eFootball 2024: The complete guide to building an Out Wide squad

Wingers in action!

KONAMI’s popular football franchise has taken a different and fresh approach to the tactical side of the game with eFootball 2024. The introduction of Manager tactics and the progression system is a big plus for the player. As a result, team building this year has become more enjoyable, and players can choose a team of their choice. One of the Team Playstyles popular in eFootball 2024 is the Out Wide tactic. Many players like to use this tactic for its flexibility in wide areas, and hence people who love using wingers in their team would instantly take a liking. So in this guide, we’ll explain how you can build a team for this play style.

Introducing the Out Wide tactic

Out Wide tactic maximizes the use of wingers and involves them more during your play. The team will stretch the position defense and try to pull them out wide so that they can get more space in the middle to exploit. It becomes very lethal against teams that sit back and defend and allows you to send crosses to the box where your other players push forward.

Out Wide in eFootball
Image via KONAMI

Talking about the movements, whenever your winger gets the ball while attacking, the rest of the forwards commit forward to the space. This makes a chance to cross inside the box, where the rest of your players can head it in. Wingers until then stay wide and hence will be open to receive passes. This will also allow you to play from the center to exploit the defensive shortcomings.

The defensive style is All-out defense. When you lose possession in a high-scoring area, All-Out defense assists you in bringing all of your players back to defend and re-establish your defensive line. The press is aggressive and helps in defending against fast buildups.

Selecting players for an Out Wide playstyle

Again, choosing players will depend on how you will set up your squad. Out Wide is fit for those to break down narrow formations and create space, and depending on this you need to pick players.

Out Wide setup eFootball 2024
Image via KONAMI


  • Main Attributes: Speed, Offensive Awareness, Dribbling, Balance

Heading and finishing should be the primary characteristics of strikers. Because they are usually at the end of a cross, speed is not an issue. However, in this tactic, their movement will be more often, and they will be excellent at creating space as well. Deep-Lying Playmaker or Target Man for more involvement or Fox in the Box for getting at the end of a cross are the best picks for this tactic.

  • Best Strikers for Out Wide: Gabriel Jesus, Harry Kane, Dzeko

Winger selection will play a major role in your attack. The main traits they have should be Dribbling and Passing. One important skill they should possess is Pinpoint Crossing, with the help of which they can provide accurate crosses inside the box.

  • Best Wingers for Out Wide: Chiesa, Dembele, Luis Diaz, Di Maria


  • Main Attributes: Low Pass, Lofted Pass, Stamina, Tight Possession

Choosing Midfielders for this tactic will change formation to formation. There isn’t any particular method to choose from, but follow a distinct pattern so that you can easily chop and change your players whenever you feel you shall need a change.

Talking about Attacking Midfielders, you better have the ones who are creative and quick. Passing plays a major role in distributing the ball out wide to your wingers, so having those accurate will be important. A touch of finishing will be much appreciated too.

  • Best Attacking Midfielders for Out Wide: Bernardo Silva, Odegaard, Wirtz

Again good passing is key, both Low and Lofted for better distribution. Pick midfielders of mixed playstyle, so that you can have a distinct squad. Also, in this tactic the midfielders will move wide, so choose the ones who provide good cover.

  • Best Central Midfielders for Out Wide: Valverde, Koke, Llorente, Barella

Choosing a playstyle depends on the formations you opt for. Good defensive awareness and tackling will be important, with not much emphasis given to passing.

  • Best Defensive Midfielders for Out Wide: Rodri, Tchouameni, Brozovic


  • Main Attributes: Defensive Awareness, Interception, Physical Contact, Tackling

The defensive line should be pretty balanced and has to be more focused on not giving space or losing duels. So, high Defensive Awareness among your defenders is a must.

Choosing fullbacks isn’t a tough task. You keep a balance between both offense and defense, and while choosing the offensive one, a Cross Specialist playstyle player will be a better fit.

  • Best Fullbacks for Out Wide: Kyle Walker, Cancelo, Reece James, Hernandez

The centrebacks you are choosing should be good in the air and can clear balls easily. So picking taller defenders is a nice option, and the ones who aren’t very aggressive so that you spoil the defensive line maintained.

  • Best Centrebacks for Out Wide: Virgil Van Dijk, Rudiger, De Ligt


  • Main Attributes: GK Awareness, GK Parrying, GK Reflexes

All-out defense usually has a Defensive Goalkeeper doing the work, and since the defense is organized, you can opt for this type of keeper for your squad. Good passing to push the ball out wide is also a bonus and will work great.

  • Best Goalkeepers for Out Wide: Courtois, Oblak, Handanovic

Formation Game


4-3-3 or a 4-2-1-3 is the best option for playing an Out Wide tactic. It has an overall balance in all the positions and is very flexible to play as well. At the top, as suggested earlier, pick one as per your interest. Play one Prolific winger because they have more involvement in this type of playstyle.

4-3-3 eFootball 2023 Possession Game, 4-3-3 eFootball 2023 Out Wide
A 4-3-3 in eFootball 2024

Midfield three should be set up in such a way that there is a balance between offense and defense. Picking an offensive attack at AMF might make the midfield narrow, so the other two midfielders need to cover the open space. For a single pivot, Anchor Man works best. Defenders are left to your choice, but try to play the taller ones.


A very balanced formation, similar to the 4-3-3 but an overload in the midfield allows constant opportunities for the player to dominate the play. Here you have a sole CF, most likely isolated from the deep midfield, but will work well to drag defenders out wide. The wide playmakers are there to link well with the fullbacks.

4-1-4-1 Out Wide
Image via GamingonPhone

Midfield setup, get a Box-to-Box with good stamina and shooting so that he can also be a threat to the goal. A defensive midfielder should be sitting deep, to have a lot more control over the defensive threats in the center of the field. For the defenders and the goalkeeper, maintain the same suggestions.


Overall, Out Wide is an excellent choice for eFootball 2024 players who prefer a width in their attack and have wingers involve in the game more. It is also very easy to adapt to, and with the right players, Out Wide players for your team will work absolute wonders in eFootball 2024.

So, if you want to find the best combination for your strategy and want to work out with this team playstyle, this guide is a good place to start. So buckle up, push your limits, and then go for the kills in an match, be it online or offline!

What are your thoughts on this guide for building an Out Wide Squad in eFootball 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

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