FIFA Mobile 21: EA extends the current season postponing the reset

In other news, new exciting events are there to look forward to

October is around the corner and everyone in the FIFA Mobile community had already started with their final squad preparations, embracing the season reset. But in an interesting turn of events, EA through their official blog announced that the current FIFA Mobile 21 season will be extending past the usual reset dates of October or even early November and thus the season reset will be delayed. With both the console version of FIFA and PES coming in early October, people were usually expecting an October season reset. But hold on to your squads for now, as the reset is due for at least more than 2 months from now with the current FIFA Mobile 21 season extended.

The current FIFA Mobile 21 season is extending beyond October

According to EA, the ongoing FIFA Mobile season will be the longest FIFA Mobile season so far. In the game’s 5 year history since its inception in 2017, the current season is going to go longer than any season before. EA further had to add,

The current FIFA Mobile season is going to go longer than any season before. This means we will be extending past the usual reset dates of October or November. While we cannot share the exact date of the new season launch, we can promise it will be our biggest and most exciting update yet!

FIFA Mobile dev Team

Upcoming Events coming in FIFA Mobile

Along with the extension of the ongoing season, the devs also announced a plethora of events in the upcoming months starting this fall

From the above, the last two events have been marked as a work in progress. We have already had a National Heroes event in early July celebrating the breakout performers from the ongoing EURO 2020 tournament. It is yet to be seen whether we will have another rehash or refresh of that event yet again.

Future FIFA Mobile Events FIFA Mobile 21 season reset delayed

Retro Stars have always been a community favorite event, generally occurring around this time of the year, bringing back, revamped, and updated player cards from the past events with a bump in the player stats. Preseason or the event focused on the newly transferred players is usually the season-defining and final event of the season. The event begins the transition from the current season to the next.

It is yet to be seen what EA has in store with the next upcoming events, but the entire community is hyped at the thrill of earning a Prime Icon as we all know pretty much any Prime Icon card is end game with their over the roof stats. The FIFA Mobile dev team will have more news and leaks with the events in the upcoming days.

Training past 110 OVR

It is happening, it is happening finally! In the announcement, EA also said that users will be able to train their cards beyond 110 OVR! Player OVR limits will be going past 110 OVR as the rest of the season progresses. They have also further added that we can see OVRs going up towards 120 OVR this season. 120, yes 120 OVR is said to be the final limit for an individual player’s OVR. The update to unlock training beyond 110 OVR is scheduled to undergo this October with future unlocks happening as the season progress further.

With the current season extending beyond usual, there are mixed feelings in the community. FIFA Mobile 21 had been a great season thus far with a fair amount of players, resources being handed out thus far, and with the newly released Rivalries, players have welcomed an event with a new format of daily quests and grinding. While many of the gamers were waiting for an early preseason to get their hands on the newly transferred player cards of Messi and Ronaldo, it is yet to be seen what more surprises the dev has in store in November with their exciting weekly new season reveals!

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What are your thoughts as the current season of FIFA Mobile 21 is extended and the season reset is delayed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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