Evony: The King’s Return Beginners Guide and Tips

Learn how to be the Best Leader!

Dive into the real-time strategy MMO world of Evony: The King’s Return, crafted by TG Inc. Players get to travel through the annals of history, experiencing the grand impact and engaging in an epic strategic duel. After spending several hours playing the game on mobile, this Evony: The King’s Return Beginners Guide will help you understand the game’s fundamentals and how to start well.

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Evony: The King’s Return Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Choosing Culture

In the game, I choose from seven distinct cultures, each offering unique perks and traits that specialize in specific aspects of city development and military strategies. While these cultures are generally balanced, some are particularly beneficial for newcomers, providing bonuses that enhance building, development, and resource generation. Here’s a brief overview of the cultures available:

Evony The King's Return Culture
Image via TG Inc.
  • Europe: Stone Production +10%, Mounted Troop Attack +5%, March Speed to Monsters +5%.
  • China: Troop Load +5%, Ground Troop Attack +5%, Research Speed +3%.
  • Japan: Food Production +10%, Ground Troop Defense +5%, Crafting Speed +8%.
  • Korea: Lumber Production +10%, Ranged Troop Attack +5%, Healing Speed +5%.
  • America: Gold Levy +5%, Siege Machine Attack +5%, Training Speed +3%.
  • Russia: Ore Production +10%, Mounted Troop Defense +5%, Trap Build Speed +10%.
  • Arabia: Gem Gather Speed +5%, Mounted Troop HP +5%, Bonus From Offering +5%.

Remember, you have the flexibility to switch cultures, although it comes with a gem fee each time. So, choosing wisely based on my playstyle and goals ensures a rewarding and customized gaming experience in Evony.

Build your Kingdom

As I start my kingdom in Evony, I have a Keep and a few essential buildings, prompting the need to construct new structures to enhance production and fortify the army and defenses. Initially, I focused on important resource production buildings like Sawmills, Farms, Quarries, and Mines, which provide Lumber, Food, Stone, and Ore.

Evony The King's Return Building
Image via TG Inc.

I also pay attention to military buildings such as Barracks, Stables, Workshops, and Archer Camps, where I train the four army unit types essential for my development. These units not only protect against enemy attacks but also actively gather resources from the world map, complementing my passive production. Above all, I make sure to upgrade my Keep consistently. It unlocks other structures and enables existing buildings to reach higher levels, making them more effective in supporting my city’s growth.


In Evony: The King’s Return, there are four troop types, each with specific uses and advantages:

  • Infantry: Effective against Ranged troops.
  • Ranged: Strong against Cavalry.
  • Cavalry: Effective against Infantry.
  • Siege: Balanced stats and the highest troop load capacity, making them ideal for world map gathering expeditions. Note that when damaged, sieges can’t be treated in a hospital and require gems for repair.
Evony The King's Return
Image via TG Inc.

For an efficient approach, I focus on siege weapons early on. They enhance my resource gathering, potentially speeding up my city’s development by minimizing the waiting time for building and upgrading materials. Maintaining a balanced troop distribution is crucial, but prioritizing siege units offers a strategic advantage.


In Evony: The King’s Return, Generals play a crucial role as leaders for both armies and city development. As I assign Generals to specific roles, they significantly enhance the effectiveness of my troops, workers, or buildings. For instance, when leading an army, Generals can bolster the attack or defense of certain unit types and provide unique bonuses, like increased march speed towards enemy NPCs or improved loot drops from monsters.

Evony The King's Return General
Image via TG Inc.

To utilize Generals, you must first assign them to a position, a feature unlocked by upgrading your Keep to level 16. The flexibility of assigning different Generals to your armies allows strategic choices based on the situation.

Mysterious Puzzle

In Evony, there’s a special game mode called “Mysterious Puzzle” that you can find on the main city screen. Here, I guide my character through mazes filled with hazards to reach a treasure. My character automatically runs to the right, changing direction at the walls. The challenge is to slide pins in the correct order to create a safe path, avoiding hazards.

Evony The King's Return Puzzle
Image via TG Inc.

I make it a point to complete as many puzzles as possible to earn speed-up items. These items are crucial for hastening my city’s development and minimizing the wait times for various timers. Regularly tackling these puzzles has become a key strategy to optimize my progress in Evony.

Evony: The King’s Return Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Follow the game’s Main Quest

Prioritize main missions in Evony: The King’s Return for a quick game advancement. They serve as a clear guide, directing my actions toward crucial tasks and objectives. Aligning with these missions not only brings valuable rewards but also ensures strategic progress.

2. Do Puzzles to get Speed-up items

Boost efficiency by utilizing the “Mysterious Puzzles” mode in Evony: The King’s Return to acquire speed-up items. These puzzles offer engaging challenges as I guide my character through maze-filled hazards to uncover treasures. Mastering these puzzles greatly enhances my city’s development.

3. Join an Alliance

In Evony: The King’s Return, I recommend joining an alliance to foster mutual growth. Being part of an alliance provides me with numerous benefits, including receiving free speed-ups, accessing rare items in the alliance shop, enjoying alliance science buffs, and participating in organized alliance wars against boss monsters or enemies.

4. Prioritize Resource Gathering

In Evony, I prioritize gathering resources from the world map to expedite my empire’s development. Consistently gathering resources minimizes the waiting time required for my production buildings to generate enough resources for research and upgrades. Making resource gathering a regular practice ensures swift and efficient growth in my empire.

5. Strategize your Troop Building

In Evony, smartly assemble your troops by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, and Siege units. Adjust your troop mix to maximize their advantages. I suggest prioritizing Siege units early for effective resource gathering on the world map. This uncomplicated approach ensures a strong and balanced military force in Evony, elevating your gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

In Evony, every decision you make shapes the destiny of your empire. This guide aimed to provide essential tips for efficient resource management, strategic troop building, and making the most of key features like Mysterious Puzzles.

Joining alliances, focusing on main missions, and exploring the world map is crucial for swift progress. Remember, your choices influence the history of your kingdom in this immersive game that blends resource management, city development, and strategic warfare. May your empire flourish, and your rule in Evony become legendary!

That’s all from us for Evony: The King’s Return Beginners Guide! Did you find our Evony: The King’s Return beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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