eFootball 2024: The complete My League guide with Tips

Time to win your league!

KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 has just delivered an amazing version 3.2.0 Season 3 update that introduced some exciting new features for us fans. Out of them, what I believe to be a great way to keep the excitement running is the My League mode, serving as a great “offline” way to keep the interest going in eFootball 2024, and this guide is aimed to deliver the same for you with some important tips.

eFootball 2024 My League Guide


You might be familiar with the campaign mode in the PES version of the game before it was rebranded to eFootball in 2022. This My League mode is a better-revamped version of that, which might not gift you plenty of Dream Team rewards, but gives a League-like experience where you can even get relegated in a Season. But remember, don’t confuse this with Master League, as it isn’t the same thing.


The format is easy to understand, it is just like your league matches in real life. You get to use your Dream Team to compete against AI teams in various leagues across the globe with the ultimate objective of clinching the league championship. You can pick any team and league you like, the licensed the better since they will have cutscenes giving a great vibe to play.

eFootball 2024 My League schedule
Image via KONAMI

Earn My League Points throughout the season and redeem them for rewards. Engage in crucial matches against rival clubs and formidable teams, known as Key Matches, which occur regularly and feature fixed match-level settings. Derbies are a prime example of such matches, offering higher My League Points and Experience Points compared to regular encounters.

How to play

With a change in the Main Menu UI, head towards the Match section where you can find the My League option. It will ask you which League you want to select and proceed with the team. You can assemble any team you like with the crop of players you have. Before every match, you will be asked the option on which difficulty you want to select, where the League Points increase as the difficulties increase.

eFootball 2024 My League difficulties
Image via KONAMI

Next, it boils down to the Key Match part where in the schedule you can notice plenty of such games. This, however, comes with a fixed difficulty level, and you cannot change it. Winning this match grants you greater rewards, so better improve your skills for the same. You can keep track of your progress in the League Table, which provides detailed info on multiple stats.

eFootball 2024 My League matchday
Image via KONAMI

A win grants you 3 points, a draw gives you 1 point, and a loss awards none. If you are in between a league, and if you feel you need a restart, you can do so by heading towards the Settings option within the game mode where you have the option to Change Team and carry the progress of your points to a new league.

eFootball 2024 My League points
Image via KONAMI

Apart from GP, and Training Tokens, the reward system for all these games is the My League Points, indicated in Purple. Note that these points are only available to use in this mode, so you can’t redeem them elsewhere. These points are used to sign Loan players and My League items.

eFootball 2024 My League Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some basic Tips and Tricks to follow in the My League mode.

  • Choose untrained players for growth since this mode keeps track of the stats. I believe keeping a fresh new team for this mode will give a Manager-like feel which you can use to keep track of players and upgrade them accordingly. You can create your own Master League experience.
  • Another addition to the previous point is to start your My League career from the lower divisions of the leagues, as it will make the promotions you get more excitement to continue.
eFootball 2024 My League challenge
Image via KONAMI
  • Keep an eye on challenges that you get before every match, which will help in gifting Dream Team permanent rewards.
  • Do not spend My League points on loan players since most of you might already have enough players to form a formidable squad. Do it only when you have a challenge to complete. Invest in Condition and EXP points instead.
  • Make use of My League points for every Key Match. Excellent conditions with Performance Enhancements (Low Pass, Tackling, Physical Contact) will be the best way to win these games.

Final Thoughts

I find this pretty interesting because I am not personally a fan of laggy online games, and enjoying eFootball this way is pretty nice. Of course, I would have wanted the Master League, but this mode allows you to have your Dream Team players get a good boost so I don’t mind. My League is a great way to improve your progress and skills, while also maintaining the competitive nature of the sport, so if you want a game mode to spend time on, My League is the best option in eFootball.

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Pranjit malakar

I want to know that as it was given in the ad that,after winning my league campaign we will he showing a cut of picking the champions trophy,but in my case i keep playing since last 9 matches but still it is not getting there,why so??

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