eFootball 2024: Top 5 passing tips and tricks players should follow

Want to ping those sweet perfect passes? Follow these tricks!

KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 is undoubtedly one of the best football games we have on mobile and as it got new updates, we also saw new features such as Co-op Mode and My League making an appearance, and getting the best players and managers found new value. After the update from PES to eFootball, there has been an improved change in the passing side of the game. Previously the non-cancelling of passing and the power behind was a headache, but this update gave us everything that we longed for. Players would love to utilize the passing opportunities effectively and try out something different. So, in this article, let me give you the top 5 passing tips and tricks that players should follow in eFootball 2024.

Top 5 passing tips to follow in eFootball 2024

1. Reading the defender’s movements

Even though the game might not be a real-life scenario, the intelligence of football title will involve everything we see in football. One such example is a defender’s movements. This is really crucial to make or break your squad, be it dribbling or passing. There will be different patterns a defender will approach, be it using the Match-up or aggressive pressing.

Through Passing
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So, predicting and reading the movements of a defender is really crucial before providing a pass. There are certain scenarios where the defender will be tracking the player, and will be running in his direction. This way, he is predicting your pass in that direction. So, before passing, read the movement, and if you find him close to the passing range, chose a different option.

2. Create room for the player before a pass

It is no surprise that many players prefer quick buildups, and often don’t like to slow the pace of the game down. Passing is very routine and most of the game will focus on quick buildups. However, this is a bad option to choose and leads to many mispasses. So, using your player to turn and pass works effectively well.

Player balance while passing is very important, and lack of the same might result in misplacing of passes often. So, the player will have to create room for himself, this can be done by a Sharp Touch or turning towards the direction of that pass without the use of a dash. Use a move, just get away from the defender, and then pass it.

3. Using Stunning Pass at the right time

A stunning pass is a pretty good pass option that has been introduced to the game, and I use it whenever it is needed. The feature allows a pacy and powerful low, lofted, and also crosses to be played. The advantages are there, and they are better than the ordinary ones. However, there are some instances where the pass doesn’t come out right, and hence it will affect your game, as I have experienced myself.

Whenever you are pressed high, it becomes uneasy playing the stunning pass. That one-second delay won’t work in your favor. However, my tip is to avoid the scenario by planning your pass early. Do this by enabling the stunning pass before receiving the ball. This way, you can easily pass the ball without worry. If you feel you are going to get crowded, just cancel the pass.

4. Pass and Go

Sometimes irritating, sometimes wonderful. That is the state of Pass and Go. Well, it isn’t the best option to pick when it comes to low blocks as the passing just feels right, but when you use this in the midfield to run into the spaces available, this is when the right use of Pass and Go is being made.

Another reason why players prefer this is easy runs. However, in eFootball 2024, maneuvering this move isn’t easy, as every stat you have (except speed maybe) will have a direct effect on the field. If you use this in tight spaces and defenders covering tracks of your movement,

5. Picking players with the right skill

In addition to the overall rating for the player, it’s important to look at specific attributes that are important for the passing you need. Passing skills like One Touch Pass, Weighted Pass, and crossing skills Pinpoint Crossing are some of the most important ones, and if your player has these, it will create a direct impact on your game.

It also depends on which position and playstyle you are using, for wingers, you need to have Pinpoint Crossing to deliver great crosses and to play 1-2s, there is no other skill more impactful than One Touch Pass. So, selecting players with these plays a direct impact on your gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Passing has been always something that the fans, including me, thought needed a revamp, and the eFootball version of the game delivered that. It was increasingly difficult to manage a good pass, and with this change, the game mechanics saw a new light. The passing is very important and it depends on the tactics too, so I suggest keeping a focus on that too.

It requires a good amount of practice to make things work in eFootball, and the passing in the game also falls in the same category. For example, the Stunning Pass and Cross works well when you have space. If you don’t, the delay in the pass makes it easy to steal the ball from you. Hence, it becomes important that the player remembers these tips and improvises their style of passing.

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Did you find this eFootball 2024 top 5 passing tips guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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