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Fortnite Festival Season 1: Tips to get The Weeknd skins in the game

Call out his name!

Fortnite has released a brand new music-based game mode inside the game itself by the name of Fortnite Festival Season 1. For Chapter 5 Season 1, Epic Games has launched various new in-game modes inside the game such as LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and now Fortnite Festival. According to rumors, many famous personalities are going to be a part of this new game mode but the first ever star to grace the Fortnite Festival in Chapter 5 Season 1 of Fortnite is none other than The Weeknd and thus has his skins in the game too now. So in this guide, we are going to talk about how to get your hands on his skin and several other cosmetic items.

Fortnite Festival Season 1 in Fortnite

Fortnite Festival is a brand new in-game mode within Fortnite itself. You will be able to perform songs of your favorite musicians either alone or along with your friends on the stage just like a pop star yourself. Recently Eminem was also introduced in Fortnite as a part of the BIG BANG event and now you also have the opportunity to get the different skins of The Weeknd which have been released as a part of the Fortnite Festival in your inventory. So here’s how you can get your hands on it.

How to get The Weeknd in the Fortnite Festival Season 1

The Weeknd has his various skins now available in the Item Shop of Fortnite for the Fortnite Festival since December 9, 2023, and comes along with a few more cosmetic items based on him. But to unlock his iconic red suit and black shirt, you’ll need to complete a series of quests that are a part of the Fortnite Festival.

You don’t need to worry about completing the quests very quickly as they won’t stay just for Fortnite Festival’s Season 1 Opening Night but till February 24, 2024, which is the complete duration of Season 1 of Fortnite Festival.

fortnite-festival-weeknd-scaled-Fortnite Festival The Weeknd skins
Image via Epic Games

Even though The Weeknd Combat skin is available in the Item Shop of Fortnite, The Weeknd skin is an exclusive outfit that is a part of the Fortnite Festival and you’ll need to buy the Festival Pass for 1800 V-Bucks to get the premium rewards which are a part of this Festival. The Festival Pass needs to be bought separately because it is separate from the normal Battle Pass and its rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about the skins.

1. The Weeknd

To get the iconic The Weeknd skin, you’ll need to earn 11000 Festival Points in the Fortnite Festival game mode. To earn points in this mode, you can complete various Fortnite Festival quests along with playing different jam sessions.

The Weeknd’s skin comes in two different styles, one of them has him wearing his glasses and the other does not. In this skin, he can be seen wearing his famous red suit which was his signature look for his album After Hours in 2020. There is also another variant of the Weeknd skin available in the Item Shop of the game which you can get by simply spending some V-Bucks if you don’t want to spend it on the Fortnite Festival Pass or don’t want to complete the quests to get it.

2. Weeknd Mic

You can get this item for 1000 Festival Points and use it while you are performing on the stage at the Fortnite Festival. You can also use it as an emote in the normal Battle Royale mode.

3. XO Bass

You can get this bass from the brand XO, which is owned by The Weeknd along with his skin, and can be used in the Battle Royale mode has a jam emote and can be used jam in the Fortnite Festival mode.

The Weeknd Bundle

You can buy The Weeknd Bundle can be bought you for a cost of 3500 V-Bucks which will include every skin and item that is a part of The Weeknd collab in Fortnite Festival apart from the red suit skin which you’ll need to get separately in Fortnite Festival.

Fortnite Festival The Weeknd Bundle items
Image via Epic Games

Buying this bundle will save you a total of 1300 V-Bucks and will also give you a wrap style to show how big of a fan you are of the singer and his company XO. The bundle consists of 8 items in total with 2 of them only being usable in the Fortnite Festival mode.

The Weeknd Combat

You can get The Weeknd Combat outfit for 1800 V-Bucks and it comes along with a lot of options to choose from and customize your character accordingly. Here’s everything that comes along with options to choose from with The Weeknd Combat outfit.

Fortnite Festival The Weeknd Combat skin
Image via Epic Games
  • You can choose between black and white color for the outfit.
  • You can choose to either wear or not wear the XO Jacket for this outfit.
  • You can also choose whether you want to wear the MASKD mask or not.

1. Masked Built-In Emote

When you use this emote, you’re the Weeknd character who will hold up a mask to pay tribute to the style of MF DOOM, who is one of The Weeknd’s favorite musicians. This emote comes along with The Weeknd Combat outfit for free which means you won’t need to pay anything extra for it but it can only be used with this skin itself and nothing else.

2. XO Back Bling

The XO Back Bling also comes along with The Weeknd Combat outfit itself which means you will need to pay extra for it. XO is a Canadian record label that was founded by none other than The Weeknd himself and this back bling comes along with the complete logo of this company which you can wear on your back.

3. Axe-O Pickaxe

The Axe-O Pickaxe is two-handed and you can get it for a price of 500 V-Bucks. This Pickaxe has the logo of the company XO, along with The Weeknd’s name written on its handle. This will be a good addition for diehard The Weeknd fans to show their love for the singer in the game.

This emote is a part of the Icon Series in Fortnite and can be bought for a price of 500 V-Bucks. This emote plays the famous song of The Weeknd in which he also collabed with none other Madonna, named Popular and your character will start vibing to it with some killer dance moves.

5. XO 6-String Guitar

You can buy this electric guitar which has the branding of the XO company along with a chrome design for the price of 1000 V-Bucks. You can use it in your jam sessions in the Fortnite Festival but that’s where its usage ends as it can’t be used for anything else such as a Back Bling or Harvesting Tool.

6. XO Keys Keytar

This item too can be used in jam sessions at Fortnite Festival and can be bought for a price of 1000 V-Bucks. It is a Keytar with branding of the XO company and is an item that can be used exclusively in the new music mode and not as a Back Bling or Harvesting Tool in other modes.

7. XO Attack Wrap

This is the wrap style for weapons and some vehicles which you can get your hands on by only buying The Weeknd bundle. It will be a nice addition to your inventory and will go very nicely with your aesthetic when you are using you’re Weeknd skin in the Battle Royale mode.

Fortnite Festival The Weeknd release date
Image via Epic Games

This is everything you need to know about the current collaboration of The Weeknd with Fortnite specifically for the Fortnite Festival mode along with other items and skins that you can use in the normal Battle Royale mode too.

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