eFootball PES 2020: Juventus and Manchester United Matchday Squad Builders

Matchday mode has been an interesting addition to PES 2020. You can register for any of the sponsor teams, play the Matchdays in the eFootball Season Program, and earn great rewards in-game. Matchday Squad Builders in PES are going to help you in building your Matchday Squad and getting the best out of your squad, so you can rack up the points as fast as possible.

Before getting into it, we’d like to give you a head’s up about familiarity and how it helps preset teams. Manager familiarity in PES is a feature that indicates the familiarity between the manager and the players. Familiarity has a great effect on Team Spirit. For preset teams, familiarity is already high because all players play under the same manager in real life. That leads to a better understanding among teammates on the pitch. So, familiarity is going to be very important for Matchday Squad Builders in PES.

In this article, we’re going to build Matchday Squad Builders of two of the most fan-favorite teams in the world, Juventus and Manchester United, which are also two of the four title sponsors of eFootball PES 2020. Without further add-on, let’s get into it.

Juventus Squad Builder in PES 2020

Manager: M.Sarri
Formation: 4-3-3 (Possession)

Matchday squad builders in PES
Offensive and Defensive Tactics of M.Sarri

Starting XI

First up in our “Matchday Squad Builders in PES” is Konami’s exclusive Italian partners, none other than Juventus! Selecting the starting XI of a team often becomes a hard job, and more so for a team like Juve who have got great squad depth. But don’t worry, as we are here to help you choose the best team possible according to your style of play. So, let’s start building the team from the back.

Goal Keeper

Matchday squad builders in PES

This is probably the easiest choice you have to make while selecting your team.  W.Szczesny is our first choice GK. He is much better than the Legendary G.Buffon in terms of both stats and gameplay in-game. He is an offensive GK who likes to come forward for a 1v1 situation to tighten the angle. Has great Awareness, Reflex, and GK Reach.


Let’s move on to the defense. Sarri’s lineup consists of a 4 man backline, with fullbacks pushing forward. You can also convert both full-back spots to center-backs and play with 4CBs in your lineup. 

Left Back

Alex Sandro is our obvious choice for the LB spot. He has great Stamina, Pace, and Ball Control. Being an Offensive Full-back, he likes to push forward and make overlapping runs. He is also an expert for sending crosses into the box, and you can utilize it well with aerially strong forwards like Ronaldo and Higuain.

Left Centre Back

You can choose either G.Chiellini / L.Bonucci for the left CB spot as both are left-footed, but we strongly vouch for Chiellini due to his better stats and game-play. With great stats like Ball Winning, Defensive Awareness, Physical Contact, and Aggression, Chiellini is one of the hardest defenders to win against in a 1v1 tussle.

Juventus defense lineup in PES
Prefered Defense Lineup for Juventus

He is also a threat from set-pieces with great heading abilities. The only disadvantageous thing in him is his play-style (Extra Frontman), which can make him a little vulnerable at times. His compatriot Bonucci only has his “Long Ball Expert” trait to his advantage, which allows him to send good long balls for forwards to chase. But otherwise, he is a very average CB.

Right Centre Back

The former Ajax sensation M.De Ligt is the perfect choice for right CB. He is right-footed and stays back with ‘Build Up’ play-style. De Ligt also has a “Long-ball Expert” trait, so he can be partnered well with Chiellini. He has good stats like Defensive Awareness, Ball Winning, Physical Contact. Also, with great Heading and Jump, he definitely is one of the most aerially strong players.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Alternate Defense Lineup for Juventus

Right Back/ Additional Centre Back

M.De Sciglio and J.Cuadrado are our two alternative choices for the RB spot. Or, if you want to have a less flexible and more compact defense, you can play M.Demiral as a CB on the right side.

De Sciglio has good Pace and Stamina which makes him a more reliable RB. He has an “Early Cross” trait and can cross the ball well towards forwards. Cuadrado has great Pace, Ball Control, Dribbling which makes him a great wide player but due to his less Defensive Awareness, Ball Winning, and also his Prolific Winger play-style, he is less of a defender.

Alternate Defense Lineup of Juventus

Demiral is a great choice for this spot as a CB, as he has a good Pace, Physical Contact and Defensive Awareness, he is a great defender, and also stays back. Another advantage he has is the “Long-ball Expert” trait, which is a great addition to his game-play. We’d suggest using him as this gives you a defensive edge.


The midfield consists of 3 CMFs, each of them convertible to a DMF. We suggest you convert the position in the middle to DMF for an extra defensive edge.

Central Midfield

For the two CMFs on either side, choosing a Hole Player and a Box to box player will be the perfect combination. Our choice for the Left CMF spot is A.Ramsey. Great Offensive Awareness, Stamina, Passing, Dribbling are his best attributes. He is the perfect Hole Player in your team, a great receiver and provider of passes and through balls. He has great involvement in the build-up, and can often provide the final ball.

Preferred Midfield Lineup for Juventus

On the right side, there’s room for competition between two Box to box players, R.Bentancur or A.Rabiot in this role. R.Bentancur has great Stamina, Ball Control, Tight Possession, Passing, and Physical. He is very versatile, can hold onto the ball, and combines well with the forwards, especially RW/SS. Also, he possesses the Long Ball Expert trait.

Rabiot has very good overall stats for Stamina, Ball winning, Ball Control, Dribbling, Passing, Physical. He is the perfect Box to Box player. He also suits better in the position as he is left-footed. You can choose either of them in this role as they are both pretty good and suitable.

Defensive MidField

You can have either M.Pjanic or S.Khedira in this position.
Pjanic has great Ball Control, Passing, Free Kick. He is an Orchestrator that means he can help in the build-up from the back with great passes and ball distribution. But defensively, he is not very sound. Another great attribute is his Free Kick ability(95), which can be useful from Set Pieces.

Alternate Midfield lineup for Juventus

Khedira is one of the best all-round players in this team, has good Offensive and Defensive Awareness. He has great Passing as well, and overall his stats are very good. As a Box to box player, he might press higher than Pjanic, but he is defensively more solid than the Bosnian. Also, he has the Long-ball Expert trait to his advantage. So overall, he prevails over Pjanic in this role.

Let’s now move on to the most interesting part, the forwards.


The front three consists of any other classic 3 men front line, with an LW/SS, a CF, and an RW/SS. The fundamental choice you have to make while choosing your front 3 is where you can utilize Cristiano Ronaldo better(LW/CF) because of course he is the main attacking spearhead. According to that, you can arrange your front 3.

Left Wing

You can choose to play Ronaldo is his original position, LWF. Of course he has great stats like Offensive Awareness, Ball Control, Dribbling, Stamina for a Prolific Winger. He is a good receiver of through balls and long balls as well and combines really well with Ramsey and Higuain via one-touch passing.

Prefered Attacking Lineup of Juventus

You can also play D.Costa as LWF. He has impressive stats like Ball Control, Tight Possession, Dribbling, Pace, Balance. Being a great Prolific Winger, but less effective on the left side as he can only shoot with his left foot due to low weak foot rating(2). He also has a “Super-Sub” trait which makes him dangerous towards the end of a match, when substituted on. Make sure to play him as RWF in case you decide to play Ronaldo as LWF.

Centre Forward

Again, there are two choices, Ronaldo or Higuain. Ronaldo is better as a CF, so we’d suggest you playing him. Unbeatable Finishing, Kicking Power, Offensive Awareness make him one of the best and strongest CFs. Also, great Jump, Heading make him aerially almost impossible to stop. He can be a perfect target from crosses and corners.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Alternate Attacking Lineup of Juventus

If you choose to play Ronaldo as LWF, Higuain is the obvious choice for CF. With good Offensive Awareness, Finishing, Kicking Power, Physical, he is a great CF himself. You can count on him to finish from crosses and long balls, he is really good with them. Also, he involves well with other forwards with great one-touch passes.

Right Wing/ Second Striker

As mentioned earlier, D.Costa is the preferred RW (if you don’t use him as LW/SS). If you use him on the left, you can go for P.Dybala and use him as SS. He has great Balance, Ball Control, Tight Possession, Dribbling, and Curl. Dybala can hold onto the ball well, but he is better centrally. He isn’t as effective a wide player due to his slow pace. He can shoot well, even from distance(Long ranger). Also, he is a good option for taking Free kicks.

Alternate Attacking Lineup of Juventus

You can also choose Cuadrado as the RW because he is a great wide player, and can feed good balls to the box. He has great Pace, Ball Control, Dribbling, Tight Possession, and Stamina. He is a Prolific Winger by play-style, so he can definitely do well as a winger. But he s right-footed, so that’s a disadvantage. Dybala and Costa are above him in the pecking order.

Tactical Analysis

Now that we are done with the squad selection, let’s analyze how you can get the best out of this XI for the Squad Builders in PES 2020.

You should build-up from the back using both CBs. Get your fullbacks forward whenever there’s space. If you like to play wide, you can move the ball forward through wide areas using Sandro and De Sciglio and then combine with wingers(Ronaldo, Costa, Dybala, Cuadrado) and then send the ball in. Sarri’s default style supports “wide” attacking areas with short-passing, so if you’re good with this style of play, you’ll suit easily.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Two Alternative Juventus Starting XIs; you can choose any in Matchday Mode

If you prefer central build-ups, use your midfielders for exchanging quick passes and then try to find the gaps in the opposition defense and then penetrate them with through balls/lofted passes. Ramsey can almost play as an extra attacking option in these circumstances and combine well with other forwards through good one-touch passing. Try to hold your DMF and CB’s back, especially Chiellini and Khedira as their play-styles can make them press higher at times, but you must not expose your defense by over-committing.

You can also send in crosses after getting Sandro/De Sciglio forward, and aim towards Ronaldo/Higuain for heading in. Long balls from players with the “Long-ball Expert” trait also seem to work well with both of them, especially Higuain, so make sure you utilize that whenever there’s a chance and whenever you’re in desperate need of a goal. Don’t spam long balls though! Also, make sure to set De Ligt and Ronaldo as set-piece attackers, so you can get the advantage of their aerial ability from set-pieces. With that, we’re done with our first team of Matchday Squad Builders in PES 2020.

Manchester United Squad Builder in PES 2020

Manager: O.Solksjaer
Formation: 5-2-1-2 (Possession)

Matchday squad builders in PES
OGS’ Offensive and Defensive Tactics

The second team for our Matchday Squad Builders in PES 2020 is another fan-favorite team, from England this time, Manchester United. Head coach O.Solksjaer has developed a very rare formation, even more so for such a big team. But he has brought success with his unconventional side, so that’s more important. Now let’s look into how you can make the best Man Utd team from Matchday Squad Builders in PES.

Starting XI

Unlike Juve, there isn’t much room for competition in the Red Devils’ starting XI, it’s a pretty straight forward one. So let’s start from the back as usual.

Goal Keeper

Matchday squad builders in PES

Though D.De Gea hasn’t been at his best this season, he is still the undisputed No.1 in the team. One of the best GK’s out there, he has the highest GK Awareness, Reflex, and Reach stats possible. He also has great ball catching power. Being an Offensive Goalkeeper, he likes to come out of his area in case there’s a 1v1 situation.


Ole has a 5-man defense in his team. Two full-backs and three CBs provide extreme compactness in the defense.

Left Back

Luke Shaw is the best LB possible in the team. Though he has adapted well to his new CB role in real-life, in PES he is still a better LB. He has good Pace, Stamina, Defensive Awareness, Dribbling, Ball Winning & Aggression. With Offensive Full-back playstyle, he is the perfect modern-day Full back who can push forward and trackback successfully. He is great in 1v1 battles too, thanks to his strength.

Left Centre Back

Eric Bailly is our choice for the left CB spot out of the three. He has The Destroyer play-style, so he is very suitable for the role, and a great physical presence in the central defense. With very good Defensive Awareness, Aggression, Physical, Pace, Ball Winning, Stamina, he is a great tackling option for stopping opposition attackers. He also deals well with high balls, thanks to his Acrobatic Clear trait. So, look out for him against long-ball spammers particularly.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Preferred Defense of Manchester United

Centre Back

H.Maguire is our obvious choice for the central CB role. He is the best defender in the team. Great stats for Physical, Aggression, Ball Winning, Defensive Awareness, Stamina. He is a great aerial threat from set-pieces as well. A very solid defender himself, and combines well with both Bailly and Lindelof. Also, he stays back due to his Build Up play-style.

Right Centre Back

V. Lindelof is our choice for the 3rd CB spot. He is a great addition in the defense for his “Long-Ball Expert” trait and solid defensive stats like Defensive Awareness, Jump, Physical, Pace, Ball Winning, Stamina. He deals fine with both low and high balls and blocks them well.

Right Back

The Spider A.Wan Bissaka is our choice for the RB spot. He is one of the best RBs in the game available. Great Pace, Stamina, Ball Winning, Defensive Awareness, Physical stats. Fastest defender in the team and one of the fastest RBs. He matches his Offensive Full-back playstyle with good attacking support as well. He is almost impossible to run past, and similar in 1v1 battles. Also, he tackles and intercepts with great effect, just like real life.


The midfield consists of 2 CMFs (either convertible to a DMF) and one AMF (Convertible to CMF).

Central Midfield

For the CMF spots, we pick two Box to Box players as that is the best option available. As United already have a compact defense, we suggest going for two Box to box CMFs rather than using a CMF and a DMF

P. Pogba is, of course, our first CMF choice. He is the perfect box to box player with great Offensive Awareness, Ball Control, Passing, Dribbling, Shot Power, Physical, and Stamina. Overall the best CMF in the team. Very useful for providing perfect through balls and long balls. He also has an eye for goal from distance, whenever given the chance, with the “Long Ranger” trait. You can use either Fred or McTominay as Pogba’s midfield partner.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Prefered Midfield of United

Fred has good stats for Stamina, Passing, Tight Possession, Speed, Defensive Awareness, Balance, and Ball Winning. He is technically more sound than McTominay, so we suggest you use him. McTominay, on the other hand, is a good option physically. He has great Aggression, Physical, and Stamina. He is very strong and aggressive, so if you are looking for physicality rather than technique, go for him!

Alternative Midfield Lineup of United

However, if you are looking to sit back and play with Long Balls, N.Matic is the perfect DMF to use because he has also got the “Long-Ball Expert” trait.

Attacking Midfield

January addition Bruno Fernandes is the perfect AMF in the team. He’s a Hole Player, so he can combine well with the two frontmen and can become an extra attacking option during offensive build-ups. He has got some very useful traits like Long-ball expert, One-touch pass, and Long Ranger.

Alternative Midfield Lineup of United

So he can provide accurate long balls for the attackers, combine well with them using quick one-touch passing, and can also shoot from outside the box whenever he has a good chance. His play-style and important stats like Kicking Power, Passing, Ball Control, Stamina, Offensive Awareness make him the perfect link between the attack and the midfield.


The attack consists of a two-man frontline in the United team.

Centre Forward

M. Rashford is, of course, our first choice striker for this team. He’s a Goal Poacher with great Pace, Dribbling, Tight Possession, Kicking Power, Finishing, and Stamina. He is extremely composed inside the box and can score goals even when the ball isn’t fully under his control. He is a great receiver of long balls as well, thanks to his explosive pace and can score from them. The Pogba-Rashy connection works in PES too!

Matchday squad builders in PES
Preferred Attacking Lineup of Manchester United

Second Striker

D. James is probably the most unexpected inclusion of ours in this squad. But we’ve seen that he performs better than other options like Martial and Greenwood in this squad. Use him as a SS in the right side of the attack. He has electric Pace, good Stamina, Balance, and Dribbling stats. He can hold on to the ball really well and can turn the provider for Rashford or Fernandes. Though he has comparatively low Offensive Awareness and Shooting stats, still he works just fine in that aspect. But we mainly like him for his Pace, obviously.

Alternate Attacking Lineup of United

A. Martial can be used as a substitute for this position in case things are not working out as well. He has good Pace, Finishing, Dribbling, and Ball Control. He doesn’t really suit well in a 2-man frontline as he is a Prolific Winger, but he has decent finishing and a “Super-Sub” trait, which can make him dangerous off the bench.

Tactical Analysis

It’s a little hard to play with the United team comparatively, as there’s no room for wide play in this team. So, following the default tactics of Solksjaer, you have to build-up centrally and focus more on long-balls.

Players like Lindelof, Pogba, and Bruno are excellent providers for Long-balls, so make sure to use their abilities. Providing long-balls centrally and then combining between Rashford, James, and Bruno with quick one-touch passing or directly going for goal (if possible) is the best way to score goals with this team.

Matchday squad builders in PES
Our preferred Manchester United Starting XI in Matchday Mode

Defensively, you have to focus on maintaining the minimum gap between defenders and don’t press with any CB unnecessarily. Tracking back with your full-backs whenever you lose the ball will help. Also, set Maguire and Lindelof as your set-piece attackers, leave Bailly and others back to cover for an opposition counter-attack.

Ole’s Formation Update

After the Datapack 7.0 update, Manchester United head coach O.Solksjaer’s formation has been updated from 5-2-1-2 to a regular 4-3-1-2.

So, accordingly, we have to make some changes to our Matchday Squad Builder for the currently ongoing Konami Cup.

Changes in defence

We suggest you take out E.Bailly from the previous 5-man defence. So, in Ole’s 4 defender formation our preferred defence looks like this:

Updated United defence
Manchester United defence lineup in 4-3-1-2 formation

Changes in midfield

Manchester United now have a more compact midfield, with 3 central midfielders(CMF), out of which you can use one as a defensive midfielder (DMF). So we have used N.Matic as a DMF in the middle, and he provides a shield for the defence. Additionally, his “Long ball expert” trait can be useful if you want to provide long-balls directly to the forwards or the attacking midfielder (Bruno). Overall, he provides more stability in the middle of the park. Our preferred 4-man midfield now looks like this:

Manchester United midfield lineup in 4-3-1-2 formation

Overall Starting XI

After the changes, our updated starting XI for Ole’s 4-3-1-2 lineup currently looks like this:

Matchday squad builders in PES Man United Starting XI updated
Our preferred Manchester United Starting XI in 4-3-1-2 formaation

That wraps up our first two teams for the Matchday Squad Builders in PES 2020. Now you are ready to go for the Matchdays! If any formation update for any of the above two teams arrives, we’ll definitely update the squads. Check out our Matchday Squad Builders for other teams here:

Next up, we have more title sponsor club teams coming in Matchday Squad Builders in PES 2020!

Did you find this Squad Builders in PES article helpful? Which team do you use for Matchday? Or do you prefer any other players or tactics in Matchday mode in PES Mobile 2020? Let us know in the comment section below!

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