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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis: Tips to earn Blue Crystals in the game

Earn your Blue Crystals wisely!

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a mobile RPG created by Applibot and Square Enix, set in the world of Final Fantasy VII. It blends turn-based strategy with real-time combat, allowing players to control different characters with unique abilities. It’s essential to know about Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis with some tips to earn Blue Crystals. These crystals are crucial to obtaining weapons through the Gacha system, allowing you to strengthen specific weapons for a bunch of your characters and make your party stronger.

Blue Crystals are mainly used to trade for stamps in the game, which are akin to a specific aspect of the Gacha system. Spending Blue Crystals provides players with the chance to obtain valuable weapons designed for various character types and roles. This guide will show you the most effective methods for obtaining more Blue Crystals in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

How to get more Blue Crystals in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

1. Completing the Story Mode

Progressing through the Story mode is not only essential for the game’s narrative but also for earning Blue Crystals. As you complete various chapters and missions, you’ll be able to unlock various important contents in the game and you will also be rewarded with Blue Crystals.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Story
Image via Square Enix

For example, when you finish a major storyline segment, you might receive a generous amount of Blue Crystals as a reward. This encourages players to engage with the game’s narrative while also accumulating the needed currency for the Gacha system.

2. Daily and Weekly Missions

Ever Crisis offers daily and weekly missions that provide players with Blue Crystals upon completion. These missions often involve tasks such as clearing a certain number of battles, acquiring specific items, or using particular characters in combat.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Mission Rewards
Image via Square Enix

For instance, a daily mission might require you to win a set number of battles using a specific character class, and upon achieving this, you’ll be granted Blue Crystals.

3. Completing Chocobo Missions

Chocobo missions in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis bear a resemblance to expedition-style quests. These missions offer substantial amounts of Blue Crystals under specific conditions or criteria. Completing these tasks may involve sending characters on expeditions, and accomplishing unique in-game objectives

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Chocobo Rewards
Image via Square Enix

Meeting specific missions can also introduce you to greater challenges and rewards. The rewards gained from Chocobo missions can significantly increase your Blue Crystals.

4. Participate in Events

The game frequently hosts in-game events that present players with opportunities to earn Blue Crystals. These events encompass a variety of special quests, challenges, and limited-time activities. For instance, some limited-time events might require players to complete a series of themed missions or defeat a specific boss within a specified timeframe.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis free Blue Crystal
Image via Square Enix

This offers players with Blue Crystals as enticing event rewards. Participating in these events also provides a chance to bolster your Blue Crystal reserves while enjoying the game in different ways.

5. Gift Box

The Gift Box serves as the game’s mail system and offers various bonuses to players. These bonuses can include Blue Crystals as incentives for various activities, such as daily logins, bug fixes, maintenance compensation, and promotional events.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Gift Box
Image via Square Enix

Regularly checking your Gift Box ensures you don’t miss out on these valuable rewards, contributing to your Blue Crystal collection.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Blue Crystals is a very important currency in the game and is a premium currency that most players want to get. Blue Crystals in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis can be acquired through a variety of means within the game. Exploring different gameplay aspects and engaging with regular activities will enable players to accumulate Blue Crystals steadily, enhancing their overall progression and gameplay experience.

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