Football Master 2 – Soccer Star Beginners Guide and Tips

Lead your talented squad to win the championship!

Football Master 2 is an attested and original, amazingly innovative Football Management game where the user’s job is to build their own football team from scratch and train them according to their needs in order to make them win matches. This is the latest game from GALA Sports and is available on all iOS and Android platforms. There are various new features introduced to give the user a better experience and give them the feel of real-life game management. Here in this Football Master 2 – Soccer Star beginners guide, we will provide you with all the tips to kickstart your crazy journey with your favorite animals in the best possible way.

Introducing the Basics


It is a value that represents the recent performance of a certain player. Just like in real life, a player’s performance faces several ups and downs, the game tries to give its users the feeling of a real game. In order to do so, the game has this feature. A player’s fluctuation changes according to his performance in real life which can range from -2 to +100. This value will depend on the date you sign the player in and is marked by a green or red arrow just beside the CAP of the player.


You earn a star every time you win a match with a goal difference of 3 or above.

Team Fame

There is a grey bar indicating your Team Fame which is present right above the Squad Management page. You need to take care of the fact that this grey bar stays imperfect always. Once this bar is full, it will become red and a ‘!’ symbol will be shown beside it to notify that your team’s fame has reached the limit and now your team’s strength can fall significantly.

Football Master 2 - Soccer Star Gameplay
Football Master 2 – Soccer Star gameplay

Formation Upgrade Cards

The formation of your team is mainly based on Bonding. Use the Cards when the Bonding is almost done, instead of using them up in the first place to form the teams initially.


There are 5 ways in this game to collect Gems. There are Career Leagues on whose completions you get Gems and there are tasks under Legendary Classics which if you carry out, you earn Gems again. Also, there are tours available which you need to finish for earning Gems. The other two ways are to invest in monthly packages to get a big amount of Gems or you can purchase Gems if need be.

Joining an Alliance

You must join an Alliance as soon as possible right after joining Football Master 2. The best decision you can take would be to play with your friends and build your own Alliance.

The Alliance and is a very essential part. The rate of your Team Fame is directly proportional to the rate of your Alliance Add – the higher the level of your Alliance adds, the higher is your Team Fame. This denotes how many Star players you can get on your team


1. Alliance Training grounds

In order to build a strong team, you need your players to reach their maximum levels. The sooner the better. Training Cards are a limited source for this purpose. Hence Alliance Training is the best choice for training up your players. What you need to make sure is that the Alliance Team you choose is a Level 10 one, and the alliance training ground you put your new player in Level 10 as well. Keeping these conditions intact, if you put one of your new players in the training ground, after 5-6 hours you will see that the player has reached half its maximum level already.

2. Alliance Marketing

Once your Alliance has successfully reached Level 10, you get access to the Alliance Market as a member. Here in the market, you get to sign for your team, an A+ level player with euros on any day which seems a good day for purchasing.\

Making your Dream Team

Follow these ways to get your dream players:

recruit legends
Recruit legends
  • Scout: Super Scout, which is free till 7 days, can get you an A- to S player. Then onwards you can use Scout Energy to get high rated players.
  • Trade: 3 players, having the same rating can be traded in exchange for a high rated player (till S players).
  • Career League: You earn different rewards from different leagues. Higher the League, the better the player. So keep strengthening your team and defeat more opponents.
  • Star Road: You can get S+ rated players by swapping 2 S players or also through the task completions.
  • Outstanding GK Letter: By using this, you will get various chances to get an A- to S rated goalkeeper. This is available in Shop and Daily Gift.
  • Alliance Market: Your alliance on reaching Lv.10, the Alliance Market will offer you A rated players.
  • Paths of Glory: On completing a series of tasks by teaming up with your friends, you get a Player’s info which leads to negotiation with a player.

Football Master 2 – Soccer Star Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Select your defender carefully

It is advised that at the very beginning of your game, you select a defender. It can be of great advantage to you because usually it has been observed that the VIP players and also the players from the 7 Day Login Reward most of the time turn out to be midfielders and forwards. Hence keeping in mind the National Bonding, choosing English, Spanish, German and French defenders might be advantageous.

2. Strengthening your squad

The most important thing in this game is to constantly work hard to strengthen your team more and more. So if possible participate in all the Regular Leagues that take place and try your utmost to keep up the 3 stars in your profile. This will lead you in achieving many players who will be S-rated or above as rewards of your winnings. Besides, you can also win thousands of gems.

3. Complete tasks to earn Tactic books and Training cards

In the game itself, there are tasks given to you on whose completion you earn Tactic books and Training cards as rewards. From these Tactics Books, you can learn various tricks with which you can update your gameplay techniques. On the other hand, do not keep storing up the Training Cards. Use them to train your team and keep strengthening it to increase the level of your players and win more Regular Leagues.

4. Win Friendlies to earn more Euros

league matchleague match
League match

Keep playing the Regular Leagues until you can’t move any further instead of jumping into any Elite Leagues that come on the way. After having done that, in order to collect Euros, play and win the Friendly matches. The euros that you get are needed to increase the level of your players and improve their game in Training. The Win Streak Reward is important for the purpose of earning euros. The number of Euros increases with the number of matches you win in a row.

5. Beat the Elite Leagues to boost your team

Ultimately when you see that no more upgrading is possible through Regular Leagues, start playing the Elite Leagues then. By beating the last team of every Elite League, you might get a Team Application Letter. On collecting 5 such letters, you can walk through the Board Evaluation which will strengthen your team by boosting both Attack and Defence players by 100. There will also be related tasks through which you can win Honor Medals.

6. Use the Social System to your benefits

duel with friends
Duel with friends

Sending or Receiving Vitality from other users in the Social System is one of the features that can help you grow further into the Career League. Also, you get the opportunity to win numerous euros and medals by just changing others in Social. These rewards allow your participation in the Lucky Draw mini-games in order to win small but advantageous prizes.

7. Use your Gems carefully

It is advised that you use your Gems, at least most of them in the Outstanding GK Letter. That is because initially, you can get only one S+ rated GK player in exchange for two S-rated GK players from the Star Road; and one such S+ rated GK player will be the key strength of your team.

These S+ rated GK players can be got hold of only by using the Outstanding GK Letter. This is why it is important to use the Gems up utilizing this Outstanding GK Letter feature instead of using them in Scouts because Scout Energy can also be gained by using other techniques like dismissing the low-rated players of your team and also by completing Daily Tasks and Missions.

By now you must have understood that you need to stay aware of all the aspects of the game. Football Master 2 – Soccer Star is an extremely interesting and highly recommended game if you are into football or soccer. We hereby hope that this Football Master 2 – Soccer Star beginners guide has been of great help to you and that you do great in managing your team in the game!

That’s all for today’s Football Master 2 Soccer Star beginners guide. Did you find our Football Master 2 Soccer Star beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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