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Free Fire: Best Custom HUD adjustments Guide

Set your custom HUD settings for better experience!

Free Fire is a mobile Battle Royale series where players get to decide how and when they play the game. Just like any Action game, it features its own customizable layout its players can customize at their will. However, the game’s customizable HUD as its called is posing quite a challenge as it can be customized to any liking. This raised questions about what the best custom HUD in Free Fire is and its adjustments, which this article will explain.

Custom HUD functionality in Free Fire

The Custom HUD functions as a layout where multiple buttons that all need to be manually pressed are displayed. You can rearrange some of them, anywhere on the screen. But you won’t be able to delete anything and others will not be able to be move at all. The HUD can be synced to the cloud for further use on devices via the “others” setting.

Custom HUD settings in Free Fire

Free Fire: Best Custom HUD adjustments

As said earlier, the custom HUD can be rearranged into any order, however, there are a few that have to be arranged properly before playing. The HUD itself features 2 layouts, a Classic layout, and a new layout of which both have different button arrangements.

Removable and Non-removable buttons

Non-removable buttons include:

  • Mini-map
  • Item pickup button
  • Alive and kill counter button
  • Voice chat button
  • Mute button
  • Navigator

Removable buttons include:

  • Ping button
  • Emote button
  • Pet emote button
  • Pin button
  • Surf button
  • Scope button
  • Healing button
  • Sprint button
  • Fire button
  • Left-hand Fire button
  • Move joystick
  • Item slot button
  • Bag
  • Prone button
  • Crouch button
  • Jump button
  • Character skill button
  • Kill status
  • Activation button
  • Weapon swapper button
  • Revive button
  • HP/armor status

Best HUD adjustments in Free Fire

There might not be a superior custom HUD, because the arrangements vary per device, but there are some steps to take to smoothen game experience:

  • The scope button should always be located where the second hand can reach quicker. This means it should either be on the top left or right side so it can easily be pressed.
  • The weapon substitution should be as big as the finger needed to press to avoid accidental presses and could be held at any debatable size as it depends on the device’s screen size.
Free Fire: Best Custom HUD adjustments
  • The prone, jump, and crouch button can be placed underneath each other so they can be easily pressed In their time of need with an average (50-90%) size.
  • The fire button should be big enough (41-69%) size so you can drag easily and should be placed slightly above the red horizontal line.
  • The joystick size does not matter as it will always appear on the left side of the screen, whether it is above or below the vertical line.
Free Fire: Best Custom HUD adjustments
  • The sprint button is to be held at the left side so no other buttons can overlap.
  • Keep all other buttons at the same place or arrange them to a preferable location.
  • While hard to do, dragging any of the 2 emote buttons to the exact middle point of the screen creates a sort of aim assist, useful for snipers and other weapons that do not have a Scope button.

That’s all for our custom HUD adjustments tips for Free Fire! Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments!

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