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Free Fire D-Bee Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations, and more

Utilise D-Bee to his full potential!

Free Fire has a unique character ability feature that plays a significant role in gameplay. Characters become one of the important aspects of the game and players desire to unlock them for a better gameplay experience. Also, Free Fire keeps on introducing new characters in the game frequently. One of such characters was added in recent updates in Free Fire, named D-Bee.

Who is D-Bee in Free Fire

Free Fire D-Bee
D-Bee character in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

D-bee is a fictional character created by Garena, who has an extrovert personality and enjoys meeting new people. He believes that the purpose of life is to create, which is why he became a musician. He is also enthralled by dance and music. The D-Bee’s Streetbeat bundle that can be only equipped with D-Bee character is his most recognizable appearance in the game.

D-Bee Abilities in Free Fire

D-Bee is a passive skilled character with the ability called “Bullet Beats”. This ability of D-Bee increases the movement speed and accuracy, of this character when the player fires while moving.

Free Fire D-Bee
D-Bee’s abilities in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

This ability increases movement speed by 5% and accuracy by 20% when the user fires while moving, at its initial level. Although, the character’s abilities enhance as they progress to higher levels. At its max level, the movement speed increases by 15%, and accuracy increases by 45%.

Best character skill combination with D-Bee you should try in Free Fire

Players can combine any three-character skills with D-Bee’s skill. However, players can only use one active character skill at a time. The following are some of the best character skill combinations.

1. D-Bee – Alok – Hayato – Kelly

Players can use this skill combination to aid in their attacking gameplay. This skill combination will benefit the user in taking accurate shots with also increase movement speed while firing and running. In support, DJ Alok will assist in keeping you healed during the fight.

2. D-Bee – K – Maro – Moco

This skill set can be used both defensively and offensively against the enemy. The K character skill ensures that the player is always healed. Maro can help increase the enemy’s damage, and Moco can guide you by exposing the location of the shot enemy.

3. D-Bee – Chrono – Hayato – Caroline/Kelly

This skill set is primarily useful for aggressive gameplay against the enemy. The extra agility has been removed after the nerfing of the Chrono character. As a result, this set of combinations with the Chrono shield will aid in taking reflex shots on enemies with increased accuracy and agility during the fire.

4. D-Bee – Steffie – Laura – Shirou/Moco

Assaulters can use this character combination line-up. Additionally, this skill combination will aid in taking more accurate shots, particularly for sniper users with maintaining the movement as well. Steffie will assist in reducing the damage caused by the explosives.

Tips and Tricks for using D-Bee in Free Fire

D-Bee reduces the recoil rate of your weapon in use, allowing you to fire more accurately at the enemy. Players with D-Bee a the character can use the skill to make quick reflexes during combat. Sniper users, in particular, can use this skill with Laura to improve accuracy. During the short-range combat D-Bee allows players to take advantage of its mobility speed while firing and tackling the enemy.

What are your thoughts on the character of D-Bee in Free Fire? Let us know in the comments below!

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