FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze Guide

Get ready for an exciting and icy adventure!

Tis is the season! After the completion of the long and refreshing Fall Festival, as promised earlier it was EA’s time to bring the FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze event. As the winter months approach with the festive season looming around the corner, it has already started snowing in FIFA Mobile! The long-time community favorite Football Freeze is back in what is supposed to be the final event of this season!

In this event play Snowflake Skill Games, sled down to the Winter Village for Now and Later rewards, and go ice fishing for Freeze Players! Additionally, collect the Now and Later Points in the Preseason Freeze event for rewards in the new season. Earn Now and Later Players to receive a version this season, along with a version that will be granted in the next season with all new stats.

FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze Event Description

  • Event Duration: December 2nd – January 17th (46 Days)
  • Ads: 1 ad daily giving 5 Winter Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 2 Coin Packs daily giving 5 Winter Energy each for 125,000 coins
  • Energy: Winter Energy refreshes 2 per hour with a max of 36 Fall Energy
  • Daily Claim: 3 Frozen Lures

FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze Event Flow


From the Main Tab, you will play 4 Skill Games and 3 Star Skill Games using Winter Energy every day to earn Village Points. Similar to previous events, the path of skill games is only playable once per day. Play Skill Game 1 to unlock the other 6 Skill and Star Games. Get a total of 6 Stars across the 3 Star Games to complete one of the Daily Quests.

Freeze Skill Games FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze

One thing to note is that Star Games have a lower Energy Cost than regular Skill Games, requiring 4 Winter Energy instead of the 5 Winter Energy for the regular Skill Games. There are also 2 daily coin packs that give 5 Winter Energy for 125,000 coins each and 1 daily ad giving 5 Winter Energy. And honestly, you don’t even need to use the coin packs at all. It really shouldn’t be necessary to open all the coin packs to complete the flow so open only when you have to.

Daily Bonus Matches

Additionally, there are Daily Bonus Matches to earn 100 Snowball Tokens. A new Bonus Match unlocks every day over the course of a week before resetting for the following week. For example, if you log in on Saturday you can play the Matches from Thursday and Friday, but not Wednesday.

Winter Village Day and Night

In this chapter, you will be using Village Points towards Players on the Paths. You will use either the Winter Village Day path or the Winter Village Night path. Choose between 2 maps: the Winter Village Day and Winter Village Night, each with identical rewards but different players on them. Check out some of the nodes for a random 99+ OVR Villager Player. The path is exactly similar to the Summer and Spring events of the fast so you will find them pretty familiar.

Winter Villagers FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze

There are additional milestones for using your Village Points down the Winter Village chapters. The milestones vary from 106 OVR CF Event Icon Del Piero to a Now and Later Prime Icon 120 OVR ST Didier Drogba. Needless to say, Drogba is a heavily pay-to-win incentive but there are 150 Now and Later Points up for grabs as well.

Winter Village Day and Night

You’ll also find the elusive Now and Later Players further down the paths. In case you are new to the party, Now and Later Players are like regular event players, except you’ll receive a version in the next season with new and inferior stats compared to their current versions. Now and Later Players are non-auctionable this season and next season.

Snowball Stockpile

This is the box of rewards or the player wheel from previous events. You will be using your Snowball Tokens here to earn extra Freeze TOTW Players, Skill Boosts, and Training XP. After 8 claims, you’ll get a guaranteed Player. Snowball Stockpile refreshes with new players every week. You do get 100 Snowball Tokens to spend on the window playing the Daily Bonus Matches every day.

Snowball Stockpile FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze

There is also a path of milestone path of rewards. Spending your Snowball Tokens gives you progress down the Milestone Path. Earn Now and Later Points, Freeze Players, as well as Common, Epic, and Legendary Shards.

Ice Fishing Hole

Remember the Fishing Hole from Summer Celebration? Grab your warmest winter jacket, because it’s time to go ice fishing! Bring your Frozen Lures here to try for the Catch of the Day in 3 fishing spots, each with different rewards. Check-in daily for a Catch of the Day Player or Now and Later Points.

Ice Frozen Hole

There are two other featured rewards, which could include Village Points and Snowball Tokens. We have seen this in the past few events, and are basically luck-based giving you a shot at additional resource rewards. There are Milestone rewards as well for spending certain amounts of Frozen Lures. Take your Scrap Tickets to the Trade-In for extra Frozen Lures. It’s 4 Scrap Tickets to receive 1 Fishing Lure.

Now and Later

In the Now and Later tab, you will be completing SBCs available in the Preseason Freeze Event where you can exchange your extra players for Now and Later items. The Now and Later Points will be useful for resources and items going into the new season. Earn non-auctionable Now and Later Players to receive a version this season, along with a version that will be granted in the next season with all new stats.

Now and Later Players FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze

Additionally, EA also dropped the bombshell that there won’t be any Legacy mode in the new season. According to them, the Legacy mode is not compatible with the new game version. This means that the team you are currently using will remain until the new season begins, but you will no longer be able to view or play with it as a Legacy Team in the new season. 

However, we will be still be receiving incentives and rewards in the new season based on the OVR of your final team. Needless to say, the higher your Active Lineup’s OVR, the better your rewards! It’s a bummer, a definite big bummer. People making themed squads till now won’t be happy knowing they can’t even view their yesteryear’s squads into the new season.

Aurora and Preseason Pass

In addition to everything, as similar to other events there is also the Aurora Pass. The top half of the pass is free-to-play while the bottom half is paid. There are Boosts, Shards, Snowball Tokens, Village Points, and XP. You will need to complete Daily Quests to earn Aurora Score and progress down the Aurora Pass. The quests range from playing freeze skill games to collecting a total of 6 stars in star skill games. The pass costs 20 USD and is value for money given the resources it rewards.

There is more coming to this event, in the coming weeks, including a Preseason Pass. We are yet to know and figure out what can be coming in the Preseason Pass besides knowing the Now and Later Dele Alli and Andrew Roberton are present there. Hence without the pass rewards, the numbers and calculations in this guide are incomplete and will be added as more info reveals.

FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze Event Currencies

Village Points

  • Earn them from playing Skill Games and Star Games on the daily path.
  • Use them towards Players and rewards on the Winter Village maps.

Snowball Tokens

  • Earn them from winning daily matches.
  • Use them towards Players and rewards in Snowball Stockpile.

Frozen Lures

  • Earn them from the Daily Claim and the Winter Village maps.
  • Use them in the Ice Fishing Hole.

Scrap Tickets

  • Receive them from the Ice Fishing Hole.
  • Trade them in for extra Frozen Lures.

Now and Later Points

  • Earn them from the Winter Village maps, Snowball Stockpile, Ice Fishing Hole, and SBCs.
  • Use them for rewards in the new FIFA Mobile season.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy36 InitialTotal
Hourly Refresh2 per Hour2207
Daily Coin Pack10 per Day460
Daily Ads5 per Day230

Total 2933 Winter Energy and 2473 without the Coin Packs

This Winter Energy is in turn used to complete the skill games in the Main Chapter. Additionally, you won’t need to buy even all the coin packs. They will only be used as a backup if you happen to fall short on Winter Energy.

Village PointsSnowball TokensFrozen Lures
Skill Games184000 0
Star Games13800 0 0
Bonus Matches04900 0
Free Pass 150060060
Milestones0 0 0
Daily Claim00138
Credits: Frangin Twitter

There are additional Village Points, Snowball Tokens in the Frozen Lures, and the much-awaited Preseason Pass that are yet to be revealed. So remember these calculation is not at all final and big changes might be coming around.

FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze Event Tips and Tricks

After the Fall Festival event, FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze event is huge. It has a fair amount of grind, with daily skill games, tons of PVP matches, and event currencies. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

First and foremost as usual this is an event energy-based event. So never ever let your energy get filled out. Don’t let your energy refresh out. And just buy your coin packs, there is no reason for not buying, and remember this the path is not replayable. So you need not buy all of your coin packs in one go! Just stack up your energy enough to complete one path per day with the ads and use your coin packs only when the situation demands.

Preseason Freeze Players

PlayerVillage Points Gems Required
99 OVR Village Player4570
110 OVR Village Player 6065
113 OVR Village Player 8865
115 OVR Now and Later Player 20000
106 CF Event Icon Del Piero 30000
120 ST Prime Icon Drogba 80000 232500
Credits – Frangin Twitter

Both the Winter Village path runs on the same point structure with the exact same resources. Everything is the same, with the only thing different being the players. You can choose where you want to go, you have to meet the Now and Later Player from both sides, both the lower and sidepaths to claim it.

The 2nd Now and Later player requires an additional 16085 points to get him. From the table above we can clearly see you can grab at least one of the 115 OVR Now and Later OVR Player from the Preseason Freeze. Additionally, at the same time, the 106 CF Event Icon Del Piero becomes achievable as well! Also, if you don’t want to go for the Now and Later Points, you can go for Frozen Lures, Snowball Tokens, and other resources as well from the village paths.

Ice Fishing Hole

From the Ice Fishing Hole rotation leaks image above, we can clearly see that a lot of Now and Later points, Snowball Tokens, and Village Points. If the leaks do come out to be true then it puts a lot within the range of free-to-play. There are also a ton of XP, boosts, coins, and other in-game resources available here but namely, the focus is the event resources.

  • 115 Now and Later Points (appears every other day)
  • 14,250 Village Points (appears a total of 19 days)
  • 1,400 Snowball Tokens (appears a total of 14 days)

A grand total of 14,250 Village Points is available free-to-play if you are smart and lucky enough with your Frozen Lures. We are suggesting you go with the far-left as it gives back more Scrap Tokens and in turn more Lures to get more tries and go further in the Milestone Pass. There are chances that you may not land up with the lures on all 19 days as it is completely luck-based. But if are smart and focus your lures entirely on the Village Points it gives you a lot more being free-to-play.

The additional Village Points suddenly takes your grand total up to 47,950 Village Points! And this is still without us having any idea whether EA has any special plans for New Year’s, Christmas, Premium Pass, or even the Holiday Rewards! This also means, the 150 Now and Later Points which require 50,000 Village Points to be spent, are now within range with few gems.

Village point milestones FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze

That also leads to both the 115 OVR Now and Later players from a single Winter Village Path possible free-to-play! And believe it or not, given your luck with the lures, you can come back and get all of the ten 99OVR+ Winter Villagers from one of the paths, and you can grab both 113 OVRs, one 110, and perhaps have enough for one of the Mystery Gifts as well. Therefore on maximizing your lures on Village Points you can get a total of 47,950 Village Points with which:

  • Two 115 OVR Now and Later players
  • All of the Ten 99 OVR+ Winter Villagers
  • Two 113 OVR Preseason Freeze players
  • One 110 OVR Preseason Freeze player

You can get all the two 115 OVR Now and Later players from a single Winter Village chapter along with all of the Ten 99 OVR+ Winter Villagers if you maximize your gains from the lures

Alternatively, you may opt for more Snowball Tokens and Frozen Lures from the path, to help you traverse on their respective milestones and thus increase your Now and Later Points in the process. Visit the following nodes:

  • Both Left and Right Node 3.1
  • Both Left and Right Node 3.2

Additionally, the Winter Villager and Snowball players will make your way for Now and Later Gareth Bale’s SBC a lot easier. We still don’t have any major information on the Preseason Pass, so don’t be sad and disheartened if you failed to maximize your lures. More things and more resources are surely on their way to making things easier and affordable!

FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze Players

Preseason Freeze Players

That’s the Preseason Freeze Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. There are positives with this event, there are a lot of resources with this event along with the pre-ranked players. Preseason Freeze is a giant event and it’s very decent but Legacy not carrying over is a huge let off. We are all still excited about the new season especially with the looks from the beta, but at the same time, we were not prepared to ditch our current season’s squad for the good.

Want to complete your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 Preseason Freeze Guide useful.

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Brad Davinson

Was nice to read. Well detailed one. However, do you have a beginners guide for this game? I would like to start playing this. Completely bored of playing PES.

Saurabh Yadav

Hi bro what is your FIFA mobile id

Muhammad Farish

I want to know about game


Hello, thank you for the guide. Do you know if we need to put the present and future players in our final team to be able to receive them next season? I will be getting some that would like to have next season but for this one I have better players in that position. Thanks!!


Excellent, thank you very much for your response. It helps a lot 👍🏼


will these pre season players carry over to the next season or What!!


Hello There, Will my coins, Training and rank ups carry forward in the next season?

Obrad Civric

Do we have to put now and later players in main squad in order to get them next season or is it enough to claim them?

Obrad Civric


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