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Eversoul Beginners Guide and Tips

Collect beautiful Souls and enjoy a stunning visual RPG!

Eversoul is an RPG genre game developed by Kakao Games Corp. This game has visuals such as animation, graphics, and anime-like artwork with a combination of amazing battles with various skills and ultimates of each character or what is known as a soul with various different factions. In addition, this game also has a lot of features that you can play, so it won’t make you get bored quickly. The game can get complicated on a few occasions, hence this Eversoul Beginners Guide will help you navigate yourself from those occasions.

In this game, you will fight with five characters of various types and each type has advantages and disadvantages each other. Apart from fighting, you also need to build a town for your account development where you can get around in the area by building, doing Part-Time Jobs, and fighting the enemies around.

Introducing the basics of Eversoul


Eversoul Guide Souls
Image via Kakao Games Corp

Eversoul has lots of characters that you can use, up to 40+ with different skills, types, roles, and grades. What stands out the most or needs attention is the type of each character such as Humanlike, Beast, Fairy, Undead, Angel, and Demon. Why is this type so important? Because there will be additional stats when using several characters of the same type.


Team Eversoul Beginners Guide
image via Kakao Games Corp

Before fighting, you will be asked to choose 5 souls to deploy to be brought into battle. You can arrange the 5 souls in terms of placement and formation, where each formation has different additional statistics.


image via Kakao Games Corp

Apart from fighting, this game also has buildings or what is known as a Town. There you can walk around in your Private land or go to the Commercial District. Apart from that you can do Part-Time Jobs every dawn and nightfall which can get Town Coins to spend at the Town Shop and can talk to souls to give gifts or go on an outing.

The Ark

There are various features that can be used to make it easier for players to improve their souls, such as:

  • Ascend Soul: Ascension is a key component of Soul growth because once you do ascension, the stats and max level of your soul will increase.
  • Release Souls: When you release souls, you will get various growth materials, this is quite useful when you have souls that you don’t use at all, so you can release souls
The Ark Eversoul Beginners Guide
image via Kakao Games Corp
  • Level Sync: When you have 5 souls with the highest level among others, you can share the level with the lowest level soul, but are limited by the available slots. This can be used when you have the newest soul and want to increase your level without leveling up.
  • Reset Level: Reset this level is almost the same as Release Souls so when resetting the level you will get the growth materials and keepsakes that you have been equipped with, the difference is that you will not lose these souls. The level just reset to level 1.

Eversoul Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Eversoul Beginners Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Take advantage of Infinite Reroll

At the beginning of playing the Eversoul game, after completing certain stages you will definitely get the opportunity to do an infinite reroll, which means you can keep rerolling until you decide to stop or keep rerolling to find the soul you want.

infinite reroll Eversoul Beginners Guide
image via Kakao Games Corp

Take advantage of this opportunity because it can only be used once for each account, so make sure to look for souls with the highest tier so you don’t have to look around again through rerolling with even stones.

2. Improve your Soul

Increasing your soul in the Eversoul game is quite simple. Because there are only Level Up and Keepsake. You can use Level Up to increase the level by using several materials or resources such as Mana Crystal, Mana Dust, and Gold. You can go straight to Quick Level Up to make it faster and more efficient, which usually increases the level every 20.

Improve your soul
image via Kakao Games Corp

Apart from leveling up, you can use Equipment or what is known as Keepsake in this game. If you are confused about which equipment to use, then you can just use the Auto-Equip feature.

3. Understand the Zodiac

zodiac Eversoul Beginners Guide
image via Kakao Games Corp

This zodiac is actually quite functional when you already have a solid team because the zodiac can get buffs for souls for certain types. So when you have a team with a composition that is more dominant towards the Humanlike type, then you can do a blessing to the Gemini Zodiac. This really depends on the composition of your team.

4. Take advantage of the soul-type counter

There are various types in this Eversoul game, of the many types each type has its own counter which if it has an advantage over a certain type, then you deal 25% additional damage. Here there are Humanlikes who have an advantage over beasts, beasts have an advantage over fairies, fairies have an advantage over the undead, and the undead has an advantage over humanlike.

soul type counter
image via Kakao Games Corp

Then angels and demons have mutual advantages when face to face. Before fighting, you should see the type of opponent first. From there you can determine what type of soul you should deploy.

5. Set your Formation

Before starting the battle, you need to set the formation and the team that will be deployed. The first thing is to take advantage of the counter for each soul like the previous point, then you also need to adjust your formation, whether you should use basic, defense ranged, or assault.

formation eversoul
Image via Kakao Games Corp

One of the ways to choose it is that you have to know first, what range of attack the soul you are deploying, when you are more dominant in melee with the defender role, then you can use defense, if you are more dominant in long-range attacks, you can use range, if you are more dominant in melee also but with mixed roles with the striker, defender, and warrior you can use assault, then if all souls are balanced between melee and range you can use basic formations.

Image via Kakao Games Corp

Besides that, you can also use at least 3 souls of the same type to get additional statistics, like the picture above. This is quite something to consider when setting up your formation

6. Master the in-game battle mechanisms

Mechanism of battle
image via Kakao Games Corp

When doing battle, you can operate in terms of your skills and ultimate soul. Use timing in the right order when using skills and ultimate, for example in the early game you should use skills with AoE, then during the late game which means there are only a few enemies left, you can use skills with a single target.

Final Thoughts

Eversoul is a game that is very hype lately because of its infinite reroll feature with stunning visuals. Besides that, there are a lot of characters with unique skills that are also a factor. You can explore a lot more when playing this game, especially in the formation of your team. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Eversoul beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

Did you find this Eversoul Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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