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Flame of Valhalla Character Class Tier List for June 2024

Select the Best Character to rule over Valhalla!

As an action RPG game, Flame of Valhalla has an amazing storyline, and choosing the main character for your journey is quite an important move. For that, you need to select the best character from all the classes present. The character classes have a broad sense of power, so you need to check out their powers and then select the best one. So, here’s my Flame of Valhalla Character Class Tier List, and help yourself to select the best character. Don’t forget to check out the beginners guide and redeem codes to boost up your start of the journey. 

Flame of Valhalla Character Class Tier List for June 2024

Flame of Valhalla majorly has 5 Character Classes in the game. As a beginner, you must select any one of the 5 characters and then customize the looks as well. After this, you can start with your journey. I’ve divided these 5 Character Classes into 3 Tiers; S, A, and B

Strong (S)Astrologer,
Good (A)Mage,
Average (B)Archer

Best Meta Character Classes in Flame of Valhalla

1. Astrologer

An Astrologer is a marvelous priest. This character knows all the details about stars and planets, connects them, and accumulates power from them. This character can show a Demonkin form which is quite horrifying for the odds.

Flame of Valhalla Astrolger
Image via Leniu Games

The main attraction of Astrologer is its ATK, Operation, and Control. The special powers of Astrologer are Witch of Icemoon, Fire Dancer, and Starlight Priest

2. Knight

A Knight is a highly dedicated and focused soldier with immense physical strength. This character also comes along with a Fire Sword and a Shield. The Knight has surprisingly both Human and Demonic forms

Flame of Valhalla Knight
Image via Leniu Games

ATK, DEF, and Operation are the key features of the character. The main attacks of Knight are Fury Warrior, Shield Vanguard, and Holy Knight

3. Mage

A Mage is a majestic individual, who tends to compile all its curious and powerful skills on the enemies without any physical contact. Majorly they are a boon with their amazing DEF and Control stats. Surprisingly, Mage also wins over the ATK stats as well. 

Flame of Valhalla Mage
Image via Leniu Games

Apart from all these attributes, the character has a great set of ultimate attacks. Ice Mage, Mad Arcanist, and Elemental Emissary are the main Rage Attacks of Mage to see in Flame of Valhalla. 

4. Barbarian

A Barbarian is just like an animal who has unleashed its full potential on physical attributes. Combat is surely the key feature of this character. The main attributes of Barbarian are ATK, Operation, and AGI.

Flame of Valhalla Barbarian
Image via Leniu Games

Barbarian has some of the great ultimate attacks. Crimson Berserker, Winter’s Edge, and Radiant Gladiator are the main attacks you’ll get with Barbarian. 

5. Archer

Archer is a huge supporting character you’ll get to see in the game. Unfortunately, the story allows only a single character to carry on. Archer has great potential but lacks a lot of the physical attributes. 

Flame of Valhalla Archer
Image via Leniu Games

The main attributes of Archer are her ATK, Operation, and AGI. Archer has both Human and Demonkin forms. The ultimate attacks of Archer are Quill Ranger, Hurricane Archer, and Eagle-Eyed Hunter

How to change your Class in Flame of Valhalla

At the beginning of your journey, you need to select a character out of all the five Classes. Remember, you won’t get any choice of gender while selecting the characters. You can customize certain traits of your character like Hairstyle, Costume, Eyes, and others to make your character more attractive accordingly. After this, just give a name to it and start your journey.

Now the handiest doubt remains about how can we exchange or transfer between the classes within the game. Flame of Valhalla doesn’t provide the threat to change the class of your character later in the game. Once you have custom-designed the individual, nothing may be modified besides his or her name. if you want to play with other magnificent characters, you need to create another room after which choose an exceptional class.

Flame of Valhalla Gameplay II
Image via Leniu Games

You’re allowed to create most of the five characters to roleplay as. They can all be of different classes or you can repeat the same class. Each of the characters created may be displayed on the game display at the side of their stages. You need to select a function to switch between the classes in this manner. Every individual class will start the quest from scratch.

The development and level will depend on how well you’ll carry out as a class character. In line with the character class you’ve selected, you get the right of entry to the respective abilities. Certain ones may be unlocked as they develop with the primary storyline quest.

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There is a change class card. You buy it in the mall, in-game, for 888 dias. Or some get lucky and get it as a reward I guess

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