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Free Fire Chrono Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Know all about Chrono and tips to master him!

Free Fire is a very popular game and as such it keeps rolling out fresh new content for the players every few weeks. The latest addition to the game is an update patch that the player base has mixed feelings for. The Free Fire December OB25 update brought several new features into the game, including a new character Chrono. Today, in this Free Fire Chrono Guide, we will take a closer look at this upcoming character that seems to be a really special character in the game.

About Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono is one of the main highlights of the ongoing Free Fire × CR7 collaboration event. The character is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also now the Global Ambassador of Free Fire.

Free Fire Chrono Guide

Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe. He happens to be from a different world perceived as being immensely futuristic by the Earth-ians. A world where high tech gadgets and vehicles, vibrant outfits, and chromatic neon colors are a usual spectacle to the eyes.

Chrono abilities in Free Fire

Free Fire Chrono Guide

Chrono is a legendary character and as such he will have an active skill called Time Turner. His skill basically creates a temporary virtual static force field. Moreover, it also gives a movement speed buff to the allies within the force field and to Chrono himself. Hence, it’s like a combo of two-character skills in one.

Chrono’s ablities at max level

  • Time Turner creates a force field that can block 600 Damage.
  • Allies within the field will get a 15% movement speed buff while Chrono, himself, gets a 30% movement speed buff.
  • All effects last for 9 seconds.
  • Cooldown Time Period is 40 seconds.

Chrono’s ‘Time Turner’ skill is going to have a very immediate impact on the game meta. The selling point of this skill is the fact that people within the shield can fire at enemies out of the shield but vice-versa can’t happen. So the enemy has usually two options to counter this skill; either spend insane amounts of ammo breaking down the shield or just get right into the shield and then kill the person using ‘Time Turner’. Though, it probably isn’t going to be that easy to simply get inside the forcefield and secure a kill. Also, remember you can’t inflict damage to Chrono from outside the force field unless you get inside the field too.

Free Fire Chrono character Tips and Tricks

As you can see, Chrono’s skill is a defensive one. A total game-changer at that one, too! This skill can be used in so many scenarios effectively. If you plan to use Chrono in Free Fire, read through this guide to help you out! How to master Chrono is unknown right now, but we can help you get as close as mastery before you buy him.

1. Try to take Virtual Cover anywhere possible

With the Time Turner skill equipped, Long-Mid Range Assaulters will have, perhaps, a bit more freedom to scout and spray enemies, especially in open areas. Now, long-range assaults can be initiated by putting up a force field first and spraying at enemies from inside without having to worry about searching for a permanent cover.

Free Fire Chrono Guide

Just put up a force field in case you spot enemy rotations and fire as the chances come by. You may even come out of the force field to get a better firing angle but should the enemies become overwhelming or target you all together, just hop back into the shield.

2. Forcing into the safe zone against Gate Keeping

You might be familiar with the frustration that builds up when an enemy team gatekeeps you from entering the safe zone. This often results in your resources getting depleted and might cost you a few teammates’ lives, as well, in case you do make it into the next safe zone.

Free Fire Chrono Guide

This often creates a state of panic inside the players’ minds and they end up in the kill feed. With Time Turner, it’s actually possible to crawl through minimum damage in these situations. But for that, you may need 2-3 players having the same ‘Time Turner’ skill.

The trick is to create a passage of the force fields to the way to the safe zone. First, a player rushes into the zone a little, might take damage, puts up the force field. Now, his teammates also get into the force field in the meantime. Next, the second player rushes to the zone again and does the same. Now, his teammates also follow up into that new force field. Similarly, the third player also puts up a force field. Thus, making it possible to safely enter the safe zone even if enemies are there to gatekeep. The fourth player may use Alok or K to heal up once they are in a safe position.

3. Reviving teammates out in the open

One of the most important factors leading to a BOOYAH in the game is having your entire squad survive till the last zone battle. Though, at times, your teammates might get knocked out in the open during rotations or get third-partied. Reviving in that situation can prove to be risky even if you’ve plenty of gloo walls since the enemy might have double M82B.

Well, with Chrono, it becomes easier to revive in that particular situation. Even if the enemies have a double sniper in their team, using the Time Turner and gloo walls to revive your mates is still possible.

How to get Chrono in Free Fire

Free Fire Chrono Guide

Chrono will land into the world of Free Fire on the 19th of December. Believe it or not! There’s a slight chance that Chrono might come for free in the ongoing Free Fire × CR7 Collab Event. Though, if that doesn’t happen, then getting him as a Top-Up reward is also on the cards. And if both these speculations fail then surely he’ll come via the in-game store directly, just like DJ Alok.

Either way, it seems Chrono might not be that expensive to get as the player base is speculating. Hence, for the time being it remains a surprise, but a welcome one!

That’s it for today’s Chrono guide for Free Fire. Are you excited to play this new character? Let us know in the comment section below!

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