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Free Fire Season 29 Elite Pass leaks: What rewards you can expect

Know more about the Elite Pass coming this season!

The Season 29 of Elite Pass is just around the corner! This time, Free Fire finally decided to go with a different and unique theme rather than just repeating the same old themes like the foxes and felines, samurai warriors, etc. The theme for this upcoming Elite Pass is based on Egyptian Mythology and is titled Anubis Legend II. It’s coming on the first of October. Let’s get to know further about the Free Fire Season 29 Elite Pass leaks and what you can expect from this truly unique EP.

Rewards for F2P Players in Free Fire

As usual, the EP using isn’t really going to be an interesting one for Free to Play players but at least something is better than nothing. Those players can expect the same old costume designs with different colors and a less than a rare bag on completion of 200 badges. Among the free goodies, the cut sleeve T-shirt looks kinda cool. A character awakening shard is also a valuable object that ‘f2p’ players can get from this EP.

Rewards for Free Fire Elite Pass holders

1. 0–15 Badges

Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass Leaks

Moving onto the next segment, you get the female zip-up jacket right at the starting. On completion of 10 badges, you get the skin of the pan. It’s a combination of black and gold, fits in perfectly with the theme and all your outfits with black being the primary color. Next, you’ll get a skin of the blue pick-up truck vehicle, a rare skin for the vehicle considering it’s got only one existing skin introduced in the Free Fire×La Casa de Papel collaboration event. The vehicle’s skin will get unlocked at 15 badges.

Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass Leaks

Collecting a few more badges towards the mark of 50 will give you a weapon royale voucher, 24h bounty card, avatar, banner, and a little gold, of course.

2. 50–100 Badges

On reaching 50 badges, you’ll get the female bundle. It’s interesting to note here that pre-ordering gives you 50 badges immediately upon the inception of the new EP. This will give you all the above-mentioned rewards up to 50 badges, instantly. Post this, at 80 badges, you get a really cool G18 skin but with no attributes though.

G18 Pistol

An astonishing surfboard is what gets unlocked in the completion of 100 badges. The surfboard looks awesome and definitely deserves to be up there among the best surfboard skins in this game. The animations on this surfboard make it aesthetically very pleasing to the eyes.

3. 125–150 Badges


A grenade skin is also up for grabs at 125 badges. This grenade skin was also featured in the EP trailer preview along with the pan skin. Next in line is an amazing and quite unique loot box at 150 badges.

Loot box

It is called the ‘Pharaoh Cat’ Loot Box. This reward can be claimed only upon pre-ordering the EP and hence being ‘exclusive’. The loot box looks alright, nothing really special about it. Maybe it could have been made a little more visually rich in SFX animations.

4. 200–225 Badges

Free Fire Season 29 Elite Pass Leaks

At 200 badges, players get a very stunning backpack. ‘F2P’ players will also get a backpack but it’ll not be as stylish as the EP one. Now then, finally at 225 badges, the male bundle gets unlocked. The male bundle is going to be quite a treat for those who find themselves fascinated by the materialistic approach of Egyptian Mythology. It’s a very beautiful and posh outfit asserting superiority complex. The black and gold color combo makes it look all the fitter for the royalty.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this EP might not be the best yet but it definitely is unique and as such, will probably be embraced by the players. Free Fire needs to keep exploring possibilities to come out with something unique every time so that more and more players find the EP worthy of a purchase.

We hope Free Fire keeps heading forward with this mentality set in mind.

That’s all about Free Fire Season 29 Elite Pass Leaks! Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments!

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