eFootball PES 2020: Most exciting squads for Konami Cup Matchday in PES

Konami Cup Matchday has been the recent Matchday event in eFootball PES 2020 for some time now. On Konami Cup Matchdays, you get to select from 48 of the top teams around the world, the points are counted in a Home vs Away format. Typically, most players choose top teams like Real Madrid (Madrid Chamartin B), Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool etc. because they have great preset squads.

Well, great preset squads might be easier to win, but not always they are fun to play with. And what’s the point of playing a game if you don’t have fun, more so for a game like PES where there are very less number of fun elements. Also, the online mode is full of lag and scripting bugs these days. So in this article, we are going to discuss about 4 underrated preset teams which are exciting and fun to play with for Konami Cup Matchdays in PES, and you should definitely try them out if you like to try out different squads and managers, just like us.

Before heading on to the squads, if you want to read our Konami Cup Matchday Squad Builders for other teams in PES, feel free to check them out:

After trying out a lot of squads, along with their managers and tactics, we found the following 4 exciting squads you should try out on Konami Cup Matchday in PES.

  • Lazio (Italy)
  • Atalanta (Italy)
  • Ajax (Netherlands)
  • Tottenham (England)

Remember, when we say exciting squads, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are guaranteed to win every match with these squads. But, you will be satisfied with the team chemistry and game-play. Now, let’s get into these squads without any further ado.

SS Lazio

Italian football might not be famous for exciting football, but Lazio has been one of the most exciting teams of the season, not only in Italy but across Europe. They are still in the title race with Juventus, in what seems to be a magical season for them. As in real life, Lazio is a very exciting and open-scoring team to play with, in PES as well.

Manager & Formation

Former player Simone Inzaghi, brother of the former Milan star Filippo Inzaghi, is the head coach of the team. He uses a 3-3-2-2 formation, with Counter Attack style of play.

PES Konami Cup Matchday  S.Inzaghi
Inzaghi’s Offensive & Defensive tactic

Starting XI

Lazio’s starting XI is pretty much straight forward, there really isn’t too much competition in the squad. The team looks like this:

  • Forwards: CF (C. Immobile), SS (J.Correa).
  • Midfield: 2 CMFs (Milinkovic-Savic & Alberto), LMF (Lulic) & RMF (Lazzari), and DMF (Leiva).
  • Defence: 3CBs (Radu, Acerbi, Felipe).
  • Goalkeeper: Strakosha.
PES Konami Cup Matchday  Lazio team
Lazio’s preferred Starting XI

Tactical Analysis

A tactical analysis is a very important part of how you approach a match. For a team being exciting and fun to play with, there must be a proper tactic which you need to follow throughout the match. We’ll discuss the tactics for both the offensive and defensive phase for every team we suggest Konami Cup.

Offensive phase

The offensive phase basically means when you are trying to build an attack. Let’s see how you can shape the attack for Lazio:

  • Use Immobile as your goal-machine. He can score goals left, right and centre, from inside or outside the box. Try to keep him close to the box, and feed balls/crosses for him to score.
  • Correa is a really versatile player, he can create space for others to run into, or can score himself. He has good ball control and dribbling abilities, so use him effectively as a perfect second striker just behind Immobile.
  • Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is a key player in the team, he is a Hole Player who often likes to push forward and join the attack. Additionally, his height and physicality make him a good aerial threat inside the box. He can shoot from distance as well.
  • Use Luis Alberto as the creator of the team. He can provide great through and long balls to the forwards. If the opportunity comes, you can try to bend one with him, he has got good curl.
  • Push Lulic and Lazzari forward, try to exploit the wide spaces, and cross in for great headers like Immobile and Savic.
  • Keep Lucas Leiva back, don’t press with him.
Lazio offensive tactic
Visual representation of Lazio’s Offensive tactic

Defensive phase

The defensive phase is basically when the opposition is attacking. You have to tighten the spaces and snatch away possession from the opposition attackers.

  • Drop Lazzari and Lulic back to defend the wide areas.
  • Drop Lucas Leiva to cover for the defenders, and Savic as well, his great physicality and aggression helps in winning the ball back.
  • Acerbi and Radu have great aggression which helps in ball-winning.
  • Drop Correa deep to collect balls and quickly start a counter.
  • Acerbi and Luiz Felipe have the long-ball expert trait, so you can directly long-ball to the forwards after winning the ball back in the defensive third.
PES Konami Cup Matchday  Lazio defensive tactic
Visual representation of Lazio’s Defensive tactic

Now you are ready to play with Lazio on Konami Cup Matchday in PES! Go on and have fun playing with this great squad.

Atalanta B.C.

The 2nd team on this list is another team from Italy. Atalanta has scored 70 goals in 25 Serie A games this season, averaging an extraordinary 2.8 goals per game. That makes them the highest scoring side in Serie A, as well as third highest in Europe. They have a great squad, and with a great manager, they certainly are fun to play with, in PES as well.

Manager & Formation

Italian head coach Gian Piero Gasperini is having his best spell as Atalanta manager this season since joining in 2016. He plays an interesting 3-2-3-2 formation, with Counter Attacking style.

Gasperini’s Offensive & Defensive tactic

Starting XI

Gasperini keeps rotating his players in real-life, but here we stick to what we found as the best working lineup for this squad. There’s certainly room for competition, especially in the midfield. Our preferred XI looks like this:

  • Forwards: 2 CFs (Zapata, Ilicic).
  • Midfield: 2 CMFs (De Roon & Freuler), LMF (Gosens) & RMF (Hateboer), and AMF (Gomez).
  • Defence: 3CBs (Palomino, Caldara, Toloi).
  • Goalkeeper: Sportiello.
Atalanta Konami Cup Matchday squad
Our preferred Atalanta XI

Tactical Analysis

In real-life, Atalanta’s tactical breakdown is very complex. Gasperini’s brilliant tactics in this 3-2-3-2 have been extremely well executed by his players so far. In PES, however, the tactics are not so complex but still, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while attacking and defending.

Offensive phase

  • Use A. Gomez as the creator of the team. He has brilliant passing, ball control and dribbling abilities. He doesn’t have the Hole Player playstyle which is more suited for two striker formations. But he makes that up in his chances creation.
  • Push Gosens and Hateboer forward. They have great pace and stamina and can exploit the wide areas well. Cross in for the forwards, particularly for Zapata, who is great in the air.
  • Zapata operates well as a Target Man, he can hold the ball well and create spaces for Ilicic or Gomez. He has good shooting as well, can score from inside or outside the box.
  • Ilicic has great finishing, and ball control. He can turn away from defenders and shoot. He is extremely well on free-kicks as well.
  • Use CMFs De Roon and Freuler for pressing, but don’t commit too much.
Visual representation of Atalanta’s offensive tactic

Defensive phase

  • Wide players Gosens and Hateboer have great stamina and pace, trackback with them as soon as you lose the ball.
  • The CMFs are both box-to-box players, and they work as a shield to the backline in the defensive phase.
  • Gomez and Zapata both drop deep, where they can collect the ball and quickly release Ilicic for a counter.
  • Caldara has the long-ball expert trait, so you can try to directly pass to the forwards as soon as you win the ball back.
Visual representation of Atalanta’s defensive tactic

Atalanta is surely one of the must-try teams on Konami Cup Matchday in PES. We’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun playing with this great squad and scoring a lot of goals!

AFC Ajax

Ajax is undoubtedly one of the most exciting teams in world football, especially after last season’s unbelievable run in Europe. Despite losing two of their most gifted players this season, they still have a solid team and are certainly great to play with.

Manager & Formation

Eric Ten Hag (P.Boer in-game) has changed the team’s formation a number of times this season, finally, he settled to an offensive version of a classic 4-3-3, the 4-2-1-3. He has always preferred a counter-attacking style of play, and his young team is full of pace and stamina and performs amazingly well in counter.

Konami Cup Matchday  Ten Hag tactics in PES
Ten Hag’s Offensive & Defensive tactics

Starting XI

It’s little difficult to fit in such an attacking minded team in a 4-2-1-3 formation. But we have picked what we found works the best with this formation. Our preferred Ajax XI looks like this:

  • Forwards: LWF (Promes), CF (Tadic), RWF (Neres).
  • Midfield: AMF (Ziyech), CMF (Van De Beek), DMF (Martinez).
  • Defence: LB (Tagliafico), 2CBs (Blind, Veltman), RB (Mazraoui).
  • Goalkeeper: Onana.
Our preferred Ajax Squad

Tactical Analysis

Tactical analysis of a classic 4-3-3 team shouldn’t be complex at all, but the style of play we found to be effective with this Ajax team is slightly more complex than we expected it to be.

Offensive phase

  • Wingers, Promes and Neres are key to the offensive build-up. You should use the pace, ball control and dribbling of these two players to exploit the wide areas of the opposition half. They can break quickly, and when in the final third, find a way to cut inside or pass the ball to Tadic or Ziyech to score. This seemed to us the easiest way to score with this Ajax team.
  • Tadic doesn’t play as a traditional striker, he is a creative playmaker by playstyle. He often drops to involve in the build-up, use his passing skills well to feed the ball to the wingers or Ziyech to score.
  • Hakim Ziyech is set to join Chelsea this year and for sure we’re going to miss him in the Ajax team. Use him as the no.10, collecting balls from midfield and then passing to wingers or Tadic, who are making a run forward. He likes to get forward and score himself, typically from the edge of the box.
  • Both full-backs Tagliafico and Mazraoui are offensive in nature, use them for making overlapping runs. Tagliafico is great in the air, so don’t forget to set him as one of your set-piece attackers.
  • Van De Beek plays out of his natural position in this lineup, but he is useful for exchanging quick passes in the build-up. Also, he likes to push forward through the left when there’s a chance.

Defensive phase

  • This formation becomes a 4-3-3 while defending, with Ziyech dropping back. Push the midfield back for providing cover to the defence.
  • Trackback with fullbacks as soon as you lose the ball.
  • Try to keep your wingers as much forward as you can, so they can immediately start a counter when you win the ball back. Tadic can drop deep to help in combining with the midfield and then passing the ball to the wingers.
  • Players like Tagliafico, Blind and Veltman have great aggression, so use that to snatch the ball from opposition attackers.
  • There are many long-ball experts in the team, like Veltman, Martinez and Ziyech as well. They can provide great long-balls for the wingers to attack as soon as you win the ball back.

That was our AFC Ajax squad for the Konami Cup Matchday in PES. This is a very exciting young team, and we’re sure you’ll have fun playing with them. Now let’s move on to our next and final squad.

Tottenham Hotspur

We’re pretty sure this club is the most surprising entry in this list of the most exciting squads for Konami Cup Matchday in PES. Spurs are probably going through their worst season in the last few years, with Jose Mourinho taking over from their legendary manager Mauricio Pochettino. Well, it’s not the form, but the formation and the players that make this squad fun to play with.

Manager & Formation

Jose Mourinho (G.Henriques in-game) is probably one of the best managers of this century, he has had many famous stints all over Europe in his illustrious career. Since taking charge of Spurs, he has used different formations, mostly forced due to injuries to the key players. In the Datapack 7.0, his formation was changed to 4-3-1-2. Jose prefers Possession play in PES, but he has the players who can make counters work as well.

Konami Cup Matchday Mourinho tactics
Jose’s Offensive & Defensive tactics

Starting XI

Spurs have a decent squad, but they have not yet found what XI works best for them. However in PES, our Spurs squad Konami Cup Matchday looks pretty good, with extreme attacking flair and a versatile midfield.

  • Forwards: 2 CFs (Son, Kane).
  • Midfield: 2 CMFs (Ndombele & Lo Celso), AMF (Alli), and DMF (Dier).
  • Defence: 3CBs (Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Sanchez), RB (Aurier).
  • Goalkeeper: Lloris.
Konami Cup Matchday Spurs squad
Our preferred Spurs XI

Tactical Analysis

Most of the PES players are accustomed to this formation, F.Santos’ 4-3-1-2 Counter being a heavily used formation in online matches. The tactics don’t really change much except the build-up part, because Possession play requires a slower build-up.

Offensive phase

  • Kane might be a Fox in the box according to his playstyle, but he likes to drop deep and involve in the build-up. He has great offensive awareness and finishing and can turn up at any opportunity.
  • Son is a key player in this team. The Korean international is good as a CF as well, his pace, ball control helps him with the trickery to get past defenders and score. He can provide the final ball for Alii and Kane as well. He is also good at receiving long-balls and finishing them in quick counters.
  • Dele Alli is one of the best Hole Players in the game and pushes forward at every opportunity. Use him for the link-up between the forwards. His one-touch and through passing skills are very effective in the final third, so use that well.
  • Lo Celso and Ndombele can push wider and forward, looking for space to supply balls to the forwards. They are good at scoring themselves after an exchange of passes with the forwards, so use them accordingly.
  • Aurier has good offensive qualities, push forward with him and put in crosses for strong aerial players like Alli and Kane.
Spurs offensive tactic
Visual representation of Tottenham’s offensive tactic

Defensive phase

  • Alli, Lo Celso and Ndombele all push down as Box to box players in the defensive phase, trying to protect the defence and win possession back. They are effective in doing so.
  • Aurier has good pace, stamina and aggression to quickly trackback and stops opposition wingers from creating problems when you lose the ball.
  • We use Vertonghen as an additional CB in the left, he provides the defence with more compactness.
  • Both Vertonghen and Alderweireld have the long-ball expert trait and can pass the ball directly to Son, who is great at breaking the opposition’s defensive line with his pace and dribbling.
Spurs defensive tactic
Visual representation of Tottenham’s defensive tactic

Spurs were the final team in this list of the most exciting squads for Konami Cup Matchday in PES. Hope you enjoy playing with the Spurs team and following these tactics. Good luck!

Note: All the tactics and team selections are based on our playing experience with these teams. Your experience might be different, and we’ll be more than happy to hear your experiences and opinions about more exciting teams to use for the Matchdays, in the comment section below.

Next up, we have more fan favourite club teams coming in for Konami Cup Matchday in PES 2020!

Did you find this article helpful? Which team do you use for Matchday? Also, what other squads do you want us to build for Konami Cup? Let us know in the comment section below! Read our other PES articles here.

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A big thank you to Chirag and Sreejith. I’m just seeing the comment on your previous post and thank you for doing this. Was kinda getting bored using the same usual teams everytime and this has been a really good post, will be trying out on of the teams here for today’s preset matchday.


I preferred the previous tournament.. every 30 minutes tournament.. present day people does not play PES because you gave advantages of accuracy and speed for those high ranked . its not fair.. another thing why the lowest team played like 60 years old men.. please make more National Team rather then clubs. The camera angle also looked outdated..we South East Asian countries still waiting for AFF Suzuki.. hope in year 2080 you make it up.. lol

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Last edited 3 years ago by Ridwaan Chothia
Ridwaan Chothia

Thank you so much for this tread. I tend to shy away from the preset squad Matchdays due to the fact that I always pick the usual teams and come up against them too. Last night I decided to change it up abit and went with your recommendation of Lazio. I narrowly lost my 1st match to a Barcelona squad and after that it was pure magic. Once I figured out the formation I went on an insane win streak of 8 matches. I enjoyed the team and formation so much that I even delved away from my usual 433… Read more »

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