FC Mobile 24: Tips to level up quickly in the game

Progress through the game in no time!

Finally, after all the hype and wait, EA Sports FC Mobile has finally gone live across the globe on both Android and iOS. Starting with the new game, the most obvious question in everyone’s mind is how to level up quickly and unlock the market, leagues, and new formations. In this guide, we will discuss how to level up quickly and upgrade as fast as possible in EA Sports FC Mobile 24.

How to level up quickly in EA Sports FC Mobile 24

Leveling up faster is initially important in any game and more so in FC Mobile 24. Only progressing up to Level 10 can unlock the in-game Market for you from where one can get the desired players for their respective teams. Whereas to join or create a League with your mates you need to be on Level 13 or above. On the other hand, Manager mode in the Division Rivals unlocks on reaching Level 11. The process is simple and can be completed within a couple of hours. These are the following tips to progress at a quick pace in the game:

1. Keep Completing the Daily Quest regularly

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Daily Quests hand out a fair amount of XP daily amounting to a total of 800 XP at milestones of 40, 60, and 100 Daily Points. So if you just complete finishing the Daily Quests quickly including the VSA, H2H, and Manager mode matches, to level up faster in the game.

2. Grind Division Rivals daily

This is certainly not as easy as it sounds but the initial Grind of 10 VSA and 10 H2H matches will help immensely to achieve regular XP and level up quickly in the game. Additionally playing the Division Rivals will help in progressing through your Daily Quests as well so you can complete quest objectives on the go!

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3. Play the Challenge Mode

The Challenge Mode is yet another way to push for XP in the initial days of the game. The Challenge mode usually involves PvP-based H2H matches so they achieve the same target as your regular Division Rivals H2H in tracking your progress towards the Daily Quest.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that initially, players will be more inclined towards playing Live Events and the brand-new UEFA Champions League tournament. However, the problem with certain events, skill games, and especially the UCL Tournament is they often result in rewarding very little or almost zero XP.

Hence they don’t get counted toward increasing your overall XP level. Therefore for the first few days, just focus on the Daily Quests and Division Rivals. That’s it, that should be the main thing in the game to increase your level and progress as fast as possible.

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