Era of Conquest Guide: Tips to level up quickly in the game  

Rise up and become the Greatest Ruler!

Era of Conquest is a strategy-based game and thus players get to know every possible way to strategize well and level up faster in the game. Era of Conquest has lots and lots of in-game basics and features that are quite important for newcomers to understand. If the beginners get to know all about the basics, they can then easily jump into the procedure and level up faster in the game. Leveling up will help the players to even progress faster and become stronger in the game. Thus let us now dive into our detailed Era of Conquest Tips to Level up piece and understand how the newcomers can flourish faster. 

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How to level up faster in Era of Conquest 

1. Complete the assigned Missions and Tasks 

Players need to complete the assigned missions and tasks they can witness over the left side of the game screen. This will help the players to progress further in the game very easily. The missions mainly focus on the main game mode and thus players need to follow them properly.

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Players will also earn in-game resources such as Gold, Iron, Grain, and Gems in the form of in-game rewards. These rewards will also help them later to progress and level up easily in the game. 

2. Upgrade powerful Heroes

Heroes are one of the most important entities in the game. If the players utilize the Heroes properly, then it will help the players to build a really strong army for their kingdom. Players need to collect more and more Hero Badges for a particular powerful Hero they want to upgrade. Also, players need to gather up Summon tokens to summon the most powerful Hero. this will help the players to enhance their army and even progress faster in the game.

3. Keep enhancing Skills 

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Skills are yet another important aspect apart from Heroes. If a hero does not have great Skill embedded in it, that hero will never become the strongest one. For this players need to use the Skill Badges properly on the assigned Heroes. This will help the players to make the Hero more powerful and enhance the EXP points. This enhancement of EXP points will lead to progress faster in the game for the players. 

4. Expand your Kingdom

Players need to explore all the places hidden under the mist. Sending scouts and exploring those areas will help the players to expand their area. Expanding the area over the player’s kingdom will help in unlocking more structures and places over the map.

This brings up great advantages for the players as exploring and expanding the kingdom will help them to get EXP points and earn some resources in the form of rewards as well. So send your scouts and expand your area. 

5. Fight against the Enemies

While exploring players will witness several enemy troops have already occupied some of the places under the mist. There, players need to take up their strong army along with the best Heroes to fight against the enemy troops.

If the players defeat the enemy troops, then they can easily acquire the area and expand their kingdom. This will thus help the players to gain more and more EXP points and earn resources as exploring areas is a vital part of the main game missions. So fight against the enemy troops and take over the areas to become a successful ruler. 

Final Thoughts 

Era of Conquest is quite an amazing game for the players who love to play this type of strategy-based game. The game gives a real-time experience to the players due to the fact that the players get to see all the ancient successful rulers in the list. Thus, for now, follow up on our detailed Era of Conquest tips to level up article and understand the basics of progressing faster into the game.

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