eFootball PES 2020: Building Bayern Munich and Barcelona Matchday Squad in PES

We have come back with the second part of the article which focuses to bring the best out of the squad in Matchday Mode in PES 2020. The registration deadline for eFootball Season Program is up on the horizon which ends on the 24th of May, 2020 by 23:59 (UTC). So if you want to get your hands on the glorious eFootball Season Program Rewards, we remind you again to register as soon as you can. For those of you who have completed your registration, the deadline for completing the required eFootball Season Program Points also ends on the 24th of May, 2020 by 23:59 (UTC). So if you’re lagging behind the required points you need to gear up and start grinding immediately.

So we have taken up to review the 4 main sponsors in eFootball Season Program to review their squads and how to maximise your gains from their squad depth.

In this article, we are going to bring the defending champions of the Bundesliga and LaLiga under our scanner and look at the squads of Bayern Munich and Barcelona and how to get the best out of a squad in the Matchday mode of PES 2020.

FC Bayern Munich Squad Builder

Manager: Hans-Dieter Flick (known as H. Flick)

Formation: 4-2-3-1 (Possession Game)

Matchday squad builders in PES
Offensive and Defensive Tactics of H.Flick

Starting XI


Matchday squad builders in PES

The easiest choice you have to make while choosing your team is in the goalkeeper position. Manuel Neuer, though past his prime, still sometimes manages to outperform the best goalkeepers in the game. The former Golden Glove winner is one of the best offensive GK’s in PES along with Ederson and Ter Stegen. He comes to clear his lines which is effective against long-ball spammers. He has got the low punt skill along with great reflexes and awareness.


Bayern Munich is one of the European teams which have the most squad depth in defence. Therefore, it is difficult to come up with a choice in the back 4 of Bayern Munich. The defence consists of many utility players like Pavard, Alaba or Lucas Hernandez who can play both as a CB/LB.


David Alaba has more balanced stats distribution and better defensively as opposed to Alphonso Davies whose biggest asset is his blistering pace. If you’re looking to defend than attack, We’d give the nod to Alaba as the starter. He has got good distribution skills and gives stability to the defence. Alaba is a flexible left CB who can distribute well, thus you could also use him. Therefore in such a case, Davies can fill in as an LB.

Preferred Defense lineup for Bayern Munich

Left Center-back

Lucas Hernandez is one of the better choices as left centre-back as he is flexible enough to cover the spaces. The former French World-Cup winner, who played the world cup as an LB, has the Man Marking trait. Thus, it is helpful to play him in a left-CB because of his strong left foot. The only disadvantageous thing in him is his play-style (Extra Frontman), which can make him a little vulnerable at times.

You could even consider Niklas Sule as left CB if you want to go with Boateng as the right CB. In such a case, Alaba on the left-back position could also take care of the distribution.

Alternative Defense Lineup for Bayern Munich

Right Center-back

Niklas Sule is one of the best tall and strong CB‘s in the Bayern lineup. He is one of the best choices as either of the two center-backs. He can hold off the quickest forwards using his Physical Contact or Aggression. The Destroyer playstyle is one of the hands-down best defensive playstyles in-game. It helps to keep strong and quick attackers at bay. He is also a threat from set-pieces with great heading abilities. He has got injury troubles this season, so if his in-game form is in a down-arrow, you can also get Jerome Boateng to fill for him. Boateng was a beast back in PES 2019 and still good enough.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Alternate Defense Lineup for Bayern Munich


Benjamin Pavard is the hands-on best choice for RB as he has got the defensive fullback playstyle. It helps him to cover the right flank with ease against opposition wingers. He has all the necessary features as a defensive full-back which includes the Man-Marking trait and great Defensive Awareness. He has the “Long-ball Expert” trait along with good lofted pass stats, which is a great addition to his game-play. Pavard can find Gnabry or Lewandowski clean through in quick offensive counters.


Bayern Munich generally employs a complete fluid playstyle in midfield. The players are very flexible in their movement, So their squad familiarity should be high. The midfield involves wingers like Coman/Perisic and Gnabry to keep the line low as they could make runs past them. It also assigns the task of Kimmich to hold the play in the midfield which requires his all-round abilities. Thiago can pick passes beautifully and push up the pitch if necessary. Goretzka can fill in a bit of muscle power if needed.
Lastly, Muller functions as a Ramdeuter who can utilize spaces brilliantly and help Lewandowski and other players going forward to play around him.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Alternate Midfield Lineup for Bayern Munich

Joshua Kimmich is one of the first names in the team sheet for Bayern Munich. Arguably, one of the best players for Bayern in the pitch and helps in orchestrating attacks from the midfield. He binds the team together and pushes up the pitch centrally to support the attack if necessary. This helps Muller/ Goretzka/ Thiago to drop into spaces into the opposition defence and create pressure. His stamina is commendable as he is a tireless worker and has excellent passing stats. He can score some brilliant long-rangers as well.

Finding the perfect partner to Joshua Kimmich is tough. Thiago Alcantara has excellent ball control and passing abilities. He gets into the pockets of spaces being a hole player. His dribbling is smooth. The former La-Masia graduate is instrumental in the way Bayern plays and can adapt well.
Leon Goretzka is a more direct box-to-box option who is a decent goal-scorer too. He is one of the most attacking box-to-box player he can be paired with Kimmich perfectly as he is tall, strong, and fast and reduces a lot of his work rate.


On the left flank, there is a huge pool of players from whom you can choose from. Ivan Perisic is the player who can drift in from the flanks to score and support Lewandowski and has great explosive power to get past defenders.

If you are good with your dribbling and can get past defenders, Kingsley Coman is your man as his dribbling is sizzling. He can function as a super-sub whenever necessary and has got excellent skill sets. These two players have the “Prolific Winger” playstyle and can cut in from the flanks and can provide pressure in the opponent’s penalty box.

Coutinho, on the other hand, is good enough for only putting in crosses into the box and the Roaming flank playstyle does not make him drift inside and make enough forward runs into the box and because of weak strength. You can also try out Davies in the LMF position but offers great pace or dribbling which Coman does as well. Our vote goes out to Perisic/Coman for the matchday squad in PES.


Serge Gnabry is the outright choice for the RMF position because of his prolific winger playing style. He is really fast and has offensive awareness to make runs past the fullbacks in quick counters. He is fantastic on the ball and cuts in brilliantly from the wings. His finishing is not really up to the mark compared to his real-life standards.

Matchday squad builders in PES


The Dummy Runner is one of the most unique playstyles in PES 2020. Thomas Muller occupies the central areas of the pitch. He plays alongside the striker, Robert Lewandowski and can hold the ball brilliantly. He has impressive offensive awareness to exploit the spaces based on the team’s passing play and utilizes each bit of mistakes made by the opposition. Muller is a tireless worker off the ball with his 99 stamina. He is instrumental in Bayern’s play. Despite losing the spot under their ex-manager Kovac, Muller has found his way back into the team under Flick. Since then, he has worked hard to become one of the important players in the team.



Robert Lewandowski is one of the most prolific goal poachers in the game and can score goals from literally anywhere. One of the most complete strikers in the game, he has the best positioning and shooting in the box. He can score headers with crosses put into the box.
The Polish striker is one of the indisputable starters in the Bayern Munich’s 4-2-3-1 as a solo striker and is well on course for the European Golden Boot if he continues his great form.

Tactical Analysis

The Bundesliga champion for the last seven years, Bayern is the most successful club in German football history, having won a record 29 national titles and 19 national cups, along with numerous European honours. Selecting the starting XI of a team often becomes a hard job, and more so for a team like Bayern who have got great squad depth.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Best Starting XI for Bayern Munich

This can be the best Bayern Munich team possible which will improve your gameplay and help Lewandowski score some blinders.

FC Barcelona Squad Builder

Manager: Quique Setien

Formation: 4-3-3 (Possession Game)

Matchday squad builders in PES
Offensive and Defensive Tactics of Quique Setien

Starting XI



Marc Andre Ter Stegen is one of the most formidable names in goal in the world and have made Barcelona leak lot less goals than they deserve to.
He is an offensive GK who can work in Quique Setien’s system as a sweeper-keeper which requires wonderful distribution abilities. He has one of the best reflexes in-game and is a brilliant shot-stopper.


The Barcelona way involves centre-backs to build from the back and quick passes to break the opponent press. It also involves fullbacks pushing up the pitch and overloading the opponents box. It involves a high defensive line for the defenders who also likes to play with the ball and keep the pressure on the opponent’s half. As Matchday involves online squad matches in PES, It is suggested to possess options which will give you stability in the back 4 along with supporting the build-up to the attack.


Jordi Alba is extremely good going forward and has a great pace to beat the opponent fullbacks. He has got a good bit of stamina and the “Fighting Spirit” trait to charge the opponent wingers and defends well. Junior Firpo is also a good option because of his ‘Pin-point crossing’ to get balls in the box and combines well with the left CMF. He drifts in centrally if necessary and defends the flank pretty well too.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Preferred Defense Lineup for Barcelona

Left Center-Back

Clement Lenglet will slightly edge over Samuel Umtiti in this respect as he can mark attackers staying behind and covers for Pique brilliantly staying behind in the box. He does jump brilliantly to clear off long balls meant for attackers. The French center-back is the no-nonsense guy beside Gerard Pique. He has got pretty good defensive awareness to be a Build-Up CB.

Right Center-Back

Gerard Pique is the best option because of his excellent ball-winning capabilities. He is very good with ball distribution with good passing stats. The only thing which is not good about him is his ‘Extra Frontman‘ style where he tries to participate in the build-up. You’ve to make sure he stays behind and look for long balls for wingers to latch upon. Going ahead to join the squad in build-up might be very dangerous in Matchday mode in PES.

Alternative Defense lineup for Barcelona


It depends on what type of profile of a right-back will fit in your team. Nelson Semedo is extremely fast with good stamina but is poor in defending. With Pique as a CB who fails to cover well if beaten with pace, Sergi Roberto will be much more a defensively stable option to defend the left-wing of the opponent. Roberto supports the attack and combines with Messi on the Right-wing nicely. ‘Pinpoint crossing‘ trait helps him to put crosses into the box for the forwards to get on the end of it.


The entire heart of Barcelona’s gameplay involves their heavily talented midfield. The famous batch of 2009-2011 involved the likes of Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets patrolling the midfield and involved exchange of quick passes and forming passing triangles to break the press of the opponents. The current structure of the Barcelona team to play effective online matches is also good. It involves workhorses and players who shuttle up and down the pitch creating the chances and an anchorman to shield the opposition attack. This system fits quite well for their Matchday squad in PES.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Preferred Midfield lineup for Barcelona

Left CMF

Frenkie De Jong is the automatic choice for the midfield on the left side of the pitch. He can create and initiate attacks on the left and shuttles up and down the pitch to press and win back the ball. The former Ajax footballer despite being an orchestrator is a player with a varied profile. He does fit into any profile as a box-to-box midfielder and an orchestrator as well.


One of the best anchorman in the game, Busquets has the best of positioning and tackling. He is slow in terms of pace, but makes up with his distribution and the ability to win back the ball in the middle of the pitch. ‘The Fighting Spirit’ trait makes him work hard even when his stamina is low. He is tall to compete for headers in case of set-pieces.


Arthur is a good choice for the right CMF position as he is all over the midfield collecting passes. He has excellent ball holding capabilities. The Brazillian also makes runs past the defenders and is a decent goal-threat. Ivan Rakitic works harder in the game compared to Arthur and has better finishing. In my opinion, you should go for him or Vidal if you need a workhorse in the midfield instead of a technical midfielder like Arthur.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Alternative Midfield lineup for Barcelona

Arturo Vidal is one of the machines in-game who has a beastly presence. He works hard for the team and is an aggressive presence in both offensive and defensive play. He can also get you the odd goal and ‘Fighting Spirit’ trait enhances his stamina. Thus, he is the guy who can do the dirty work for Barcelona when needed. Such workhorses are required for Matchday Squad in PES.

The Forwards

The forwards of FC Barcelona features the legend of the game, Lionel Messi. He is instrumental to the success of the team and is the highest-rated player in PES. It also features wonder-kids like Ousmane Dembele on the wings. The strikers include the veteran forward Luis Suarez and the French international Antoine Griezmann.


Dembele is the outright choice as he is fast and can get past defenders with his dribbling and speed. He has a variety of skill sets up his sleeve. Dembele can even cross the ball for the forwards because of his ‘Pinpoint Crossing’ trait. He has really good heading and finishes brilliantly with either foot. One of the best prolific wingers in the game and his long-term injuries has really hurt Barcelona.

Preferred attacking lineup for Barcelona


Barcelona’s veteran striker Luis Suarez is one of the best goal poachers in the game and can strike a goal to score. He can tussle with defenders with his physicality and has decent passing to link-up Messi to drift inside to shoot and play around him.

The recent recruit from Atletico Madrid, Antoine Griezmann is a hole player who tries to run into the pockets of spaces of the defence. He has decent finishing and can combine well with Lionel Messi who can drift in to find the French forward onside for him to score.
Since Matchday are played online, We would choose Suarez to start in the squad and sub on Griezmann later in PES.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Alternate attacking lineup for Barcelona


Arguably, Lionel Messi is the best player in the game can create chances out of nowhere. Despite people saying that dribbling has been broken in PES 2020, Messi can manage to get past everyone with his close control and the sheer motivation, perhaps! He drifts into the box to score and makes things simpler and create a great impact for the team. He combines well with teammates and runs into spaces closer to the goal. The ability to maximise the output from Messi is important for the Barcelona squad in Matchday mode in PES.

Tactical Analysis

The Barcelona team over the years have changed a lot, a bit for worse and truly looks for a new dawn under their new manager Quique Setien. In their golden years, Barcelona looked the best with their players from La Masia, their youth academy. It had provided the talents like Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Puyol, etc. That number has degraded for the worse but players like Lionel Messi and few others have stepped up greatly to steer the ship in the worst of days.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Best Starting XI for Barcelona

This can be the best Barcelona team possible for Matchday squad in PES which is defensively stable enough to hold off counter-attacks and attack the opponents perfectly. We hope this selection of players from this pool works for you.

Did you find these Squad Builders in PES article helpful? Which team do you use for Matchday? Or do you prefer any other players or tactics in Matchday mode in PES Mobile 2020? Let us know in the comment section below!

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