eFootball PES 2020: PSG and Inter Milan Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES

A special Matchday Event “Konami Cup” is currently underway with 48 of the most popular clubs in eFootball PES 2020. The teams are divided on a home-away basis and you can select any one among the teams (Home/Away) and face an online user who has selected a team from the other set of teams. We are here again to help you with the Konami Cup Squad Builders for your favourite teams in PES 2020. In this piece, we are going to build squad builders for Ligue 1 champions Paris St. Germain (PSG) and 18-time Serie A champions Inter Milan. So, let’s get into it without further ado.

We have previously built the matchday squad-builders of the 4 main sponsors of eFootball PES 2020. Check them out:

Paris Saint Germain Squad Builder

Paris Saint Germain, more commonly known as PSG, is regarded as one of the best teams in Europe of this generation. They have had fantastic domestic success in recent years, and have absolutely dominated French football. So, PSG is going to be the first team in our Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES.

Manager: Thomas Tuchel (in-game name as M. Preuss )

PSG Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES M.Preuss tactics
Offensive Tactics of M. Preuss

Formation: 4-2-2-2 (Possession Game)

PSG Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES M.Preuss tactics
Defensive Tactics of M. Preuss

Starting XI


The former Madrid No.1 is one of the most underrated goalkeepers in the world. Keylor Navas moved to the French capital this season and has performed reasonably well in big European games proving his mettle. Despite not being much tall, his reflexes and awareness are good enough. When his form is good enough he can win you games with incredible saves. His distribution is not top-notch being an offensive GK and should be skill trained with the GK Low Punt trait.

PSG GK Navas
Navas is the undisputed GK


Paris Saint Germain has decent bench strength and good players who can play a lot of minutes. The defense features dependable club captain Thiago Silva with his national compatriot Marquinhos who can play a number of positions. The fullbacks generally push up and down the pitch in this highly attacking formation with the centre-backs staying back to build up and stop long-ball spammers.


Juan Bernat is one of the most underrated players who take immense work rate moving up and down the pitch. The Spaniard can put good crosses into the box with his ‘Pinpoint Crossing‘ trait for the striker to get on the end of. He has great speed and acceleration and does a decent job defending.

Konami Cup squad builders in PES PSG defence
PSG preferred defence lineup

Kimpembe can be played as an LB if you wish to defend the flank instead of going forward.

Left Center-Back

Diallo is a good option as he is tall enough to win headers. He is strong enough to hold off defenders and is helpful in distribution with his preferred left foot. He is quick to intercept and tackle players and is a good fit when paired with a buildup CB.

Konami Cup squad builders in PES PSG defence
Alternate PSG defence lineup

Presnel Kimpembe is a French centre-back with good defensive abilities. The ‘Build Up’ playstyle makes him stay behind and distribute with his preferred left foot. He has good defensive qualities as he intercepts and tackles the ball neatly. He cannot win headers because of his low height.

Right Center-Back

Thiago Silva is one of the best defenders in the team. Because of the Build Up playstyle and Man Marking trait he tends to stay back and has good Jump to win headers. This is quite helpful against the long ball spammers. He has excellent distribution qualities and ball-winning skills.

His Brazilian compatriot Marquinhos is also a great player for online matches. From centre-back to a defensive midfielder, Marquinhos does whatever it takes to help the team. He has good distribution abilities and great speed to deal with long balls over the defenders. He is also able to cover attackers quickly and the ‘Acrobatic Clear‘ trait helps it.

Konami Cup squad builders in PES PSG defence
Alternate PSG defence lineup

Right Back

Thomas Meunier is the Right-Back who can push up and down the pitch with extraordinary stamina. The Belgian has good physical contact to take on pacy wingers and put in crosses for the strikers to get on the end of it. His clearances are vital as he can rush back and defend too. If you wish to defend the flank as the formation already has too many attackers you can use the likes of Silva or Kimpembe as CB.


Paris Saint Germain has two midfielders in the centre to hold the ball in central areas and win the ball possession back. The midfielders help to spread the play to the strikers and the inside forwards (or wingers) and go forward in the opposition box bypass and play. The inside forwards tuck inside the penalty box and can combine with the advancing fullbacks. So, The midfielders help to retain the ball possession and intercept clearances.

Left CMF

Marco Verratti is one of the best orchestrators in-game and is absolutely knit for pass-and-play gameplay. He can hold the ball brilliantly with his 99 tight possession and can regulate possession play brilliantly throughout the midfield. He has excellent positioning awareness which makes up for his short height. His stamina degrades into the game quickly and players like Draxler and Herrera can take his place.

Julian Draxler, being a hole player can enter into the spaces in the box and create pressure in the opposition box.

Right CMF

Idrissa Gueye is one of the best transfers PSG made this season. The Senegalese International has brought in fantastic interceptions and ball-winning capabilities from Everton. His aggression and stamina add up to it. He can win the ball from the opponents higher up the pitch which helps in switching the play quickly. The ‘Fighting Spirit‘ trait helps him to stay active throughout the whole 90 minutes.

Leandro Paredes can also play as an anchor-man in this position to shield the defence. The Argentine can quickly launch buildups from the midfield. Marquinhos can also fill up the spot as a DMF in place of Gueye. Also, He can quickly win long balls using his heading capabilities.

Konami Cup squad builders in PES PSG midfield
Preferred PSG midfield


Neymar Jr, the former Barcelona star has made bits and pieces of impact since his 222-million move to the French capital. His Creative Play-maker style facilitates his movement in quick counters and allows him to fill up the role as a playmaker supporting the attackers. Neymar has fantastic dribbling and ball control to get past fullbacks and a number of skills to support his playstyle. The Brazilian star is one of the most impactful players in PES and has one of the smoothest gameplays.

Julian Draxler can also fill in as an LMF in such a case. Draxler can get past defenders with his smooth ball control and pace and join in the attack being a hole player. He can put good crosses in the box and has decent passing stats.


Pablo Sarabia recently moved to Paris and has taken up an integral place in the squad. Sarabia plays as an inside forward in the 4-2-2-2 and his hole player playing style forces him to enter the spaces between the centre-backs and full-backs to impose pressure. He has excellent ball control and dribbling to get in the spaces and score goals and provide through balls.

Di Maria can also sub in as he can play support very similar to what Sarabia does. Di Maria has really weak finishing though compared to the other right-wingers in the squad.

PSG alternate midfield
Alternate PSG midfield


The Forward line features the world-class strikers of PSG like Cavani, Mbappe and Icardi. They can head the crosses into the back of the net, as well as score from long balls. The inside forwards and midfielders of PSG can put in through balls and long balls into the box which the poachers can finish off.

Left CF

Kylian Mbappe is definitely one of the first names on the PSG team list. The 21-year old World Cup Winner is one of the best players in-game. He has immense strength and ability to take on and get past everyone. He can win you matches by himself, thanks to his speed and dribbling. His finishing has been great along with his offensive awareness which allows him to get on the body of defenders and beat them with pace and strength. He can also score from accurate long-balls. The French wonder-kid is well on course to be one of the best players in the world.

Konami Cup squad builders in PES PSG frontline
PSG preferred front-line

Right CF/ SS

Mauro Icardi has been in red hot form in the first half of the season since joining the team on a loan move from Inter Milan. He can hold the ball and his finishing is good enough to score. The Argentine can head the ball brilliantly and can win aerial battles against top defenders. He has got a heavy first touch for receiving the ball, but if he manages to receive the ball, he can be deadly in the box.

Edinson Cavani could fill in for Icardi, provided he is difficult to use because of subpar link-up play. The Uruguayan is a complete CF who has excellent finishing and has decent passing abilities. The ‘Fighting Spirit‘ trait helps him to press the opponent and create pressure on the opposition defenders.

PSG front duo
PSG alternate front-pair

You can also play a second striker like Neymar alongside Mbappe to supply him balls if you feel Kylian’s supporting does not have good linkup-play. Neymar’s curved finishes can be of great use in that case.

That completes our PSG squad, the first of our two squad builders for Konami Cup in PES 2020. Let’s move on to our second squad now, which is Italian giants Inter Milan.

PSG Starting XI for Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES
PSG preferred Starting XI

Inter Milan Squad Builder

Inter is one of the most successful Italian clubs of all-time, winning 18 Serie A titles, along with 3 Champions League trophies. Their most famous stint was under the spell of coach Jose Mourinho when they also won the treble in the 2009-10 season. Inter Milan is the second team of our Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES 2020.

Manager: Antonio Conte

Inter Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES A.Conte tactics
InOffensive Tactics of A. Conte

Formation: 3-3-2-2 ( Counter-Attack)

Inter Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES A.Conte tactics
Defensive Tactics of A. Conte

Starting XI


Handanovic is the automatic choice

Samir Handanovic fills in as one of the best Defensive GK’s in-game. The Inter shot-stopper has impressed with some fantastic stops on the line. He has high GK awareness along with a high GK reach to pull off some incredible saves.


The 3-defender formation is defensive from the centre where 3 centre-backs can help to shield the attacks on the central area of the pitch. The defenders can win 2 vs 1 battles in the defensive half of the pitch and this can help in outnumbering the opposition players in defence. After winning the ball, it is possible for the defenders to spread the play to the wide and central midfielders.

Inter preferred defence
Preferred Inter Defense Lineup

Left CB

Stefan De Vrij is known for his defensive awareness on the left side of the CB-line. He can stay back to mark attackers because of his Build-Up playing style. The Dutch international is good for his interceptions and can play as one of the two wide CB’s because of decent stats while on the ball.

Central CB

Diego Godin has been in and out of the squad post his move from Atletico this season. The Uruguayan defender has been one of the leaders in Conte’s system and has brutal aggression and heading to hold off speedsters like Aubameyang and Mbappe. The downside of his gameplay is his ball-playing capabilities where he uses his wide CB’s for distribution. The ‘Fighting Spirit‘ trait helps him in stamina. But, We need to keep in mind that central CB needs to stay behind for maintaining the defence line.

Bastoni has also stats which are great for a bronze ball CB. ‘The Destroyer‘ playstyle helps him to hold off the attackers and has got quite good heading capabilities.

Inter alternate defence
Alternate Inter Defense Lineup

Right CB

Skriniar can take up the Right CB position in the Inter Milan defence where he can push up and tackle to retain the ball higher up on the pitch. He has one of the best ball-winning capabilities and aggression in the game. He has the strength to stop the inside forwards. Skriniar has defensive awareness to mark attackers and got the ‘Heading‘ trait to head in from set-pieces. The ‘Fighting Spirit‘ trait along with his stamina enables him to charge towards the attackers with full zeal.


The midfield features 3 central midfielders and two wide players who can help in both offence and defence. The three central midfielders help to regulate the ball in the midfield and two wide box-to-box midfielders can push the ball higher up into the pitch and increase pressure on the opposition box.


Asamoah, being an LB can feature as an LMF in the 3-3-2-2 formation of the Inter Milan where he can complete defensive duties to mark wingers and stop wing plays higher up the pitch. He can put good crosses for the forwards to head in because of the ‘Pinpoint Crossing‘ trait. He has got decent offensive qualities to charge higher up the pitch help in attack.


Victor Moses is the perfect RMF in the team. He has got good positioning to stop attacks higher up in the pitch. The ‘Box-to-Box‘ playing style helps in tracking back and helping the defence and also participate in the attack. He has got great stamina to last throughout the game.

Candreva is a much creative choice compared to Moses for the RMF position. The ‘Hole Playe‘ play style allows him to drift into the box as a winger and cut in to plant some good crosses for the strikers. This would create pressure for the opposition defence.

Inter Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES midfield
Preferred Inter Midfield Lineup

Left CMF

Brozovic can function as a left CMF where he can play as a Box-to-Box midfielder. He has got good passing and dribbling qualities to pass and play and push up the pitch. This helps him to participate in the offensive playmaking and intelligent runs off the ball. He can also help out the defence if necessary. He has terrific shot power to challenge the goalkeeper from distance and score important goals. The only downside could be that he tires quickly into the game and needs to be sub out.

Christian Eriksen could be useful in such an occasion. The Dane can pick short and long passes beautifully for the strikers to get on the end of it and can also take good set-pieces.

Middle CMF

Stefano Sensi can take up the role of a central CMF as he has got ample strength to hold off midfielders. He can intercept and pick short passes to midfielders around him. You should not dribble with Sensi as there is not ample defensive cover behind him to make up if he loses the ball. Sensi can last 90 minutes because of the ‘Fighting Spirit‘ trait and can orchestrate the play of Inter Milan.

Alternate Inter Midfield
Alternate Inter Midfield Lineup

Right CMF

Nico Barella has impressed a lot this season and he likes getting forward and play around the edge of the box. His dribbling feels easy and defends quite well. Despite not having enough physical strength, The Inter youngster can be decent defensively and press incessantly with loads of stamina. He cannot win headers because of his height which can be a disadvantage.

A more defensive option could be Vecino who has much better defensive abilities compared to Barella.


Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez are the forwards in the Inter Milan team and they already have good chemistry between them. Both play as goal poachers taking on defenders of the opposition. Lukaku is all about getting past them with strength and Lautaro is about trickery and amazing hold-up play.

Left CF/SS

Lautaro Martinez is a form of mini-Suarez and has excellent clinical finishes under his belt. He is short and sleek with his hold-up play and does make intelligent runs past defenders and score. He can get past defenders with his short stature and hold them off with his body. The Argentine striker has brilliant finishing, ball control and acceleration which are the necessary qualities of a goal poacher.

Inter frontline
Preferred Inter Forward Lineup

Alternatively, you can also play a second striker like Alexis Sanchez who can play off Lukaku supplying him balls from the midfield and inviting defenders to press him. Alexis has good ball control and dribbling to get past defenders and have a shot at goal.

Right CF

Romelu Lukaku functions as a Target Man in a 2-striker formation where he can hold up the ball brilliantly taking on the strongest of defenders. His strength needs to be utilised as his greatest asset. Lukaku can be played alongside a pacy forward like Lautaro who can make blindside runs for Lukaku to find him. He is a top-tier striker this season as PES is all about overcoming the strength of strong defenders. He can make runs past defenders and hold them off. Alternatively, he can also function as a CF along with a second striker as the likes of Alexis Sanchez.

Alternate Inter frontline
Alternative Inter Forward Lineup

With that, we are done building our second and final team of this Konami Cup squad builders in PES, Inter Milan. So build your teams and go all guns blazing at the Konami Cup, live now in eFootball PES 2020.

Inter Starting XI
Inter Milan Starting XI for Konami Cup

Next up, we have more fan favourite club teams coming in Konami Cup Squad Builders in PES 2020!

Did you find this PES Squad Builders for Konami Cup article helpful? Which team do you use for Matchday? Also, what other squads do you want us to build for Konami Cup? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Can you do the updated United 4-3-1-2 preset squad builder and also for Tottenham even their updated formation is 4-3-1-2. Also would be nice if you can do an Atlanta one too

Sreejit De

Hello Vyshnav, thanks for bringing Ole’s formation update to our notice. The updated squad builder for the 4-3-1-2 lineup has been added in our Manchester United Squad Builder article. Hope we could help you with that. We’ll update the squads if more formation updates occur in future. Thanks! 🙂

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