eFootball 2024: Top 5 dribbling tips and tricks players should follow

Wanna dribble with high success rates? Follow these tips!

There is no doubt that KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 is one of the best football games we have on mobile devices. As it got new updates over the 2023 and 2024 seasons, we saw new features such as Co-op Mode and My League making an appearance, and getting the best players and managers found new value. Out of the changes in the gameplay, dribbling has been one of the significant ones. The effectiveness of dribbling in a game is determined by the player’s skill level and the defense of the opposing team. So, in this article, I will be sharing the top 5 dribbling tips and tricks that players should follow in eFootball 2024.

Top 5 dribbling tips to follow in eFootball 2024

1. Touch and Dash through space

Touch and Dash is a very effective technique that players can practice to utilize their dribbling skills to the maximum level. Although this isn’t a skill move, this is an effective way to shield the ball and then trick the opponent defender out of place. It includes the Sharp Touch skill played effectively, which is very easy to perform but you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Sharp Touch
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While receiving the ball, gently tap on the left side of your control stick, and while the opponent player is pressing in your direction, press dash and then flick your pad in the opposite direction or sideways, you’ll get a burst and then move forward. Why is this effective? Because any change of direction by the player is always tricky to handle, hence adding it to a great move to dribble.

2. Mastering the Double Touch

You can point to any player of eFootball 2024 who dribbles a lot and always, and many will pick Double Touch as the most effective, yet simplest to perform the dribbling skill. It’s a great way to skip past your opponent with ease, and if you master this technique, it is surely a huge bonus that will directly impact your level of dribbling.

Just tap on the dash, and then flick your pad to the direction of your movement to perform the Double Touch. During matches, whenever the opponent rushes in your direction, you should be able to quickly calculate that one-second delay he will have before getting the ball, and performing the move. Once you get past the player, dash dribble.

3. Receiving the ball with the Marseille Turn

Marseille Turn or a 360 turn is a popular and effective skill move in eFootball 2024. Even though not many players have this skill, it is a very effective trick that players use to get away from the press. In some cases, the pressing will be very intense, and there are plenty of players who love to keep the pressing up high even though the stamina bar is low.

This is when Marseille Turn is absolutely lethal. It can take out a double press so easily, that once you pull off that move, you’ll feel the midfield has opened up with a lot of passing options. Players like Sergio Busquets, Dybala, and Neymar, have this skill, and since his ball control ability is out of the charts, you can easily glide past the press with one superb skill move.

4. Ball Controlling

Have you ever thought of dribbling with the ball, without skill or pressing dash? Well, if you have tried this with players like Messi, Verratti, Frenkie De Jong, etc, then you would know how simple and effective it is. having close control of the ball is the best way to dribble in tight spaces, and you can just carry the ball around without much pressure.

What makes this effective is that the game leans towards a very good ball control-dependent gameplay style. This time around, every action of yours dictates the way you play, and the ball control is one of them. Players with great tight possession will be able to keep control of the ball easily and if the players combine this with one or two skills, you know the result.

5. Utilizing Fake Shots

Fake shots are the best way to trick any opponent’s defender. Sometimes it is so lethal that it will just make the defender lose his footing, and you can easily pass through him without much worry. Also, it is easy to perform, and without the worry of timing that fake shot right. To get the best out of this skill move, players just need to choose a direction against the movement of the defender.

For example, if you and the opponent’s defender are shoulders next to each other, pull a fake shot in the opposite direction, and a sharp touch soon after would just make him lose his mark on you. Performing a fake shot is simple, press the shoot button, and using the movement pad, flick to the direction you choose before the player takes a shot.

Final Thoughts

Dribbling in eFootball has undergone a healthy yet sometimes irritating change considering the previous versions of the game. But this time around, I can see that your skills are being put to test and it isn’t that easy to pull off crazy moves. The dribbling is smoother but the skills aren’t easy to execute, but the additional tricks are really neat to pull off some nice moves against your opponent.

It requires a good amount of practice to make things work in eFootball, and while dribbling you need not showboat your skills. An effective dribbler’s best trait is not how many skills he uses to dribble past an opponent, but how easily he does that. So, I suggest you remember these tips and get your team running and winning!

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