eFootball 2024: How to link your game data using KONAMI ID

Secure your game data by following simple steps!

eFootball 2024 has made its mark in the mobile gaming realm as it is improving year after year. New features such as Co-op Mode and My League have made the game exciting and the progress you make in the game by getting the best players or progress in offline modes is important to be saved. Although Google Play linking is safe, KONAMI ID is preferably the best option for an eFootball Mobile account link. So, in this article, we are going to help you with the steps to link your eFootball 2024 Mobile data using KONAMI ID.

KONAMI ID in eFootball 2024

KONAMI ID is a feature developed by KONAMI that can be used to save your game data, not only of eFootball 2024 but also of other KONAMI titles. It allows you to use online services provided by the KONAMI Group. Registering a KONAMI ID is free of charge.

To use the KONAMI ID Service, it is necessary to receive an e-mail at the address registered at KONAMI ID. It helps you save your data and is the most secure method to do so. The main advantages of using KONAMI ID to link data are:

  • Data Theft is prevented unless you hand over credentials.
  • You cannot overwrite game data if you are using KONAMI ID.
  • Retrieval of lost game data is possible using a KONAMI ID and Services.

Please note that the specific steps to create a KONAMI ID may vary depending on the region and the game or service you are using. It’s recommended to check the official KONAMI website or the specific game’s support page for accurate and up-to-date information on creating a KONAMI ID.

Step 1: Creating a KONAMI ID

To link your data, the first step is to create a KONAMI ID. The steps are as simple as follows:

  • Open the KONAMI ID Registration Page via this link. It will directly open the KONAMI ID registration page.
eFootball KONAMI ID page
Image via KONAMI
  • Enter your details accordingly such as Profile ID and Region and always give your game email ID, the one you have the Google Play account linked with to avoid confusion.
  • Fill up the registration form and then confirm your email. Set up a strong password, and if needed, you can setup a two-factor authentication to be sure of not having any account misuse.

Step 2: Linking your KONAMI ID

Once your KONAMI ID is ready, the next step is to link it to your game. The below steps are to link data using KONAMI ID.

  • Open ‘Extras‘ from the eFootball 2024 Mobile game menu and then click on ‘Support‘.
eFootball Support page
Image via KONAMI
  • In the Support section, click the option ‘Link Data‘.
eFootball Link Data Page
Image via KONAMI
  • There you will get the option to link data with Google Play as well as KONAMI ID. If you haven’t linked yet, it will show something like this.
KONAMI ID Data Linked Status
Image via KONAMI
  • Click on ‘link data using KONAMI ID‘. Since you have already created a KONAMI ID earlier, you just have to log in with the necessary details.
  • When you return, the game will show the below screen.
KONAMI ID Data Linked Status Complete
Image via KONAMI
  • Once you have logged in, it won’t log out until you delete the game or clear data. If you link it for the first time, you will get 250 MyClub Coins.

Did you find our guide to link eFootball 2024 Mobile data using KONAMI ID accurate and helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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