyze his performance.

Image via KONAMI

Key Passes, Dueling Ratings, Overlaps, Wide Runs, etc make the detailing look brilliantly favored to the player. The more you understand the movement, the better you score in these attributes. You can also see the graph in the evaluation map, which is categorized into 6. Although, there is one more interesting feature, Achievements.

Image via KONAMI

After the completion of your game, players will be rewarded with Achievements to acknowledge their accomplishments and provide a sense of progression and mastery. These Achievements are categorized into three tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, representing different levels of accomplishment. Each player will receive three achievements based on their performance throughout the game.

Tips to remember while playing Co-op

Here are some tips and tricks to remember while playing Co-op:

  • There is no double press. Well, that is a plus to be fair. You can have your teammate follow your press but not use the feature many are fond of.
  • If you are playing 1v2 or 1v3, do remember that it will automatically assign two AI players to the team of the player playing alone.
  • The cursor change is Manual. So to switch the players, you will have to switch them yourself.
  • The best defensive tactic to follow is to try man-marking or intercepting the passing lanes. If all press the same player, a lot of space is left behind, making it easy to break down the team.
  • While controlling a player, he will have his distinct position. For example, Lewandowski as a CF should stay in his area only. There will be an arrow indication that will help the player move the player to his right position. A single arrow indicates he is out of position at a close distance, but a double arrow indication is not good for your game as well as final ratings.

Final Thoughts

It is a fun mode to play and overall has been a success for now. The shared goal of working together as a team is one of the major characteristics that distinguishes co-op mode. The ranked matches might be a great opening for a competitive scene in eFootball mobile, and hopefully, the testing was a success and we got to see this mode permanent with AI, and thanks to the recent update we got to see a PvP version of the same as well.

What are your thoughts on this eFootball 2024 Co-op mode guide? Did you find this eFootball 2024 Co-op Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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