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Eterspire Beginners Guide and Tips

Find Treasure, battle Monsters, and complete Quests in the land of Thairia!

Eterspire is a role-playing adventure game (MMORPG) published by Stonehollow Workshop LLC. The role-playing game genre used in this game involves the players having to have conversations with different personalities along the map and gain quests, resources, and other amenities. In this beginners guide, players will receive a basic guide on Eterspire followed by some Tips and Tricks to help on the go. 

Eterspire consists of missions, social interaction, character development, map organization, and accessorization. As soon as the player enters the game, the players are given the option to set the appearance and name of their character. And then the players enter the Stonehollow and they can explore the map.

Gameplay Overview

The basic gameplay of the game is that the player enters the stone hollow and they can interact with town members to acquire knowledge about their roles, the place, and the tasks and quests available for them to pursue. The players can move around to other parts of the map for specific tasks. The other parts of the map have characters that the player can role-play with.

Eterspire Beginners Guide
Image via Stonehollow Workshop LLC

The players can interact with other characters and global players. The players will be given response options while talking to the characters in the game. Based on their response, the game will be led. Few characters are unlocked at later levels. The players can interact with other players in the chat box available.

Introducing the basics of Eterspire

Gameplay Mechanics

In the game, each attribute of the game like weapons, healing, banking, cooking, etc, has been introduced to the player through role-play conversations with characters in the game. As soon as the player enters the map, they can explore the map. All along the map, there are various characters assigned for various purposes.

Roleplay methodology
image via Stonehollow Workshop LLC

For example, there is a guiding character named ‘Hans’, who gives the players guidance and basic working of the game while role-playing with the characters. The player can find different characters for weapons, banking, armor, cooking, interaction, etc,


The game quests available are independent and interlinked. Few quests require doing another task so that the player can complete the quest given. The player has the choice to accept or ignore the given quest. If the player does not wish to finish the quest immediately, they can leave it at pause and go search for other quests in the meanwhile. Finishing the quests will provide the players with rewards, with which they can buy resources and upgrade their gaming attributes.


On the top right of the screen, there are a series of icons. The first icon represents the equipment feature of the game. Upon clicking on this the player can see the available and purchasable equipment and accessories. They can add and remove equipment to the player’s character.

Active Quests

Active quests Eterspire
Image via Stonehollow Workshop LLC

Right next to the progress map, the players can see an icon with a quest roll. Upon clicking on this, the players can see all the active quests and the progress of completion of their quests.


In the game, there are two types of maps to help players understand where they are and track their progress. First, there’s a navigation map represented by a circular icon on the bottom right of the screen. This map shows the player’s character location and nearby surroundings, making it easier for players to find their way around.

Eterspire Beginners Guide
Image via Stonehollow Workshop LLC

Next to the equipment icon, there’s another map icon that leads to the progress map. When players click on this icon, they can view the maps they’ve unlocked and get an overview of their game progress. This map not only displays the places they’ve explored but also indicates the levels at which new locations will be unlocked. Essentially, it’s a tool to help players keep track of where they’ve been and where they’re headed in the game.

Other in-game features

When you first open the game, the main homepage shows your character on the map. However, each time you start the game, you’re taken to the login page. The main homepage includes the primary gaming area along with various options and features. One key aspect is the store, located near the active quests icon.

Eterspire Beginners Guide
Image via Stonehollow Workshop LLC

Clicking on it takes players to a place where they can buy different items like consumables, auras, and wings. Another feature is the chatbox at the bottom middle of the screen, where players can send messages either globally or locally. There’s also a smiley icon for making gestures. Additionally, in the top right corner of the screen, there’s a settings icon that allows players to adjust basic game settings.

Eterspire Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Eterspire is a role-playing game that is quite fascinating to participate in and the graphics used are quite simple yet interesting. You can follow the following tips and tricks if you are a beginner and want to better understand the game.

  • Explore the place and find new and hidden spots to find more tasks and quests to do.
  • Sometimes a few gifts pop up at different locations on the map. Make sure to explore and collect them.
  • Always make sure you prioritize the quests you need to improve the level of the profile.
  • Purchase as much new gear and equipment as possible and use different gear and equipment for different purposes.
  • You can use the socializing feature to participate in quests together.

To be brief Eterspire is a decent role-playing game, with a hint of missions and adventures. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our Eterspire beginners guide for tips. Happy gaming!

That’s all from us for the Eterspire Beginners Guide! Did you find our Eterspire Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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