Epic Apes: MMO Survival free redeem codes and how to use them (December 2023)

Redeem the freebies to obtain valuable rewards!

Epic Apes: MMO Survival is a new MMO survival RPG offered by Brickworks Games Limited. You must pull through in the vice city of Apetown where the monkey mafias rule the streets and eliminate your fellowmen. You can build and equip your home with plenty of useful items. The resources or gifts received by redeeming the codes can be used to create effective guns and gear. Thus, follow our Epic Apes: MMO Survival free redeem codes article to learn about the freebies and fight for your existence. 

How to redeem free codes in Epic Apes: MMO Survival

The game’s creators intend to market it internationally as a cutting-edge development in the gaming industry. They contend that the audience view’s need to be favorable and compelling. So, to draw in a sizable user base, a few essential elements must be present. Thankfully, the creators provide some free codes at the start of the game’s release, which let you obtain necessities for the in-game tasks.

Epic Ape Madness Home
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

This bonus present also gives you a big advantage up ahead. The developers have access to some social media networks, including Discord, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The game does not have an official website or source of its own to release information. You can always follow these social media accounts to be informed about their most recent news or updates. 

Epic Apes: MMO Survival free redeem codes and rewards

Regretfully, redeem codes that are active or functional have still not been released for the players worldwide by the officials. Fear not—since Epic Apes: MMO Survival is the most recent installment in the mobile gaming industry, there will probably be some leaks soon.

Free Redeem CodesRewards you can redeem

How to redeem free codes in Epic Apes: MMO Survival

The developers of Epic Apes: MMO Survival still need to add a redemption section, as of right now. You will need to wait for the free codes to generate new, updated data until you can redeem them from the game’s incorporated code section, which is usually located in the Settings section.

Epic Ape Madness Settings section  Epic Apes free redeem codes
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

You will receive gift codes from the officials that will let you access resources and merchandise. These primarily come in handy for the in-game activities and provide you with the excitement of engaging in combat with the monkey mafias. 

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