Era of Conquest Hero Tier List for May 2024

Get the best Heroes under yourself!

Heroes are one of the most important factors in Era of Conquest. As a strategy game, players need to build up a great and strong army which will help them to defeat other enemy troops in the game and defend their kingdom without any problem. But the main question arises who is the best hero in the game? The game comes with a huge number of Heroes in the game and thus here is our detailed Era of Conquest Hero tier list to help out the players and clear out all the basics about all the heroes in the game. 

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Era of Conquest Tier List for May 2024

To make things easier to understand, I’ve sorted the heroes into three tiers: Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). This helps in grasping each hero’s abilities and assists in forming a powerful team. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on my experiences, so feel free to customize your choices to suit your preferences.

Tier6-Star Heroes5-Star Heroes
Strong (S)Queen Seondok,
Alexandre The Great,
Richard I,
Mary Tudor,
Joan of Arc,
Hojo Tokimune,
Good (A)Guan Yu,
Oda Nobunaga,
Ting Zheng,
Ying Zheng,
Emperor Constantine,
Peter I
Darius the Great,
Li Shimin,
Ragnar Lodbrok
Fair (B)Empress Theodora,
Harold Fairhair,
Toussaint Louverture
El Cid,
Yi Sun-sin,
Ivan IV

Best Meta Heroes for Era of Conquest in May 2024 


In my experience, Leonidas is one of the best heroes because his skill, Battle of Thermopylae, lets him prepare for a round before launching two powerful attacks on a single enemy.

Era of Conquest Leonidas
Image via 4399 Games

If that enemy is already affected by Burn, his damage gets a 50% boost. This makes him a strong damage dealer with the potential to take out key targets quickly, especially when paired with Burn effects.


From what I’ve seen, Caesar is one of the best heroes because of his powerful healing and cleansing abilities. His Purple Robes ability heals two units each round, and the healing becomes much stronger when the units are low on forces, which can be crucial in critical moments.

Image via 4399

Additionally, he has a 50% chance to remove negative status effects like Disarm, Silence, Stun, or Exhaustion from the healed units. This makes him incredibly valuable for keeping your team in fighting shape and overcoming tough situations in battles.

Queen Seondok

In my experience, Queen Seondok is a standout hero due to her unparalleled ability to bolster the survivability of her allies while thwarting enemy control effects. With Hwarang Guard, she enters battle with a unique shield, mitigating damage and granting immunity to a control effect, ensuring her team starts on solid footing.

Era of Conquest Queen Seondeok
Image via 4399 Games

Her skill also has a chance to trigger Composure, further reducing damage taken when allies activate their skills, and enhancing the team’s resilience.

Peter I

From what I’ve seen, Peter I is a standout hero due to his reliable crowd-control abilities. His skill, Czar’s Attacking Army, deals significant damage and has a high chance of silencing or Disarm enemies.

Era of Conquest Peter I
Image via 4399 Games

What makes him exceptional is the initial 100% trigger chance, gradually decreasing by only 15% with each use. Even if the target is already controlled, this reduction doesn’t apply. This consistency makes Peter I a valuable asset, earning him a top-tier status in the game.

Alexander the Great

From my experience, Alexandre The Great is still considered one of the most powerful heroes in the game. The hero brings up such power that for the duration of the first 4 rounds, there is a 35% danger of inflicting Taunt to 3 enemies in keeping with the round, inflicting all selected goal talents to target self first.

Image via 4399

Every goal is determined independently, Lasting 1 round. Additionally, decreases self’s all DMG obtained with the aid of 3.375%.

Final Thoughts

Era of Conquest has over 50+ Heroes in the game and thus for a beginner, it is actually very difficult to figure out the best one out of all the heroes. Every hero comes up with some unique and powerful ability and thus differentiating them for a newcomer is quite hard. Thus follow our detailed Era of Conquest hero tier list and summon the top 5 characters you see in our list. 

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