Era of Conquest Beginners Guide and Tips

Become an ultimate Ruler around the Globe!

Era of Conquest is a strategy-based game where players can set up an entire kingdom with their favorite ruler. The game is mostly like the famous, Clash of Clans. But the main difference is, that this game lets the players experience the history of the world along with all the great and successful rulers of the world. Players get to expand their land by scouting, exploring, and occupying places around their kingdom and become one of the greatest rulers over the server. Hence, let us follow up with a detailed Era of Conquest beginners guide. Also, stay tuned to get some of the finest tips for all the newcomers. 

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Gameplay Overview 

Era of Conquest is a very interesting strategy-based game where the players get various sets of features to experience in the game. At first, players have to select a ruler for their kingdom. This will help the players to have great and strong support for their base. After this players need to go through the entire tutorial process and slowly start setting up the kingdom.

Players will first build the Main Hall of the village along with some important buildings such as Gold mine, Iron mine, Farm, Barracks, and many more. Players can explore places near their kingdom and also build all these structures for the betterment of their kingdom. Players get to train certain troop members in the barracks and then send the entire troop with their leader or Hero.

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While exploring certain places near the kingdom, players will witness that some people have occupied that place. Thus players can send their troops, fight against them, and occupy the area. Players can also summon several Heroes for their kingdom and troop. This will help them summon stronger leaders and help them make their troops a lot more powerful. Players can summon them with the help of Summon tokens in the game.

Players can witness a small box on the left side of the game screen, where players can check out all the assigned missions. By completing them players can easily earn in-game resources such as Gold, Wood, Iron, and many more. Players can also collect some Character badges and then upgrade the Heroes in the game too. Thus this is a brief gameplay overview for all the newcomers to know about the gameplay mechanics and UI. now let us jump into the main in-game features to understand the basics of Era of Conquest. 

Introducing the Basics of Era of Conquest 

The Main Game Screen 

The Main Game Screen shows the entire kingdom of the players. Players can get access to all the other features of the game through this particular screen, and can even play the game as well. From this game screen, players can even upgrade all the structures present over their base such as Civil Hall, Gold Mine, Iron Mine, and Barracks. Players can scroll through the places and even check for all the undiscovered places present near the kingdom to send their scout and explore the places. Thus, the main purpose is that players can get access to all the features of the game. 


The Profile section is the area where players can check out their profile level, server, and all the other information regarding the players and their game ID. This helps the players to keep a check on their progress. Players can also change their icons and avatars to make their ID look amazing. 

Missions and Quest

Era of Conquest
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Missions and Quests are one of the most important sections of the game. Players can see a small box at the left side of the game screen, where players can check out all the assigned missions and quests for the players. Players can easily complete these assigned missions and quests to earn many interesting rewards along with EXP points that help the players progress further and level up faster. 


The Hero section shows all the Heroes present in the game. Players can check out all the locked and unlocked Heroes. Players can even figure out the entire Heroes based on Tier, Rarity, and Level to understand how strong a Hero is. Players can easily upgrade the Heroes through this section, let us go through the steps:

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  • Go to the Hero section and select the desired hero for upgrading it. 
  • Then tap on the Advance option present at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  • Then check for the character badge and tap on the Upgrade option. 

Thus by following these easy steps, players can upgrade the Heroes easily. Players can also add some skill points and upgrade the skills of characters. Also, players can add some Gears to the characters, this will help the Heroes to resist more damage than before. 


The Summon section helps the players to summon Heroes and several Skill Badges. Heroes are one of the most important aspects of the game. If the players have strong Heroes or Leaders beside them, it will help the players to build a strong army.

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On the other hand, Skill Badges help the players to unlock several powerful skills which they can then utilize further in the game to win fights with stronger opponents. Players can summon Heroes and Skill Badges with the help of the following resources:

  • Soldier Soul Summon tokens 
  • General Soul Summon tokens 
  • Gems 


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The Bag is the section where players can check out all the resources and important items they have earned in the game. Players can also use them in the game directly from the bag itself and this will help the players a lot in progressing further into the game. 


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The Skills section is the section where players can check out all the unlocked Skills and the entire collection of them as well. After earning a Skill Badge, players need to go to the Skill section and then further claim them so that it can be directly used by the players for the Heroes. Also, players can check for the Collection of the entire Skill Badges to see how many rare and common skills they own. This collection also helps the players a lot to progress further in the game. 

era of conquest bag
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The Gallery is the section where the players can check out all the certain itineraries related to the troops and military such as flags, rare gears, and many more. Players can thus make a collection and even get some EXP points which will later help the players to progress further in the game. 


Alliance is basically the clan section of the game. Here players can join or create a clan. This will help them to cooperate with other clan members and complete some missions together. This will help the players earn important resources in the form of rewards and earn EXP points to level up faster. 

Era of Conquest Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Upgrade your Kingdom 

Players must upgrade their kingdoms with the help of important resources in the game. The structures present all around the kingdoms are quite important for the base and thus these structures will help the players to progress faster in the game. Also, it strategies the entire base so that no one can easily invade the base. 

2. Go for more Summons 

Players need to summon more heroes and skill badges in the game. This will help the players unlock more powerful Heroes in the game and set them as troop leaders to make the team much stronger. The Skill Badges are quite an important asset for the game and thus unlocking them will help the players to nurture the Heroes more.

3. Keep upgrading your Heroes 

Players need to collect more Hero Badges, this will help the players upgrade the Heroes. This helps in upgrading the skills and advancing the Hero. this will help the players to enhance the Heroes and make the team much stronger. 

4. Nurture your Skills 

Nurturing the skills will help in improvising the troop members and the Heroes. This will help the players to make the troops and the Heroes stronger and more advantageous while fighting against the troops. Skill badges are quite important and players need to unlock them, with the help of these badges only players can easily improvise and become stronger. 

5. Explore and occupy more Places 

Players need to check out all the mists present around the kingdom. This will help the players expand their area and make their kingdom even bigger. Sometimes, players need to invade some of the places and fight against some troops to occupy the places. Thus scout around the mists and explore areas to take over them. 

Final Thoughts 

Era of Conquest is a very interesting strategy-based game that has amazing sets of in-game features along with varieties of Heroes. Players get an amazing experience because of the gameplay mechanics and UI as they are so well designed and developed. The officials have made the game so elegant that every player will try to stick to this piece. Thus follow our detailed Era of Conquest beginners guide to understand all about the basics and also go through the tips to rise up faster like a real ruler.

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