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Free Fire: The complete Bomb Squad Mode Guide and Tips

The new Bomb Squad Mode brings much intensive gameplay !

Recently, Garena Free Fire announced Bomb Squad 5v5 mode with the launch of Santiago map with an optimized system and limited-time ranked mode for the free fire community. This isn’t something new, the developers have added some extreme gaming experiences for the players in the past. However, to add some more challenge to the game, players will have to battle it out on the vibrant Bomb Squad map Santiago, which is going to be a completely new strategic battle affair. Also, players after this should change their looks with new Bundles arrived within the launch of this event. In this Free Fire Bomb Squad mode guide we’ll discuss all the tips and strategies a player will require to win!

Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode

The new Bomb Squad mode gameplay is 5v5 based, where as usual teams will be divided into two sections:

  • A: defends the bomb
  • B: Attempts to defuse the bomb

Players will get a bomb at the beginning of the match. The one team which will put the bomb will pass through the front and then will have to safely secure the perimeter and place the bomb at the required destination unless the time’s up or every member of the enemy team is eliminated. Other teams which get to diffuse the bomb have to completely fix their strategy on how to win the combat as the frontier is secured and guarded by another team.

Bomb Squad Mode
Image via Garena

There is a change of rounds as in a single match. This battle between the teams is highly intense as they need to fight along with the need to manage the time. This mode emphasizes team strategy building and countering the enemy team. Unlike other available modes in the game, the emphasis on the team is high here because the entire objective is either to plant a bomb or to stop the other team from doing so. If teammates are not organized and well in coordination, it becomes easier for the opponent to sneak in to plant the bomb. 

Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode Guide: Tips and Tricks

There are a few things that will help players outlast others and survive till the end to win with ease. Though the dynamic of every mode is different, a few things remain the same. Here are a few tips and tricks for strategic gameplay and mastering the art of winning.

1. Stay Together

Every battle royale game is strategically designed to see players work with their skills and gaming experience and stand victorious. The most important part of any battlefield is to stick together and have good communication with teammates.

Free-Fire-Bomb-Squad- Mode
Image via Garena

When coordinating well, it is easier for your ally to give you cover during a revival, when downed or knocked out. Player needs to stay together and maintain their coordination to win, whether you are on the opposing side or the defense. 

2. Eliminate all Opponents

This technique is a very simple strategy for all so far. Either you keep indulging yourself in the combat and have patience for the time to pass out or else show your Lethal moves and eliminate every single player from the opponent and win already. This requires better skills along with a well-coordinated team as a single player won’t be sufficient to take down 5 enemies alone.  

3. Investigate the Arena

The Santiago map is very new to those players who are urged to become pros in their gaming skills as well as to those who are pros. Both of them will have to face the same problem of indulgence on this new battlefield.

Free Fire Bomb Squad ModeInvestigate Arena
Image via Garena

This map is quite compact and has many houses and corners for Camouflage. So before taking any fight it is better to have a proper look at the arena in the first round and then get back to form from the second then proceed towards winning.

4. Take proper Attachments

In every mode, there is a requirement for proper attachments for the well-balanced functioning of the weapon according to the situation. Attachments enhance the attributes of any weapon and make it more functional. In this, there is an attachment called cutting piler which increases your speed during the defusion of the bomb placed by the opponent.

Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode
Image via Garena

It is very much necessary to use this as this is a time-based game that carries a compact intense battlefield. So there’s an immense need to buy this item from the in-game store if you are on the defusing side of the match.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to follow the above steps as they are the basics of every battle royale game. This mode has an extreme gameplay experience and players need to use every skill required to win this mode. Every in-game round requires proper coordination and proper functional teamwork. Usage of proper characters and weapons are top priority in this mode. Bomb Squad 5v5 mode is tactical-based and has good gaming scenarios. 

Did you find our Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode guide useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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